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Back Home.

I'm back from vacation and slowly trying to catch up on all the stuff I missed (including reading all the blog posts, returning emails, and sucking down iced coffees now that the weather has finally made the turn to Officially Summer).  I'm not even sure where to start ...

... so I'll start with a quick and dirty rundown of our vacation, with photos:

Mega ship, yo.

The boat was enormous, and we never really quite got our bearings, and we always ended up late to dinner because we took a wrong turn.  (This is partially because the ship is huge and partially because we get lost in our living room at times.)  During the course of the week, we went from Miami to Grand Turk in Turks and Caicos and Half Moon Cay and Nassau in the Bahamas.  The weather was decent, but just being away was awesome.  

I liked the elephant best, I think.

Every night, we dressed up for dinner and when we returned to the room, a towel animal creation greeted us.  (As I've mentioned before, towel animals bring me unparalleled joy.)  The animals we could identify were a bulldog, a manta ray, and an elephant.  We also received what appeared to be a vagina walrus (judge not until you click through, love).

Our creation!

As a playful preemptive strike, we built our own towel animal - the rattlesnake.  Complete with eyes, tongue, and a scary rattle tail (read:  hairbrush shoved in the end of the towel).  We thought we had bested the housekeeping staff, but they trounced us with their cobra.

Damn talented Carnival staff.  We'll best you yet.

Stephen Wunder, perhaps?

And we also may have seen Stevie Wonder perform, but I'm not completely convinced it was him.  At the end of a talent show one night, the cruise director announced, "Okay folks, stay in your seats for a special treat!"  And the lights went down again, the stage was roped off, and this man who looked JUST LIKE STEVIE WONDER was escorted on stage and performed "Superstitious."  It may have been a lookalike, it may have been just some guy randomly named Stephen Wunder or something, but could it have been the actual Stevie Wonder? 

If anyone can confirm that Stevie Wonder was traveling on the Carnival Cruise ship "Destiny," please tell me.  Google is no help to me on this one. 

Not quite sugar-free, but the thought counts.

The food was tremendous.  And some of the many dessert options claimed to be 'sugar-free,' like the one pictured above.  Sugar-free?  Maybe.  But carb-free?  Oh hell no. 

Decked out for dinner.

We celebrated our one year anniversary in style and in love, and it was a good break from all things Internetty.  We needed a few moments from the chaos. 

It was so nice to get away. 

But it is also nice to come back home.  And take my blog back from that little gray Sausage cat.

(More photos are over on Flickr, but beware of many, many, many shots of the ocean.  I was overzealous.)


A warm welcome back Kerri! Looks and sounds like you two had a wonderful time - which makes me smile!

Welcome back!! Great photos.

Happy Anniversary, glad you had a nice trip!

Hey there! Welcome back. I sure did miss your blog but good to see that you had a great time.

Welcome Back! when I clicked through to walrus....OMG LOL

Okay, the VaWalrus was hysterical!!!!

Glad you had a great trip.

it looks like you had a great time! I LOVE the dress you're wearing in the elephant towel picture. I'm gonna have to show that walrus to my friends hahaha.

Welcome back! Glad you had fun. maybe it's just me but the vagina walrus followed by the snake made me giggle like a 10 year old boy.

Anyway, Stevie seems to appear on most carnival cruises:http://www.carnivalconnections.com/cruisetalk/forums/p/35223/147587.aspx

Welcome back!
Did you see the new nominee for the Supreme Court was diagnosed with diabetes at age 8?
What a great role model!

Enjoyed your pictures- so glad you had a great time!

Welcome back!!! And that walrus thing is very funny! I dont know what I would have done if I had seen it. :)

Va-jay-jay Walrus may be the funniest thing I've seen all week. But I do wonder how that all ties into the "I has a bukket" business...eeeegh.

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