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Marking Our First Year.

A year ago this coming Monday, 

They helped me put my wedding gown on.

my mom and my two closest friends helped me into my gown.

The Sparlings, full-length this time!

And I walked down the aisle and married my hero, my love, and my best friend. 

Oh, and there was cake!

(Bonus: There was cake!)

 The Sparlings.

Almost a year ago, I became his wife.

I love you very much, Chris.  And I'm looking forward to growing old with you.
We're leaving for our cruise on Monday, so I'll be MIA from the Internet until the 24th.  I have some really great guest posts lined up that I'm honored to be hosting, so check back in and meet some new writers and some old favorites.  :)

Have a great week! 


have fun!

Congratulations! Enjoy your trip! :)

Congrats again - many more years. The growing old sucks, the years together are great, but I guess you don't get one without the other

(definately feeling OLD today)

ah, you guys are beautiful. :)

as much as i can't wait to grow old with my chris, i love being newlyweds, hehe.

enjoy your trip!

I was beginning to think we'd never see pictures! You look great. Happy anniversary! Have a great time on your trip.

LOVE. THIS. POST. Congratulations on one year of marriage and enjoy your anniversary trip. Mike and I aren't far behind you...we're celebrating 7 months on Monday. :)

Your face in that first picture is priceless! Have a great trip.

Many congratulations - have a wonderful cruise!

Congrats and enjoy your cruise!

I am a little confused though, if you have only been married a year, how do you have a 28 year old daughter? :P

Wow. A year. Awesome. Congrats.

Enjoy the cruise!

Your picture reminded me of climbing into my wedding dress... what a project that was, LOL!

Happy 1st Anniversary, and have an awesome vacation! Looking forward to seeing your vacation pictures :)

Wow, I can't believe it's a year already. Jeez.

Have a great time on your cruise!!

Happy 1st anniversary Kerri!!! Your pictures are beautiful ... and you looked amazing :) I love looking back at that special, special day don't you? Especially as more time passes by. Enjoy your cruise .. have a great time!!

Congratulations and may there be many... MANY more wonderful years ahead. Have a great vacation!

Your pictures bring me hope. Hope that I too will one day have someone special who will bring me juice at 3 am and write my name in the peanut butter. Congratulations!


Have a wonderful trip!!

Congrats on 1 year together..may you have many more!Did you save the top tier of your cake to eat (part of it,anyway) on your anniversary?

always love reading about that day!! bon boyage!

Have fun!

What a beautiful bride you are!

Not such a bad looking prince charming either :)

All the best for the next 49 ( years ofcourse ) ...happy cruisin

Happy anniversary! You were such a beautiful bride. Enjoy the cruise and I hope that one day I too will be a blushing bride! God Speed!

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Sparling! You both look so happy on your wedding day. Enjoy the cake re-run, and definitely enjoy the cruise!

From the future Parkers ;-)

I'm late on blog reading - but still a day early to wish you and Chris a very happy First Anniversary. Have a wonderful trip!!!! :)

Congratulations, Kerri, on your first wedding anniversary. I hope you and your husband have a wonderful time on your cruise (and may all your bgs be in range). Best wishes.


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