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Sotomayor and Diabetes Get All Media'd Out.

I can't pretend to have all the information on Judge Sotomayor and her Supreme Court appointment.  But I do know that my first day back here at work has been one email after the other about Sonia Sotomayor and the effects of her type 1 diabetes on her potential new gig. 

Total media deluge.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • Time Magazine provided an article that made me wonder if I'll make it to 40 years old, never mind to tomorrow, complete with heroin-esque photo to represent an "insulin injection."  They unfortunately paint diabetes as a disease that will rot you in a month's timeframe and leave nothing but your shoes.  (Hey Time, why don't you visit the Diabetes365 project to get a feel for what real diabetes photos look like?  Sorry for that digression but mainstream media needs to get their hands on some better, more accurate stock photography!)

  • The Wall Street Journal asks the question, "Should Sotomayor's diabetes be considered in the nominiation process?", citing the ADA's press release applauding Obama's selection.  Apparently, Sotomayor's weight is under attack as well as her diabetes status.  Are only the uber-healthy capable of just rulings?  The news, she is going berserk.

  • The Newsweek "Human Condition" blog comes right out and says not to worry about Sotomayor's diabetes, stating, "And while Sotomayor's condition may lead to complications that force her to retire after twenty years of hard work on the court, there's also the chance that if appointed, she could be hit by a bus on her second day and be forced to retire then."  (Morbid, but good point.)

  • The Huffington Post is in on the action, too, calling out a few Twitterers for running their 140 characters:  "Glenn Beck's Twitter - wondered if Obama, the 'messiah,' has healed Sotomayor's diabetes yet. Michelle Malkin proved that Twitter's 140 character cap isn't too strict to include both a vague sexist and racist remark."  And the Wonkette takes sarcasm and snark to a new level with their "Sotomayor has diabetes - good or bad?" column.

  • Yet this article from the New York Times doesn't even mention her diabetes at all.

  • Of course, this topic hasn't escaped us, the diabetes community, either.  Amy wrote about Judge Sotomayor last week, David posted on Diabetes Daily, the dLife Today blog has a piece, and TuDiabetes members are sharing their perspectives, too, like Jenny's post and Ann's discussion.  The JDRF also issued a statement regarding Sotomayor.  And I'm sure there are others who weigh in.

Holy media overload.  The Internet is exploding, it seems. 

I admittedly do not know much about Judge Sotomayor or her background other than what I've read over the last week or two about her potential appointment.  But I do know quite a bit about type 1 diabetes after 22 years with it.  And in my opinion, her diabetes shouldn't play a role in this consideration process - at all.

A "defective pancreas" does not mean a defective mind. 


I totally agree, Kerri. After all, what does having diabetes have to do with doing her job as Supreme Court Justice?

Seriously. That article was messed up.

Do we know if any of the current justices have Type 2 or are at high risk for it? If this is a concern, that should be just as much. It's not like she was diagnosed yesterday.

In his comments today, President Obama briefly mentions Judge Sotomayor's brother ("...and her brother -- who is also here today, is a doctor and a terrific success in his own right."). Her brother, Dr. Juan Sotomayor, is an allergist whose office is less than a mile from where I live. I have referred a few patients to him over the last couple of years. Her sister-in-law is a NICU nurse practitioner that I worked with when I was an intern. While I can't attest to her judicial abilities, the people in that family are top-notch human beings. They're incredibly nice and caring folk.

And if anyone has an issue with Judge Sotomayor having diabetes while on the bench, they are clearly a moron.

When will (American) media deal with issues and facts instead of hysterically pandering to their audience and inflaming irrelevant issues?

i knew about the judge's type 1 from diabetemine and i was surprised that npr didn't mention it at all this morning.

I'm still gathering my thoughts on all this.

I agree that the stock photos of "diabetes" are pretty frikkin lame though. Whether or not a T1 should be on the Supreme Court aside, I don't think anyone with T1 is allowed in the mainstream media because most of the media outlets just don't seem to ever get it all right.

This from a commenter on Wonkette's blog, "Type I diabetics live about 20 years after they’re first diagnosed. Not funny, but true." Apparently you are a miracle! Can someone send these guys the ADA website?

"A "defective pancreas" does not mean a defective mind."


Right On Kerri! We have EARNED the right to be nuts!

Nice post K.

I also noted in one of the articles it describes an insulin pump as permanently implanted under the skin and regulating insulin delivery. Great idea but we're not QUITE there yet, I am recently back on injections after 5 years struggling on the pump so while it is a vast improvement for most - it is definitely not a cure. A small thing, yet it constantly amazes me how much mis-information is published even by respected media outlets when it comes to diabetes treatment.

Plus she's been a type 1 for 47 years, possibly longer than the author of that disgusting & stupid article has been breathing! She has been dealing with this condition without killing herself yet & has been VERY successful in many things so far!

why are people so retarded? Or am I just lucky to have the knowledge I do (as a PWOD and no PWD in my daily life - other than the interwebs of course) from knowing you for so long?

Diabetes is scary in whichever form...want to stay away from this disease.

It has ran in my family for several generations.

Hopefully with a good diet me and my children can avoid Diabetes.

I watched my aunt die from not taking care of herself when she just got a small cut on her leg and ended up having it amputated.

Bless her heart, she had been a waitress for 30 years at Shoney's

If President Obama can appoint a Tax Cheat as the Sec of Treasury, then why not a Sexist, Racist, Terminally Ill, lucky to be over 40, Life Time appointed Judge. I just need to STOP paying my taxes and who knows how far I can go...

Actually, having type 1 diabetes made me stronger in faith and very close to God. I am a very devout Christian thanks to what happened as a result of it. I have been in a coma and had a near death experience. I pray with all my heart that Sotomayer gets appointed and also that we get universal health in the USA. Having type 1 diabetes is very expendsive for people who do not have insurance. I hope to someday start an organization that will help people with chronic illnesses and uninsured pay for their medicine and what they need to stay healthy. This organiztion would also help people who have lost their jobs pay for COBRA.

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