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Let There Be Cake!

Even though our anniversary was two weeks ago, we had to wait until this weekend to score our cake.

This shit will set you back about 4,323 units of Humalog.

(Note:  Our original agreement with the cake baker was that instead of saving our wedding cake topper for a year and eating nostalgic, yet crunchy-stale cake, we would have a new cake baked on our anniversary.  Which was fortunate because our actual cake topper ended up in my Aunt Linda's back room for three weeks, stored with our wedding gifts, while we were on our honeymoon.  We returned to a box filled with cake that had sprouted what appeared to be ferns.  Thus, inedible.  And double-thus, we were thankful for the 'new cake' agreement.)

So on Saturday morning, Chris and I went to a cool little tea house in southern RI and stuffed our faces full of red velvet cake with butter cream frosting.

So delicious!

It.  Was.  Awesome.

And as irony would have it, my blood sugar was 130 mg/dl two hours after aforementioned gluttony.

The diabetes gods were smiling upon us.  Thankfully.  Because I've been wondering where the hell they've been lately.  ;)


If I recall traditions correctly, the "year after" cake topper/portion/slice/core came from the English-traditional fruitcake-for-wedding-cake. As with traditional (as opposed to store-bought) fruitcakes, the cake is kept moist and mold-free by being doused daily with measures of high-proof spirits.

sounds delish...I've never tried red velvet...this needs to go on my bucket list after looking at that picture! lol Happy Anniversary!

Normally my response to anything involving cake is "The Cake is a Lie." But I feel like that joke would go over the heads of most of your eager-readers.

Except George, I'm sure he knows what I'm talking about.

Happy Anniversary.

Red velvet cake! I never would have guessed that for you guys, but I whole-heartedly approve!

It looks so yummy and most certainly bolus-worthy. The red velvet seems so romantic too. :)

Red velvet both fortunately and unfortunately reminds me of Steel Magnolias. With the groom's cake made out of red velvet, shaped into an armadillo. :D

But it's delicious. And that trumps all other thoughts.

We used the top tier of our wedding cake as our daughter's christening cake(just about a year after the wedding) It was a traditional fruit cake made by my mum, who then kept it and nurtured it with a monthly dose of brandy. It was very good a year later! Mind you that red velvet cake looks YUMMY!What a great way to celebrate and hurray for your well behaved blood sugar!


That was a shout out to Chris.

Very cool post and yeah, we did not eat ours either. That is way to gross to eat after a year! yuck

Cake is wonderful, and your cake looks delicious.

I got to have real wedding cake this weekend, at my cousin's wedding. Interestingly, the groom's cake was lemon, but both cakes (I HAD to try them both) were bolus worthy!

YUM! I want some!! Congrats on one year and amazing after-cake blood sugars! :)

Oh and I forgot to mention I had cake this weekend too, and somehow got stuck with the leftovers. It is cherry chip cake, which I had never heard of much less had before.
It was for a baby shower, which was a farm theme, so it has grass (piped icing) and a dirt path (truffle topping) covering the top. It is pretty much oozing sugar! :P

I, too, have been wondering where in the world those damn diabetes gods have been. Congrats on one year Kerri & Chris!

We keep forgetting to defrost ours!!! Our one year was May 17th...I'm can't imagine the cake would be any good over a year later. I love your tradition!!!

And hey...send those Diabetes gods my way :)

That cake looks sooooooooooooooooooooooooo good. I love Red Velvet Cake!!!!

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