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Blueberry Awesomeness.

There's stuff that's bolus-worthy.  New York style cheesecake.  Chai tea on a snowy winter day.  Wedding cake made out of red velvet with butter cream frosting.  These indulgences are worth draining my pump reservoir for, and almost worth the spike I try to, but don't always, avoid.

I've been very, very attentive to my diabetes lately.  Logging all these numbers, sporting the Dexcom, trying to manage stress levels, exercising ... whatever it takes to make me as healthy as I can be for the baby I want to have someday. But that wagon is hard to stay on all the time, and I have taken a risk or two in the last month.  Like a trip on the Connecticut Wine Trail with some friends.  And some pasta at Carmine's last weekend with my sister-in-law.  

Oh holy awesome.

And blueberry swirl cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery.

My diabetes control isn't made or broken in one bite of a fluffy, delicious cupcake.  Usually when I'm having a high sugar indulgence, I'm right on top of things, diabetes-wise.  I bolus aggressively to avoid the high and I watch that Dexcom like a hawk for any subsequent lows.  My management problems come more in the form of letting my numbers go untracked and pinging all over the place, letting highs creep up without corrections, then stacking boluses until I hit a nasty low, which I over-treat and rebound into a high ... you know the cycle.  It's not the "one thing" but more my inability to care for more than an hour or two.  The last few weeks of intensive management have been about keeping an eye on everything and not letting the cycle spin out of control. 

And it's hopefully working.  My machine averages are down, I'm seeing many hours straight of flat-lines on the CGM, and knowing my Joslin appointment is at the end of July keeps my mind on task.

Besides, it's not like I ate the whole cupcake.  I split it with Chris and I asked for the estimated carb count before I took a bite. 

But I did take the first, awkward bite. 

Whoops!  Cupcake!

And I did enjoy every other bite of it, too.  Go ahead and judge!  :)


It may have been awkward but man, that cupcake looks awesome!

I love crumbs...stopped by when I was in NYC. :)
Yummy deliciousness.
Not to mention the fact that I was fighting lows all that week, so the cupcakes were for treating the lows...right??? :)

Kinda reminds me of another person, who we saw yesterday, with a few small cupcakes. :)

That last line said "judge."
I read it as "be jealous."
Which I am.

Oh goodness, half of that would so be worth the ensuing elliptical workout. :)

Mmmm, yummy carby goodness!!! Now, when you said you asked for estimated carb counts - do you mean you asked at the Crumbs counter? I never would have thought to do that. Did they have an answer?

So far, my favorite is the Carrot Cake . . . but I'm hoping to (slowly) work my way through the whole menu. :)

I love Crumbs too! They just opened one in Hoboken so now I walk past it EVERY day on my way home (well, unless it's raining, in which case I ride past it on the bus - whew!).

I actually prefer the smaller bite-sized cupcakes that come in packs of 15. I like it because this way I get a wide variety of flavors without the spike of such a crazy huge cupcake. Also, eating a whole cupcake (even their smaller sized ones) makes me sick to my stomach with all the sugar. One or two small ones is more my style. You should give them a try! It might help...

I don't like blueberry, but that muffin looks yummy

I hate Crumbs (perhaps unrightfully so) after I, a Type 1'er, called to ask about carb info before I bolused a Type 1'er I was babysitting for half of a cupcake. The manager told me I was irrespnsible for giving this cupcake to a child, and how dare I etc etc etc.

Oh heck yeah! That thing looks G-O-O-D!

They don't have this "crumbs" in my neck of the woods, but it looks like it might be enough to persuade me to move. I honestly don't know how Mother Nature packs so much sugary goodness into those tiny little blueberries. The place we go to for brunch almost every weekend has the best blueberry pancakes, and I almost always underestimate the number of carbs. Some would say it's because of immeasurable maple syrup that accompanies said pancakes, but that's just speculation. Anyway, the last time, I decided to go with an absurdly high number (which maxed out my bolus wizard, BTW), and my sugars were actually normal afterwards. I think of it as one of the happiest days of my recent life.

Blueberry deliciousness!!!

And what was the est. carb count? I'll be shocked if they knew! I looks big, has to be 40's? Which cupcake there is best so far? Great seeing you tonight, as usual.

I'm going to NYC in July. If you guys say they are bolus worthy that's all I need to hear. Would also be interested in carb count. I like idea of bite sized ones of different flavs. I could make them last the entire week........maybe.

LOVE that picture of you.
Says So much.

Looks so so so so so yummy too. Glad you had it. No doubt you enjoyed it.

And No One should judge. Ever.

Best to you, always.

Mmmm cupcakes, that does look yummy. I've never tried Crumbs, but we have Vanilla here which is similar to Crumbs and they are super tasty.

Love the picture! That first bite is always a bear!

Can't wait to see what carby goodness we can find in July!

Good for you Kerri...enjoy the massive bite of cupcake. :)

You go girl!!!

Any chance that bad boy has a gluten-free counterpart? 'Cause if so, I am so there...draining my pump reservoir right along with you!

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