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Wait, You Wanted Pictures??

Wait, what's that?  You want to see pictures?  Oh hell yes I have pictures.

This event offered more than interaction with a seemingly open-minded Pharma company.  This event gave me the opportunity to meet and reunite with some of my favorite bloggers in the diabetes space.

Here's the standard shot that the crew at Roche took of all of us.  We look downright jolly.

Jolly bloggers

The night before our meetings with Roche, we went down to the hotel bar and hung out for a few hours (before getting kicked out, sort of, and ending up in Christel's room until the wee hours of the morning and being harassed by "Tim," who has been explained in several wrap-up posts from other bloggers).  

Here are three very special members of my diabetes family, even though this was my first time meeting Scott in person:

We are family.
But, of course, every family photo session has it's awkward moments where the big guy tries to toss the tiny blond in the air.  The Ninja and the me could only laugh and end up captured in awkward, eyes-closed grinniness:

Christi gets tossed.

There are plenty of wonderful people I finally connected with, but without formal photographic evidence.  Like Will from Life After DX, who I've been reading for years and am always inspired by.  And Bernard (spelled Bernard) from The Diabetes Technology Blog, who I should have met years ago but until this past week, had never had a chance to hug in person.  I had the honor of meeting Crystal (aka CalPumper), Christopher Thomas, Chris Bishop, Ginger Viera, and Brandy Barnes for the first time, too.  And there were also the several bloggers who I have had the pleasure of meeting before, like Fran, Amy, Manny, Christel, Scott Strumllo, LeeAnn, SuperG, Scott King, Kelly, Jeff, Gina, Riva, Kelly Close, Allison, and Bennet.

Also, my old friend Sandra Miller was in attendence, representing with Bennet Dunlap (again, I know!) and Jeff Hitchcock as the parents of children with diabetes.  David from Diabetes Daily was also there, on behalf of his wife Elizabeth (who is type 1).  Charlie Cherry and David Mendosa represented for the type 2 crew, and Kitty Castelinni stood as one of the few recipients of a pancreas transplant.

So we all met up. 

And goofed off.

A potluck of bloggers ... and this isn't even everyone.

Including Bennet showing off his fabulous pink camera (ooooh!), a late-night packy run, Kelly sharing stories from her diabetes past that made me want to give her a huge hug, a Blair Witch moment and, of course, Christel throwing down to "Tim," a random caller who was intent upon snuggling with Mr. Diabetic Rockstar.  Needless to say, all 4'11" of Christi kept Tim from making any fast moves, and to say that Christopher owes her big time is a gross understatement.  ;)

(Sidenote:  David, I still think it was you who called from the bathroom, but the world may never know the real truth.)

It was a true potluck of diabetes bloggers, representing from all sorts of different demographics.  Unfortunately, there were several bloggers who were missing from this group, and I'm hoping - no, damnit, I'm demanding - that there is an invitation sent to more members of our influential blogging family for any future meet-ups.

These people are my friends.  They're the people who understand what living with diabetes is really like, and they are the external support network I have been hoping for since my diabetes diagnosis in 1986.  So thank you to Roche for giving me the opportunity to say hello to, and hug warmly, the people in this community that I cannot wait to see again.

More of my photos are in Flickr, and there's also a D-Blogger Summit photo pool where you can grab the best of the shots!   


great post! Lol awesome pic's!!! The pic of Scottie and Christel hilarious.

How fun! :)

Thanks for capturing it for the rest of us..sounds like you guys had a blast!

GArate pics Kerri!!! Oh my! Funny!

I look So out of place in my jammies. :::shaking head:::
Must know where cameras are at All times.

And thank you. For everything. For You. It was My honor, meeting You!!

I love that picture of Scott! You can totally see his personality (and yours) in it! :)

SO,,,,, you know I felt your hug from across the room, right???
Kelly K

I loved meeting you! Will be sending the JDRF artwork soon!

Great wrap-up, thanks Kerri. I'm so glad you were there; it wouldn't have been the same without you.

However, I did want to point out that since Roche was our generous host, paying ALL EXPENSES, I don't think we're in a position to "demand" much. We can let them know how much we appreciate it, and maybe "suggest" that others be invited next year...

Amy - Totally agreed. Roche treated us right and made this something we could attend without fearing the cost.

But it doesn't mean they have to be the only ones contributing next time. Maybe other Pharma giants will follow in their lead and create something for more of us! :)

I'm so glad there were so many cameras around.

Because what fun is fun if there's nothing to smile at later?

I too wish that many more of our friends could have been invited. But I can definitely understand having to limit expenses. I appreciate Roche allowing me to come and meet everyone.

And it was very special to finally give you that hug, and to hang out and laugh with you and the rest of the family. I wish Chris Tyson could have been there.

It was definitely super cool, and nothing but mad props to Roche for making it happen. I was thrilled to be a part of it, and I hope it's the start of bigger blogger bashes!

(There's something not quite right about my fondness for alliteration...)

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