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Guest Blog: Loving the D-OC.

Power of community.Thanks to my friend Landileigh at Landileigh's Little World for guest blogging today.  (Hopefully, as you're reading this, I'm drinking some kind of tropical concoction from a coconut and laying out on a beach.)  She's one of the kindest souls here in the diabetes community, and I'm proud to host her post.  Take it away, Landi! 

*   *   * 

I want to thank Kerri for allowing me to be a guest blogger on SixUntilMe! She is one of the main reasons for this post, and I hope to explain why.

So often we are asked about our “diabetic team.” Videos and brochures you receive from your doctor’s office always talk about your “diabetic team.” They explain that this is your endocrinologist, your nutritionist, your CDE, family, and friends. I believe that these days my team also includes my Online Community.

My online community began with the Diabetes 365 project in October of 2007. The support from the other photographers that were participating, through comments and then through the mail, was outstanding. Soon I was to learn that their support was not just relegated to this particular project. There were blogs, and social networks, and messaging. It was reaching out to me in all sorts of mediums of communication.

In February of 2008, I met my first diabetes online community member, then another, then another. These online people were now no longer figments of my imagination, but flesh and blood who responded in kind, like true friends.

At any given moment in time, there is a D-friend online, either on Twitter, or Facebook, or Juvenation or one of the other social media outlets. Someone to commiserate with, laugh with, cry with, or just to hold your hand – virtually. I value these friendships as much as I do the ones within my real life. They are real, just thousands of miles away.

Recently my dearest D-friend went on a vacation for a week. Far from time zones where we could really talk, I missed her more than I thought I could. I awaited for her return as if I was awaiting any loved one from an airport. During her time away from the internet, I knew that she was so much more than just a face/name on the internet that went away when I closed the lid of my laptop. She was in my thoughts, and prayers until I knew she was home safe and sound.

I love the D-OC and all that it stands for. The community of people that we are striving to become grows by leaps and bounds, and that feeling of no longer being alone in this crazy ass disease gets smaller every day.

If you have a chance, reach out to a fellow D-OC’er and give ‘em a virtual hug today. Since you are reading this, I’m giving you one right now too! Remember, we are all part of your diabetic team!

*   *   *

Thanks, Landi!  I can see the t-shirts now:  "Have you hugged a blogger today?"  For more on the power of community, check out my post on "Who Benefits From Patient Blogging?"  


I was thinking about this very topic yesterday; how comforting it is to know that there are people who understand that are only a mouse click away. How did people manage before the internet??

Hugs to you and everyone else in the D-OC.

That. Was. Awesome!!!

Thanks for having her Kerri.

Landileigh, You Rock!!! (((hugs)))
And the way you wrote this post, how you worded it, the imagery that came to mind, So true. So so true.

Love the t-shirt idea Kerri...

Lovin'from the DOC is an awesome thing! Don't know what I would do w/o my online buddies!

I feel exactly the same way. This post really meant something to me. It was nice to know I was not alone.

What a great post. It's so hard to put into words everything that the D-OC is. But Landi did it perfectly. :) Hugs right back!!

Wow! Great! I am going to get a pump! Thanks!

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