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When Larry Bird Calls.

I tapped the Twittersphere again for some vlog ideas, and Windy came through with a ringer:  When in doubt, talk to the Bird.

I could have slapped myself in the forehead.  Of COURSE!  Larry!  My fictional personal trainer!  God knows I've been having trouble making exercise ends meet these days with my schedule and that stupid wrist thing.  I could use a few minutes with Larry

So I donned my best southern accent to bring you "When Larry Bird Calls."

(Note: No medical advice was given during the course of this video. This video barely makes sense as it is. But southern accents are, and remain, adorable - twangy or not.)


Not sure what was more ridiculous, the southern twang or the short shorts...

But in Larry's defense, sometimes the less medical explanations are just as sufficient. For me, working out generally makes me feel better despite Diabetes' best efforts. Good luck getting back on track.

Oh my goodness, that was the funniest vlog I've ever seen. Who knew Larry had such a girlie voice and a love for pretty hats?

In any case, it worked for me. I'm going to get right on the treadmill now!

Great work Kerri! Funny too.

That was AWESOME, Kerri!!!! Good job! Now get to work. ha.

That was awesome!!

If you like the country accent, you'll love hanging out w/ me. I can't turn it off to save my life! :P

Great video to start the day! Thanks for bringing a smile!

Well done!!!Love your Southern twang!

Hmm, it seems wrong to sit here watching a vlog about getting motivated to exercise while I chow on a chocolate chip cookie from Whole Foods bakery. I really need a Larry Bird.

Kerri - that was awesome! :-)

That was awesomazing! See, I can create cool compound words like ellipmachine too! :)

OMG that would be hoot if you could really get Larry Byrd/or is it Bird? on here. Now that would really make me do my Wii Fit. I promise I'm getting on for min. 15 min today.
I promise.

bwhahaa....I'm laughing so hard...and you even managed to include McHale. sweet.

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