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Wrist and Shout: The Vlog.

I have a lot of things I need to follow-up post on (i.e. product reviews, the guy from Panera, guest posts, etc.), but I found myself recording a ridiculous lunchtime vlog about the cortisone shot, blood sugars, and my ridiculous wrist issue.

Thankfully, my wrist seems to be on the mend, but the shot wrecked some havoc on my numbers.  I'm hoping that this is the beginning of the end of this ridiculous problem.

Also - Siah?  Ridiculous.



Velcro does rock. ;-)

Hope things get better, Soon!

Siah, LOL.

I recently found your blog and think it's great. I just wanted to say that I totally understand you about the ridiculous blood sugars after steroid treatments. I had brain surgery about three months ago and was on a steroid for about 2.5 weeks. My blood sugars were through the roof, and it was super frustrating because it was like nothing I did could really fix it. The steroids made my blood sugars really unpredictable, so my endo just recommended that I basically double my basal rate and increase my insulin-to-carb ratio until I started going lower again. Interestingly enough, my A1c was the lowest it's been after the steroid fiasco, I think because I didn't reduce my insulin immediately after the steroids eventually left my body so I had lower numbers for awhile that I hadn't had before. Now I'm rambling, so I'll go now :)

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Letterman and the Velcro suit when Kerri was talking about having a whole outfit made of velcro?


Velcro sneakers didn't exist when I was a kid. I never could learn how to tie my shoes the right way so I've always done it the wrong way. Kids used to tease me because of it, and I'm still embarrassed to admit it, which is kind of ridiculous...

Oh, glitter, beads and fabric paint will totally sexy that brace up in no time. Or you could get a second one, spray paint them gold and get a Wonder Woman costume. No one will notice it then.

Hi Kerri....same thing happened to me once, but with prednisone. Iasked the Doctor if it would affect my sugar and he said NO. HAHA. Incompetance! Through the roof, ridiculous levels followed. But, I am more posting to say, that this made me think of being pregnant. Only other time I had to increase my insulin that much. And it was hard, I was scared to take that much insulin, so maybe this is the universe's way of prepping you for the doses you'll need when you get pregnant. I had such mental hurdles about taking huge doses, was sure it would kill me, but you've now seen it is all ok when the body is dealing with other hormones (steroids are hormones, too, right?) Glad it helped your wrist!


you need these carpal covers.. how great would that be!!! I love your blog!!!

Everytime you say ridiculous, it makes me think of this:


I watch you and sometimes and forget its not me. I always ramble and repeat, Kerri I just love you and the whole ridiculousness of it all.

Than you for being you, and making me seem normal.

OMG You totally did the Beyonce little hand flippy thing. THAT is why your hand hurts dude. You are "single ladying" too much.


Hi! I found you blog very interesting and it has been helpful to understand better what my brother, who has diabetes, is going through...I had a similar inflammation that you have on your wrist in my elbow.
It's very hard to heal and after many cortisone shots the only thing that has helped is ice. I do twice a day and I'm feeling really better.
Since you never mentioned using ice therapy I thought you might be interested to know that.
Of course is always good to talk to your doctor about before you apply ice.
I know it's hard but with patience I know you're going to get better...stay well
P.S.: I love you cat...

I agree with SuperG - NO MORE BEYONCE

Siah, Siah, Siah.

I hate to say it publicly, but I think I have your ridiculousness topped...
my story of complete stupidity is on my blog (which is really not very good, but my husband doesn't want to hear me vent any more, LOL)

I'm glad your wrist is feeling better even though it took a cortisone shot *yowch* to make the improvements. Just wondering, did that one bother you as much as blood draws and flu shots? I seem to remember that you don't especially care for shots... ;)

I have a question: when you take so much insulin do you gain weight? Because I do.. :(

I saw a stray cat here in Bristol that looked IDENTICAL to Siah... probably just less ridiculous. I did have an urge to take a picture, but photography while driving can be hazardous.

First timer!

Love this...but I didn't go to velcro and Pony's...I went straight to Roos!!

Must be the 80s latch key kid in me... ;-)


Kerri, I just found your blog, like this very minute and your wrist thing is me all over. I've been typeI since SEVENTY-FIVE and I have carpal tunnel AND a bunch of other -itis things... Arthr, Tendon, Bursit... I've had a buncha cortisone shots for those things & yes, it makes the bg's go berzerk! Thank God for my pump! Having gone thru dealing w/steroids w/o a pump? I just LOOOVE my pump! Makes dealing w/post-steroid treatment MUCH easier! (oh & ice is extremely effective, too!)
I look forward to enjoying more of your blog!
God bless!

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