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Travel Day!

you cannot come

Today I'm off to Indianapolis for the Roche Blogger Summit, to hang out with some (but not ALL) of the diabetes blogosphere's finest and talk about social media with the people at Roche.  More later, but for now, I'm off to the airport!

Kerri:  No cats in my checked bag, though.  That would be silly.

Bag:  Meow!


How about cats on top of the pile of clean clothes you are about to pack? That's where mine head when I kick them out of the suitcase.

good luck at the airport and have a great trip .

Do yours ignore you when you get home after a trip? My mom's do....until it's time to snuggle and then all is forgiven!!

Siah (AKA sausage cat) has that look that says "you better not be going somewhere and not taking me!"

Enjoy Indy! I suppose it may be raining there like it is in Cincinnati today. :) I'd love to be part of that discussion at Roche - way cool.

Regretting the decision to not go to Indy, but I'm excited for Chicago!!

Enjoy Indy! It's a great place to be and i'm sure you'll have a great time at the conference! Nice cat by the way ;)

My cat loves climbing into our open suitcases.

Have a good time, Kerri.

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