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diaTribe Giveaway: Dexcom!

I wanted to let you guys know about this Dexcom opportunity, courtesy of the team at diaTribe.  Here are the details, in editor Kelly Close's own words:

"For this month, DexCom has given diaTribe a $500 credit for any DexCom merchandise, which we will give to one lucky reader! Visit www.diatribe.us/dexcomgiveaway to enter the drawing. Like all of our giveaways, this is open to non-readers as well--help us spread the word about CGM."

I'm all for anything that helps get more CGMs in the hands of people with diabetes, and I'm also a fan of the mission of diaTribe.  So now you know.  And knowing is ... you know.  Half the battle.  (I was also unaware that there was a G.I. Joe character called "Barbecue.")

Disclosures aplenty on this one:  I'm a columnist for diaTribe and I'm involved in a sponsorship agreement with Dexcom.  I have type 1 diabetes and I also know how to crochet.  Any and all questions can be directed to me.  Or Siah, but you'll have a better chance of getting a response from me.


Hmmm, but do you know how to knit?? ;)

OMG, I HAD barbeque!! (And I had no idea that was his name. I probably just referred to him as flame-thrower-scuba-man or something) I learned something today.

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