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No Peace: Revisited.

Even when I'm waking up in the morning and trying to test my blood sugar so I can stumble out of bed and begin my day, this cat gives me no peace.  

Never a moment's peace with this animal.

Siah, you need a hobby.  One that doesn't involve me.


At least your blood sugar was great...!

Way adorable that cat of yours.

I know what you mean tho. Wherever I am, my cat is. Always.

Oh c'mon, that picture was just a way of showing off such a beautiful number, wasn't it?

Oh....but she loves you so, so much! :)



HA! Just wait until you have kids...this is great practice :)

i hardly noticed the cat-- all i saw was your PERFECT 100!!

I had to take a picture of that flat 100 - it happens so rarely!!!

100 is good, but I prefer 104. :)

I love cats! Your cat is adorable. Oh and who doesnt love waking up at 100? :)

LMBO! Let's trade...I'll take Siah and u can take my dog Holly Bean;)

Nice 100 mg/dl!

I think we're leading parallel lives!

...except my meter reads in le Système International d'unités and my annoyingly present feline is black and white and drooly.

My cat looks exactly like this. His hobby is walking in on me in the bathroom and when I am naked in my room right after a shower.

My mom calls him the pervert cat.

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