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Focus: The Diabetes Things I Like.

Even though I do not like the disease, there are some diabetes-related simple pleasures that make me smile:

  • I like when I change the battery and the insulin reservoir at the same time.  Having my Medtronic 522 "full" on both sides makes me happy.
  • I like when the carb count on something is exactly 10 grams of carbs because it matches my insulin to carb ration precisely.  One snack, one unit, one oddly happy Kerri.
  • I like the sound of the pump counting up a bolus.  Boop boop beep!
  • I like when the sound of the bolus is caught by Chris and he ends up whistling it back to me, almost without thinking.  It's a little soundtrack snippet of our life.  
  • I like when the cats wait patiently for me to remove the pump tubing from my body before they lunge for it.
  • I like when new boxes of diabetes supplies show up and I can organize them in my little OCD supply closet.
  • I like when the number on my meter is two digits, but higher than 89 mg/dl.  It's a tight range, I'm not usually in it, but it brings me weird joy.
  • I like when the Dexcom beeps and my coworker (who works a wall away from me) IMs me quietly to check, "Low?" because she's ready to get juice if necessary.
  • I like not having to wear a watch. Diabetes simple pleasures.  Damnit.
  • I like when I get to dump all the used test strips that have piled up throughout the day.  Knowing I've tested a bunch makes me feel like I really stayed tuned in.
  • I like the smell of white glucose tabs.
  • I like when the new infusion set doesn't sting at all.
  • I like having someone in my life who is willing to get their hands covered in SkinTac in an attempt to stick a Dexcom sensor to random places on my body.
  • I like that the hope of the parents of kids with diabetes rubs off on me, and makes me feel good for even just a few minutes.
  • I like that diabetes gives two people, who wouldn't otherwise have a thing to say to one another, a whole dinner's worth of conversation.
  • I like having coworkers who understand but don't push.
  • I like when my best friend clinks her beer to mine and says, "Bolus, baby."
  • I like when the cat licks my hand after I test.
  • I like "free shower:"  a shower without a pump site or a CGM sensor attached.
  • I like having a whole network of people who understand - and do not judge - my diabetes life.
I like when I can focus on the silly, simple things when I feel a little overwhelmed by the tough stuff. 


The little things can bring joy.

I never get VERY low (and I'm only a T2), but I love it when I test, and see like a 70, and it's like "Oh Boy, I can eat a muffin" (as a T2, I can't eat and bolus to compensate)

I like that there are wonderful people like you, who can see the positive in diabetes, and then share it with me, on a day when I'm not feeling so upbeat.


I love that Chris whistles back to your pump....I thought Mike was the only one who did that! :)

I like it when I get to read witty, funny, and inspiring blog posts. Hey, look at that, I just did! Great stuff Kerri!

So great! Thanks for focusing on the positives this morning! My favorite is "dumping test strips at the end of the day!" I will be adding that to my suggestion box for my Elli!

Great day to you!

GREAT post Kerri!
Love the "full" on both sides and the white tabs too.
How about when having to change an infusion set at the same time as a shower and taking a shower without an infusion set on?

I like that there are inspirational people with diabetes out there so that my teenager knows he's got some awesome company.

Go Kerri this made my whole day.
And re muffins and type 2 i
also love eating at 70 :)
there are thousands of t2s on
pumps - but reimbursement still
needs a lot of help.

Scott - NICE! I just added that one b/c that's SO something I like. Free shower!!

I like that there are people like you that are open with the ups and downs so that others can see that there are people out there just like us. Yes this disease sucks, but there is a lot to be thankful for.

I like knowing that there's always a constant challenge ahead of me. If we have nothing to set goals for, nothing to push us, then there is nothing to be gained. Diabetes is my driver. I lost yesterday, daily average sucked, but I'm not getting down. I'll get back today.

Thanks Kerri.

My husband whistles back to my pump too!!!

This morning I changed my infusion set AND my battery and yelled out "woo hoo" when I saw both sides full.

I too have my very own OCD supply closet...it's in a few drawers that were built into our walk-in kitchen pantry. When new supplies come in, my husband will sometimes find me standing all by myself in our pantry, looking proudly at my stocked and organized drawers :)

And "free" showers are the BEST!!!! Don't you just wanna run around the house naked just to celebrate being tubing, wiring, tape, pump free for a few moments?!?!?

...oh, probably too much info there- huh?!?!?

Thanks for the reminder of all the good things :)

I'm glad we can all relate!

Excellent post! A fresh, positive perspective was a welcomed way to start my day. Thank you!

I like the family that has grown from the DOC. I feel like I have friends all over the world now! :-)

I like your post! :) It's nice to actually smile when thinking of diabetes! :)

Mine is:

I like when after a site change Tristan says: That didn't hurt at all with a big smile!

Good post Kerri, thank you. Its good to have reminders like that.

I like the Novorapid they have just given us for Aleksi.The simple pleasure of being able to go out for ice cream, shot of Novorapid and sorted - so easy. It will make the school holidays so much more manageable and dare I say it but' normal'.

Awesome post Kerri - gave me chills!

So many of the things you said are so true!!

I too love my pump free showers, when my supplies come in the mail and when my batter and reservoir can be filled at the same time.
I love that my husband checks my BG’s in the middle of the night and I don’t remember it at all…and I love that, now that I’m FINALLY approved and hooked up to my buddy Dex, he checks it and tells ME my BG. LOL

I have to say one of my absolutely fav things is when my BG is 138. Why? Because when I get that magic number I burst out into a rendition of “We Are 138” by the Misfits. LOL

I know it is not the best number but I like when my meter says 143 I pretend it is my diabetes saying I love you.

your cats love the pump tubing too? and they actually wait until it's off you to go for it? our cats will chew on it anytime it's hanging out, which has led to at least one unexpected set change to my knowledge. =P nice post!

Awesome post!!

I like when my meter reads 100. Right in range and so even that Monk would love it.

I like when something on a TV show beeps and Pea says "Is that you? I think your pump beeped." Always makes me laugh (and nice to know he cares.)

I like finding a great diabetes blog, then discovering the writer of said blog is only 20 minutes away and is just as great in person as she is on-line. :)

Excellent post. Even though it's my daughter and not me, here's mine: I love it when my daughter realizes the things we do for the ADA and why we do them.

I like when my meter glows in the dark at the movies.
I like when my test strip actually works.
I like when I am able to sleep through the night.
I like talking with someone who gets it.
I like throwing my test strip out the car window and spreading my DNA (usually only when I'm in a foul mood).

Bravo!!! I enjoyed reading your post;) LOL, glucose tablets...yum!
My co-workers rock but can be a little overboard.
The DOC. Love every single one of y'all. Awesome, Awesome. My bro's and sissy's from another motha:)

Free shower made me think of free food made me think of dill pickles made me think of eating dill pickles in the shower which is completely ridiculous of course.

I'm punchy. I think I need a nap.

PS Kudos to making such a long list. I know plenty of people who can barely conjure up one or two positive things :)

Just wanted to let you know cats aren't the only ones who like to lick after testing. My dog Charlie paws at my sleeve if he can't get to my test site. We call him Vampiro.

Ahh, free shower. I get to have one of those in a little over an hour. I'm looking forward to that much more than the run that's going to come before it. And Kerri, I also like to collect my test strips and admire them before throwing them away. I keep them in the little zippered pocket in the meter case for a few days, then when I get bored at work, I take them all out, line them up going the same direction, and then use a piece of scotch tape to make a little "test strip railroad". It's weird, I know, but you already knew I was a little off anyway. Great post!

My favourite blood sugar is 123.

I like those rare moments where I've got nothing inserted, attached, or hooked up. No pump, no DexCom, just me. (My husband is often pleased by those moments too.)

I like that my husband asked, although it took him 4 years, if I could keep something other than apple juice in the fridge for lows. He really likes apple juice and doesn't want to drink my low juice, but was worried that he'd never drink apple juice again. I've switched to cran-grape, which he detests.

I like that I'm comfortable enough now to tell coworkers that I'll be useless for a bit until my blood sugar is up.

I like that I've stockpiled enough supplies that I'll make it through the big one (live in SF.)

I like that I've found this blog that make living with diabetes seem more normal.

Hi Kerri
It's off topic, but my 13 yr old just got approved for a dexcom by bc/bs illinois which says they don't approve under age 25! I am doing the happy dance! The rep dosen't know why, but we're not asking. I know you have a connection with dexcom (ha! connection!), but regardless, this is great. Last endo visit, my kid was 70% high, 20% low, 10% in range. This gift will help her live healthy. Just wanted to share. Fondly, Carol

Haha - "free showers" I totally know the feeling - I get the loofah going and start to skip over my OmniPod and then when its not there I'm like "POD-LESS SHOWER! LOOFAH LIKE CA-RAZY!"

Great post Kerri! I also love free showers. Being "full" on both sides is my favorite thing...next to free showers that it. Thanks for posting this...I really feel as if someone finally understands.

I love taking "free" showers too! I also get excited when I check my BG with my meter and it's exactly what my CGM says!

I like it when my insulin pump does the "boop boop BEEP" thing and I can see my friend Travis doing a little dance behind me in History Class. :)

I just turned on the garden sprinkler yesterday and let Jenna run her little swim suit clad hiney off, pump-free. She had a blast and if she could, I'm sure she would share that as one of her Diabetes things she likes. But since she's three, I'll post it for her.

Mine is when I go in at night to check her while she sleeps and when I'm done and thinking she slept through it, she reaches up for a hug and says "I love you, Mama."

Thanks for the great post, Kerri.

A 99 reading on the glucose meter is our favorite. 99 is what we nicknamed our son well before the diabetes dianosis because he was good 99% of the time. Now our team name for the Fairfield County JDRF walk is Team 99.

How do you have a Medtronic 522 that is still in manufacturers warranty. My 508 lasted about 2 months after I had it for 5 years. Then the errors started. MiniMed let me trade it in for a 708 (awesome upgrade) thanks to my insurance seeing it the same way. The trading value went towards my suppies purchase/co pay. Any who,
- I like recieving 3 months supply of Humalog in a cooler with 3 reusable ice packs and a nice cooler to boot.

I like how many PWDs from all over just spend time thinking about things they like about diabetes! You're a diabetes muse, Kerri!

And that train tracks idea is the coolest...I think I may have to borrow it from time to time...

I like it when my daughter says "felt the poke, but didn't hurt". She is 4 and we are on MDI but soon to the pump! I also like when I know she is in range and I can sleep through the night without worry. I love it when she wakes up in the morning and her meter reads 99! We all love 100 and 123. I LOVE SUM!

Thanks Kerri!

I like it when my reservoir and battery symbols are full, too (I thought I was weird)

When I had my son I loved it when my OB told me I needed to eat something more exciting than juice to treat all of the lows I was having.

I love it when my morning BG is within 10 points of what it was when I went to sleep!

I like knowing that my cute little 2 year old son doesn't know that I'm different than any other mommy even though I have tubing coming out of my abdomen and squeeze blood blood from my fingers on a regular basis!

I like when the husband offers up his Novolog when a meal spikes me out of range. (We both know it's wrong, but...)

Hey that's true Kerri - I haven't worn a watch since I started wearing my pump. I never thought about that one - and I have such a cool looking baby blue divers watch I used to wear all the time - except in the summer - I would have this big white patch on my wrist if I decided to be a Montreal fashionista and not wear it for the evening.

I am so much more mature now - instead I just glance at my pump!

I am also a diabetic type2
Great article, nice to see you here.

Thanks for the inspiration. I didn't realize I was feeling a bit sorry for myself until you reminded me of the many little joys and triumphs that keep me pushing on.

I like finding a used test strip in random places, like in the dirt at the softball fields where we spend a lot of time. It just cracks me up. (I don't know why)

The white gluco-tabs always reminded me of the candy sticks in the Lik-M-Ade packages...

So much stuff that only a PWD can relate to - great post!

My cat likes my tubing when it's on me - I've woken up 300 with ketones a few mornings - thanks Tigger!

Although I hate the white glucose tabs -but they do remind me of diabetes camp - always combined with smashed up cheese PB crackers.

I don't like getting supplies - just one more thing to put away.

I feel good when I finally decide to clean all the test strips out of the bottom of my purse - 223 has been my record (I know an embarassment).

I am surprised and happy that you found so many! I think i could find *maybe* 7 on a good day!

One of my happy things is hearing people unselfconsciously refer to my insulin pump as "Bob," which of course is his name, indicating that they're willing to take cues from me regarding diabetes and accept the vernacular I have established. Also the fact that "I have to change Bob" means something to other people just makes me laugh.

Kerri, I'm new to your blog and working backwards. I love "I like when my best friend clinks her beer to mine and says, "Bolus, baby."" It's the greatest feeling in the world!

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