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The Green Drink.

I'm not going to bother saying it again, but in case you're new to SUM, I can't cook to save my life.  Seriously.  (I eat froast, for crying out loud.) 

Thankfully, Chris is always on the hunt for healthy, and tasty, recipes that work with his regimen and are easy on my bloodsugars.  And lately, he's been making this Green Drink. (Capitalized, because it's sort of official and better than when he pretends it's called "Pretty Green," after the Liam Gallagher clothing line - which it is NOT.  But Liam Gallagher is beyond funny in the interviews about his clothing line, so if you have a chance to watch this arrogant popstar wax on about his clothing line, you can follow him on Twitter.  And now I've digressed myself right into a stupor.) 

The Green Drink.

Point is, it looks a smidge like "You Can't Do That On Television!" sludge but it tastes very nice.

The recipe is pretty basic:  Three stalks of celery, one apple, a handful of baby spinach, all chopped up so they can be obliterated by the blender.  Add in approximately three quarter cups of water, a good dash of cinnamon, and blend it until the cats' ears get all panicked.

When it's done, you'll have a frothy glass of Green Drink that tastes very nice and is about 8 grams of carbs. 

How do you guys get more vegetables in your diet?  Since I'm doing what I can to keep the carbs at a minimum to (hopefully) lower my A1C, I'm eating more fresh green beans and celery as snacks, and drinking the Green Drink, too.  Will you like it?  I don't know - ahhhhh! - but it's currently topping my favorite way to get some extra servings of fruits and vegetables, so I'm for it.   


What's with the green froth on top?!

Ugh, I'm sorry Kerri I don't think I'll be trying this one. I think you may have gone to far!!! LOL!! I mean - IT'S GREEN!!!

LOL! At least you know better than to actually TRY the things I might be cooking. You are smart to realize this is dodgy.

But I actually like this drink. And it tastes as green as it looks, which I like.

But I also eat frozen bread. So go figure. ;)

Have heard good things about the Green Drink, but have yet to give it ago! But maybe soon, because GREEN is good.
As far as getting more veggies in my diet, I really try. I'm a huge fan of raw veggies(baby carrots, celery, sweet peppers,cucumbers,etc) dipped in a combo of 3 parts spicy Salsa & 1part fatfree/lowfat Greek yogurt!
Superior crunch factor, and it's amazing how many veggies one can consume while watching a "Family Guy"marathon!
Also I make a mean cucumber salad. Just remove seeds from cucumbers, slice, & sprinkle w/sesame seeds, sea salt, & cracked pepper. Top w/a combo of Roasted Sesame oil & Mirin & your good to go! Just grab your chopsticks & EAT!
Kelly K

Sorry, only GREEN drink I do is grasshoppers!

I'm not a big fan of salads unfortunately nor of smoothie type drinks of any kind. Carrots and tomatoes and raisins were banned by my endo becaues they raise blood sugar too much so I stay away from those too. Many fruits also raise my blood sugar so I have to restrict those as well. What's left? Well I can eat two pears a day without any problems. So for a mid-afternoon snack I slice up a pear and eat that with chunks of cheddar cheese. Then at night I have a simple salad of sliced pears, grated cheese, and romaine with a light dressing. I can eat a small apple about three times a week and only in the mornings. My veggie mainstain is a platter of cut up veggies I keep filled in the fridge at all times. I have mushrooms, cucumbers, green peppers (red and yellow are not good for diabetics), broccoli and cauliflower all cut up and ready to dip. I don't like veggies plain so I keep several kinds of no-carb/low fat dips made as well. I reserve my celery for holding stuff -- like my nut butters (almond, pecan, peanut, etc.) and a variety of cheese spreads (some I buy and some I make from scratch).

Because my diet is so low-carb, I stay away from low-fat or fat-free stuff (those always have more sugar in them). I'm continuing to lose weight at a nice slow pace without watching fat in my diet.

I've been doing green smoothies for years. GREAT idea! If you don't like it with water, you can also try it with diet sprite... gives it a kick, but also takes away the benefit of drinking WATER =)

I'm not so sure about the Green Drink (yikes!) but I hear ya on the getting more veggies part. I try to stick them in my diet anywhere I can. One of my favorite ways is using fresh spinach in salads to replace iceberg or romaine. These normal salad greens aren't BAD for you but they aren't that GOOD for you either. They have about as many nutrients as moist air. Spinach tastes a little better and adds fiber and vitamins. Plus eating loads of dark green leafy veggies is good for the colon. TMI? Er, sorry.

My other fav is edamame. Yes, it's great at those japanese places where it's uber-salty and still in it's little peapod-house. But I actually buy soybeans unshelled (usually frozen) and I eat them as a side dish and they are yummy on salads. Great for fiber, protein and omega-3's. They are pretty carb-heavy but nutritionally they are totally worth it!

It's totally reminiscent of Your Can't Do that on Television slime. Good call on that.

Green Drink sounds kind of intriguing, but I'm too lazy to do much with a blender because I hate cleaning the mess of it. I'm a big fan of apple and peanut butter though, so I'm interested in how it would taste with a dollop of that in it - add some protein without too many extra carbs. It has the potential to be icky I guess, but it could also be delicious. The more I think about it, my curiosity might be enough to inspire me to dust off the blender...

Oh Lord Kerri - you mean you actually down that thing? Sorry, don't mean to offend, but considering all the natural ingredients, it looks un-natural in a drink context. I much prefer just straight veggies for my Type 1 daughter - dipped sometimes in hummus, low fat salad dressing. She eats everything raw. I'm not sure I could get her to touch a Shrek-like drink :0)

Wow. That looks....different. :)



I'm dying laughing right now. You guys are killing me with these comments!

But believe me, FroastGirl thinks this tastes good. However, I realize I am not to be trusted because I also think Siah is a nice cat and everyone should be woken up at 4 am by a small cat nose making contact with their ear. ;)

Upon first glance, this sickened me.

Now it looks awfully pretty.

(Yes I might be going slightly insane.)

Kerri, I'm with you on the Green Drink, not because I've tried this paticular creation (though it is intriguing) but because I am a fan of the Mega-Green juice from RW Knudsen. It's not as low-carb friendly, but it has some other good benefits. And though it tastes great, it is a rather army-green color. You get used to it.

Also, why are red and yellow peppers bad for diabetics?

I can see I'm in the minority, but I'm game to try that Green Drink in spite of its appearance.
I'm a huge veggie eater and find the best practice for me is to make salads in bulk so there is always an inviting bowl of greens one handful away in the fridge. I typically make two a week and store in a plastic container. Simple but effective when I get home from work and I'm going to inhale a few cups of something...veggies beat all the alternatives!

I learned about a green drink from another mother last year when my daughter was at Diabetes Camp. The mom said she would sneak it into another fruit drink because the child didn't eat vegies. I found this to be a great solution for me! I loathe vegies! However, my son and I actually love it. We can't get my daughter to drink it... maybe because we refer to it as Shrek's Swamp juice. Hmmm. Anyway, it's made by Bolthouse Farms and is called GREEN GOODNESS. It has everything in it. Literally. Spirulina, Chlorella and Blue Green Algea. Oh and some fruit and stuff. It's 3 3/4 servings of fruit and veg in a little bottle. Sweet! Total carbs is 33grams, though there are 2 servings per bottle. Worth checking out. There's also a similar drink you can get at Starbuck's. Chug a lug!

Does V-8 count? Same concept. Different color...

I'm chuckling at the thought of how many brave, SUM-reading souls are out there tonight trying to choke down some green blender concoction.

BTW, I used to be an avid juicer, and I'd like to suggest a slight variation; add a small knob of peeled ginger to that brew prior to blending and it might add a whole new dimension of WOW to it. ...or you might just choke and spew even sooner... bon apetite!

Eeeeewwwwww. No offense, really, but eeeewwwwww!!! Of course, I hate celery, so that makes the ick factor huge for me.

Thank goodness the next Fld County D-Dinner is tomorrow. At least we know you'll be getting so real food. ;)

I've always been wary of the green drink phenomenon but you may have inspired me to give it a go. A place in town has an expansive green smoothie menu. Celery, spinach, kale...it's all there. They do offer a 'green smoothie for beginners' featuring banana, berries and spinach. Perhaps I need to work my way up to your green tolerance level...hmm...or not...

Hello. Do you have a juicer? I love herbs too and remembered seeing something about Fenugreek and diabetes. http://www.holisticonline.com/Remedies/Diabetes/diabetes_herbs.htm
Is one of the sites. I personally use raw agave nectar in a lot of cooking and my tea. It's yummy, very sweet and has a low glycemic level to not raise your blood sugar. I also have a Stevia plant. Very sweet also. Dry the leaves and grind to a powder to replace sugar! Great blog by the way. I emailed you regarding a friend and will use you in my blog if that's OK.

I finally got the guts to try this today for breakfast. I added an extra 1/2 cup of greek yogurt, a strawberry, a few raspberries, and a few blueberries! Not too bad!!!!

Thanks for sharing your recipe!

My juicer just came in the mail today. I can't wait to try a green drink. Thanks for the recipe, I have been writing down a bunch of them so I can try them out.

Amazzzzingly simple recipe of raw juice (green), thank youuuuu very much Mr.Kerri Morrone.

I too love herbs, I will immediately going to try it. After tried this recipe, I like to include more diabetes natural herbs from (link removed)

It's yummy :-) I've made it a few times now and was just reminded of this recipe - need to make it again!!

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