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Zombie Lows.

Weirdest dream.  Ever.The BEEEEEEEEP! woke me up from a dream about having my arm chewed off by a zombie that looked like Kevin James.  (Zombie dreams are common in my house, apparently.)

I wasn't sweaty and my skin didn't have that flushed, clammy feel, but my whole body was extra-sensitive and jittery.  Like being covered in sand, only every granule was touching a nerve.

For once, I didn't bother testing.  I knew I was low.  The Dexcom was howling from underneath the bedside table (where I must have lobbed it like a softball when it went off the first time.)  The display kept glowing "LOW."  I reached into the drawer of the bedside table and retrieved a tube of cake frosting.  Red.   

It's been a while since I've had a low in the wee hours of the morning.  I've woken up on the lower side a few times in the past several weeks (morning numbers in the 60's and 70's - too low for me), but there haven't been any low messes at 3 am. 

Until last night, of course.

Still unnerved from the Kevin James zombie dream, I consumed some cake frosting and let the sugar settle into my system.  It was absolutely silent -  not a sound coming from the roads outside or the cats milling around in the living room - and my brain kept screaming for more sugar.  

This is where I get stupid every time.  The frosting I ate was enough to cover my reaction.  After I tested, I saw that I was 45 mg/dl.  I'd already eaten about 20 grams of carbs, which would have brought me up nicely to about 100 and left me there.

But I had a brain full of zombie nightmare panic and low blood sugar, so I stumbled out into the kitchen. And proceed to drink about three cups of juice to quell my anxiety, checking in the hallway for zombies after each gulp.  It's so psychological, the way that juice calms the "low feeling" faster than anything else, purely in my mind.  Even if my blood sugar doesn't budge a bit, just drinking something sends my brain the "it's going to be okay" message.  (But I hate over-treating, because then I just end up high. See also: This morning's waking 290 mg/dl blood sugar.)

I wander back to bed, Abby circling my feet like a shark while I walk.  I'm starting to feel better, even though it doesn't dawn on me yet to maybe bolus for all the extra juice I drank.  Running my toothbrush under the water (because I can't stand waking up with that juice taste in my mouth and yes, this post-low dental hygiene thing happens all the time), I look into the mirror.  My hair is a disaster.  My eyes are wild, like a child who has been locked in a closet for days on end, pupils darting from side-to-side, panicked.  The bags under my eyes are distressing and apparently packed for a long trip.

God, I look awful.  Is this what a low looks like from the outside?

I remember the zombie dream and realize how ridiculous it was.  What kind of person dreams that Kevin James is gnawing off her arm?

I smile.  

And am startled to see my red teeth grinning back at me, stained from the frosting.   


Awesome. I haven't used cake icing to treat a low in at least 10 years. I kind of miss that plastic-y taste.

Also, I almost turned into a zombie when my blood sugar dropped at a pizza place last night. I was about 30 seconds from punching a fidgety 2-year-old. Thank God for sugar packets. And cake icing.

good idea...i want cream cheese frosting the next time i'm low. ;)

i'm never going to look at kevin james the same way. LOL

The picture says it all...and may give me nightmares. LOL

Funny you mention it...

I don't know if you saw my tweet last night about having some raisin bran. I guess we all could have predicted that was going to end poorly.

I spiked to just over 250, corrected according to the bolus wizard and woke up at 4 am very low. I didn't bother testing, until after I had finished the juice box *cough* and the cookies.

My jittery feeling was calmed by the cat that needed to cuddle on my chest as I fell back asleep.

That pic is perfect! sorry about the low my friend.

I get the same "must drink sugar" feeling during middle of the night lows. A lot of times after I treat the low, I drink some diet dr. pepper and pretend it's full of sugar.

I have so much trouble not over-treating lows. Especially ones that wake me up at night.

There's no way a guy like Kevin James could get a girl like Leah Remini. That always bugged me when I watched "King of Queens."

Sorry about the low for you Kerri.
I used to treat lows by eating until I felt better--a BAD practice!
Hard also to give yourself that "I just over treated" bolus after how you were just feeling.

Isn't it funny that when you are low you're brain is too fuzzy to think far enough ahead to anticipate the rebound high?? But remembering to brush the teeth to ward of the morning-juice-breath?? No problem!! I hate that!!

Priorities. . . with a low-brain ain't no such thing.

I once dreamed that Jamie Lee Curtis broke into my family's house and murdered them all with me watching. I still get a creepy feeling whenever I see her play any role.

Those early morning lows always make me over correct, too. Waking up with a dry mouth tasting of whatever I ate in the middle of the night, knowing I am high is the worst.

Wow what a dream. Must of been terrafying, zombies chewing on your arm.

I had a chuckle to myself with the image in my head of you looking into the mirror whilst keeping a watch full eye out for zombies, whilst your mouth is full of red colouring. Great post

Sounds a lot like my night. Minus zombie dreams.

I woke up low last night. Looked for the M&Ms I bought my boyfriend which I was convinced he'd hidden above where I could reach or find (I'm 5'2" and he is 6'2" and I often ask him to put the candy above my head...usually half joking because i'll climb for it like a 3 year old anyways).

So I picked all the M&Ms out of our trail mix instead furious at him still. Grabbed a juice and went back to bed. Turns out the M&Ms were in the cabinet at eye level where I'd looked at least 10 times.

I woke up with M&M taste in my mouth wondering what my dentist would think (that taste in the mouth must just trigger dental hygiene panic) And how he would probably tell me to stick to juice instead of M&Ms.

Why is it that I only over treat my lows at night? I guess the panicky feeling is multiplied by 10 by delirium...I feel like I have to keep eating until I don't feel low! Ugh, juice+honey+fundip+suspended pump = waking up high...

I'm sorry about your low. How terrible....but you cracked me up with your red cake frosting smile! What must Abby be thinking?
So do you ever get a low that, even after you fix it, you can't walk because your legs are rubber bands? I missed 45 minutes of my squaredance last night because my legs just wouldn't hold me up after a weird unexpected low. I was too frustrated to think clearly....but saved by the fact that I couldn't walk to get the cookies I wanted to eat! Bad choice to fix a low, but who cares when you're low? Ha

Kevin Brrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnssssssssssss.........

I feel you. I always over treat my lows. Mine are crazy because at exactly 3.48am it strikes...i call it the bewitching hour....I go into the kitchen and eat EVERYTHING in sight I mean EVERYTHING. I don't discriminate...like last night I ate a banana, drank 2 cups of juice, a chocolate bar, and some left over food that was on my kitchen counter...I don't know why but when I get low all objectivity goes out of the window I just go into automatic mode and eat...when I finally realise what I'm doing I've eaten through alot. I have never been able to just drink juice or eat something specific...I really admire you guys! Its a small miracle that I'm not seriously overweight will all the 3.48am binge eating that happen.

I've been known to overdo it in overnight lows, but that doesn't beat my ENTIRE jar of Smucker's Strawberry Jelly. I didn't realize how many carbs were in the jar until the next morning when the 20u i gave clearly wasn't enough as I was still over 400. Needless to say, after that I just keep a Gatorade next to my bed

My night last night was very similar to yours except it happened 3 times! I woke up with the DexCom in my hand because I was tired of knocking it off the nightstand when I stumbled to find it as it ws screaming at me. I was able to not overtreat but there is nothing more frustrating than waking up 3 times having to eat 25g of carbs each time! I woke up with a BG of 70 and crashed before I could get breakfast. Very weird BGs in the past 24 hours....I'm so tired today...I am thankful for that DexCom though!

Classic "eat/drink" until you feel better. Its so easy to overtreat for lows because your brain is begging for glucose. Whenever I see someone refer to the rule of 15 that doesn't have diabetes (15 grams of carb, wait 15 min and test again) I always think "uhm yeah, you try and be that patient when you are sweating/crying/shaking/disoriented/lighheaded/miserable. We all over-dose for lows sometimes - and I know how certain foods give you more comfort than others. For me its packets of GU - those sports gels. I pop one of those and know I will feel better soon.

I occasionally find myself over-treating in the middle of the night. My husband and I are in a new house and have yet to put curtains in the living room/kitchen. One night about 3:30am, after treating with too much juice, I walked to the kitchen, grabbed a ridiculous amount of food, and sat on the couch with a small light on to eat. A few minutes later I realized that a woman who works 24 hour shifts caring for the adults at a house across the street, was sitting on her porch, watching my 3:30am binge. I was so embarassed!!

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