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Friday Six: Linky Stuff.

The Friday Six:  April 3, 2009 editionI'm overdue for a Friday Six, and I have received a lot of information lately from the diabetes media maven and their rapid-fire emails.  So I will drink the majority of a pot of hazelnut coffee and try to wrap my head around the day.  You click, if you want.  :)  

1.  SymCare (a company I had not heard of until I received an email from their media contact) has just received FDA approval for their cleared the new inTouch™•diabetes program.  inTouch is a diabetes management system, like online logbooking.  According to the website, "The system collects blood sugar readings from a glucose meter and wirelessly transmits them to a secure web site."  The system provides personalized educational content from Johns Hopkins University, diet and exercise programs from e-Diets, and an incentive program in partnership with amazon.com, so they're tied in with plenty of big companies.  I can't tell exactly how this program will work (it sounds fancy and involved, judging by the press release), but I'm hoping for more details in the coming weeks.

2.  Looking to take some small steps for you, and some giant leaps in your commitment to diabetes management?  David of Diabetes Daily and Manny at TuDiabetes have collaborated once again for Simple Steps for Health. Here's the blurb:  "Its life-changing goal is to promote small things that someone with diabetes can do to live a healthy life. We invite you to teach others how to take simple steps to improve their health - without spending a lot of money or time."  Submit your ideas on how to make simple, effective changes and win some cool prizes!

3.  Medtronic, with Dr. Fran Kaufman, is holding two webinar sessions about making use of current technology to better control diabetes.  On April 15th, Dr. Kaufman will offer up her thoughts on insulin pumping, CGMs, and other technologies, and then there will be a live Q&A.  Sessions are at 6 PM EST and 9 PM EST, respectively, and you can sign up through the "Real Diabetes Control" Medtronic website.  (Also, Medtronic, I'm looking to speak with someone from your team.  Please email me at kerri (at) sixuntilme (dot) com.  Thanks!)

4.  dLife (hat tip to my employer) has a new community space that's gaining traction and also keeping me very busy at work.  The network was built to help bring together dLife's active forum boards and give members a place to call their own.  I realize this is a big plug for my office, but if you haven't joined the dLife community, today is a good day to check it out.  Why, you say?  Because social networking improves office productivity - ABC says it is so!

5.  Even though World Diabetes Day isn't until November 14th, it's on the top of many lists these days, including the people at Boston Scientific.  They've come on as a sponsor of WDD and have launched a big ol' campaign to raise awareness, tapping the holy social networking trinity of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.  As the email from their campaign outreach coordinator stated, "Boston Scientific’s WDD social media campaign is designed to help spread information about diabetes to as many people as possible, in support of WDD’s current theme of education and prevention."  I'm into that.

6.  And lastly, this video made me laugh.  Out loud.   "I don't particularly appreciate that," may be the line that put me over the edge.  It's nice to start a Friday with some Brimley cat.  :)

More site updates being done this weekend, so if you have any problems accessing, it should be solid again by Monday. 

Now I need to get more coffee.  Mmmm ... coffee ... 


I love the information you share here. My son was diagnosed in December and I learn so much from you!

It's so great that you bring us so many important diabetes sites to check out in your Friday Sixes . . . but I must admit, #6 is the one that made my day today. Love the used strip and empty canister next to him. LOL!

ROFLMAO at the brimley cat! LOVED IT!

In total agreement with Karen and should have known she would be beat me to it, ha ha!

Thanks for the other info too. SymCare looks interesting.

Thanks Kerri - lots of great stuff here.

I want to share how impressed I am with both David and Manny. Here are two guys that could very easily be competing with each other for "the best site", etc. But instead, have partnered together and are doing some really great things for all of us.

I think that says a great deal about both of them, and makes me proud to be involved and proud to call them both friends.

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