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Choosing an Insulin Pump.

I wrote a quick status update on Facebook, after receiving the Solo demo in the mail and then meeting with the local Animas rep for lunch to discuss pump options. My brain was buzzing with questions.

Just a quick Facebook musing that opened up the damn flood gates for me.
And the flood gates were opened.  Lots of comments, lots of perspectives, and lots of people who had great information to share.  Turns out I'm not the only one who has been thinking about this.  :)

I've been a Minimed pumper for almost six years now, and have never had an issue with Minimed customer service or the pump itself.  When my pump broke two years ago, their customer service department took my call at a few minutes before midnight and a new pump was overnighted to me.  I have no problems with the color, the size, or the functionality of my Minimed 522.

But two things happened that made me think about switching.  One was the CGM upgrade, which I tried for ten weeks and still didn't have any semblance of success and/or comfort with.  (Thankfully, the Minimed CGM works fine for some diabetics, so it's not just me.  Appears to be personal preference.) And the second was that I haven't seen many changes at all in the six years I've been pumping with Minimed (starting with a 512 and now a 522).  The CGM component was a big one, but for people who aren't using that feature, there isn't much going on as far as upgrades that mattered to me.

So even though Minimed has been good to me, I'm on the prowl.  

With Cozmo off the market, my options are limited.  I've given a lot of thought to Omnipod, and while I love the idea of no tubing, I don't like the idea of a larger device stuck to me for the duration.  I also don't like the idea that if I lose the PDM, I'm screwed as far as dosing my insulin.  It's important to note that I've never worn an Omnipod, so I'm purely speculating.  And Omnipod works great for lots of diabetics that I know, and even some cute kiddo ones.  But it's not about the product - more about my personal preferences.

The Solo pump demo arrived in the mail yesterday and that thing appears to have both the tubeless delivery that I'd prefer and also the ability to disconnect the bulk of the pump, but it's not a working model and with pregnancy goals on the horizon, I'd like to make a change sooner rather than later, if possible.  Still, Solo has a lot of promise and coulda been a contenda.   Could still be one, depending on their timeframe.

I've looked at Animas, too.  The Ping seems to be my top contender for several reasons, but the main one is the meter doubling as a remote control for the pump.  I've written countless times about my desires to have the pump reasonably concealed, and when my 522 is stashed in my bra at a dressy event, reaching for it to access the buttons turns me into a female, diabetic version of Mr. Bean.  I like that the Calorie King info is stored in there.  (The Dexcom/Animas integration, whenever that happens, is also a nice future-state.)  I also like the option to take a hundredth of a unit.  Precision is a nice option.  I'm not sure how I feel about the infusion sets they use (sampling some this week) or what it might be like to use their user interface, but I want to see for myself.  Thankfully, pump reps are all about hooking us up with samples so we can see if we want to make a full transition. 

But then there's the whole money thing.  And the insurance thing.  And the "closet full of supplies" thing that will be rendered sort of useless if I switch.   And the "do I want to wrangle with a new device" thing.  There's also the "you can always go back" thing.  And the "pumping isn't permanent" thing.  And the "if you continue to put weird phrases in quotes, people will get annoyed" thing. 

There's a lot to consider.  And I'm excited to see what options are available to me.  But there's only so much information I can get from "official company representatives" and websites.  If you're a pumper, what are you using and why?  If you're thinking about going on a pump, what factors are playing into your decision?  And if you're like me - currently pumping but thinking about changing pump providers - what would you do?

Your feedback is, without fail, among the top resources I'll be using to make my decision.  So thanks in advance, and power to the pumpers!!


I'm on multiple daily injections of Levemir and Novolog and never serious considered a pump until I saw the Solo. I never liked the thought of having tubes connected to me 24 hours a day. I'm not a candidate for the Borg.

But the Solo has me thinking about what is possible in diabetes management. I'm seeing my endo today and he will be writing out a prescription for a CGMS and pump in the near future.

I just - JUST - went through this decision process, and for the same pregnancy reason. Ended up going with the Minimed after a lot of angsting. Largely it was talking to the people at the Berrie Center - from everything they said, the Carelink software offers a LOT more useful information than Animas', and it's easier to share with their web-based programming - good for getting endo/CDE feedback in between appointments. Also, since I'm just starting this whole hoo-ha, having the integrated pump from the outset was a good thing - it's a lot to take in all at once, and having the CGM already there makes it more likely that I would take advantage of the technology.

All that being said, if the Animas had already been Dexcom integrated, I would have done that pump in a heartbeat - less-awesome graphing be damned. Here's to hoping I made the right choice...

My wife has been pumping with the Animas for 4 months now. This is her first pump and loves it. It is easy to use, downloads wirelessly and the meter/remote is fully functional to deliver boluses. She loves not having to reveal her pump or fiddle with the cannula while calculating/delivering a bolus. She uses the inset30. I do most of her set changes (working on her to do it...fear I guess)and they are easy. Customer service has been top-notch. We had an unexplained fault on the meter/remote so they just overnighted a new one. No problems since. We are looking forward to the Dexcom integration so she is not looking like she is wearing a bat-belt!! Cellphone, beeper, pump and CGM

I have the Animas pump - and I love it. I've had it for 4 years and their customer service is outstanding. They are backed by J & J - great parent company. It has amazing ways to be more precise - I'm also trying to get pregnant - my A1c has been 5.7 for 9 months now with the help of my pump.

You may or may not know that I made the switch from MM to Animas about 2 months ago. So far I am happy I did. Like you, I had no problems with my MM but liked some of the Ping features better. The remote/meter, longer battery life with choice of using lithium, the purty insets, more precise increments, waterproof for added peace of mind are most of what I like better. The user interface is different than MM but I got used to it easily (actually trained myself on the whole thing!!) From my experience the change was a positive one. I hope this helps! :)

I've thought a lot about trying the Dexcom, I have the MM CGM, but I wouldn't consider switching at this point until it is integrated with the Animas and MM comes out with their next sensor. My endo said it's going to be like a quick-set!!!! :) The Animas looks amazing; waterproof, remote, carb counting. Sounds worth it and once the options with MM and Animas/Dex are out I will probably think more seriously about switching.

I do love Ditto. Having the meter fully integrated with the pump is awesome.

It is personal preference. I've been with Animas for over 4 years. I Love the looks of the Solo but sans insurance, I could not afford it.

Good luck!

I recently found your blog and I am so thankful I did. I was diagnosed at age 7 and have had diabetes for 21 years. I went on a pump in 1992 and except for a year or so "pump vacation" have been on one ever since. I was on MiniMed from 1992 until 2005. I'm on the Animas IR 1250 and looking into a new pump for this November when my warranty runs out. I also use the Dexcom (my mom is on the TCOYD board with the Dexcom CEO). I'm really interested in reading about your pump search. My doctor is on the Omnipod but I think it is just too big for me. Personally, I don't think I'll go back to MiniMed since I don't like their CGM.

Same here. Love it! Animas was my first pump and I'm getting the Dexcom this week. Some day they'll talk. I love the big colored screen on the pump. Having both meter and pump bolus options is a big plus for me too. Did someone mention when it drops into the toilet (yes, it happens) you can just rinse it off without fear of it frying?

I am almost at the end of all the payments I have been making to finally say that Master P is mine. And now I am thinking about finding a new pump.

I think you are doing the right thing. Check them all out and see. My concern is the insurance "thing." I have to roll with that because not much comes out of these pockets. :)

I have the Animas Ping and LOVE it! I was trying to decide between it and the 522 from Medtronic. In the end I chose the Ping because of the meter/remote option, which it turns out I use ALL the time! I've had it for 3 months now, and so far, no complaints! Also, I'm excited for the Dexcom to potentially be integrated with it in the future, which was another selling point.

I'm having the same debate (Medtronic vs. Ping). The news on Medtronic's patch pump (see link below) is promising, but why has it been so slow to come to market. Keep posting and keep the market pressure on - maybe it will encourage them to push something out sooner.

Also, re the calorie king data - from what I understand, it is just a reference feature and you can't actually record what you are eating for reference after the fact - to me, that makes it infinitely less useful, especially when I would have to add things on prospectively - I'd rather just use my iphone to look up the info.


I am not the pumper, but my 2 year old daughter is. She uses the MM 522 and the MM CGMs. We did try the navigator and dexcom for the cgms but to completely honest they were completely worthless for us when it came to reading accurately. I wanted something I could trust and with the MM CGMs it was right on the 2 weeks we tested it. That lead us to the decision with her pump. As of right now the only pump/cgms is MM like you said. Yes other companies are coming along putting theirs together, but from things I have read it keeps getting pushed back. We thought about the Pod since is only 2, but the device is very large. The Animas does do smaller doses, but I am not worried about that at this point. We do not use the meter that comes with our pump. We stuck with the meter we got from the hospital. MM has been amazing with us and we are looking foward to the Sernity and small sensors coming out sometime in the near feature. I have heard from our reps from MM that they will be just like the quickset

I've had a Minimed 522 for 8 years now, and am also thinking of switching to Animas.

For the first few years, MiniMed had great customer service, and I was satisfied.

But, like Kerri, I haven't seen any major improvements over the last 8 years in technology. I don't see them investing in R&D that benefits us all.

And lately, I've had 3 (THREE!) pumps crack in the span of 2 months - and all my infusion sets recalled. So I'm open to a change.

Like many people said, I'm waiting for the Animas/Dexcom integration.

I'm in Canada and currently in the process of upgrading my three year old daughter's Animas 2020 to the Ping. I couldn't be more excited! Anyone who has tried to bolus an active toddler after her meal when she just wants to run knows what I mean when I say that the idea of remote bolusing is LOVE. But for adults I imagine it would be much more desirable NOT to have to hike up dresses or reach down clevage to bolus.

Best of luck in your quest, Kerri!

I want to thank you for this discussion, as well as some othr discussions I've read in your blog.
I'm a newbie...I had DKA after a series of illnesses last November.I woke up from the coma 7 days later, well rested may I add, insulin bound.
My problem is I get headaches with BG of 125 (usually when I wake up)& severely shaky at 88.
I can't stand the physcial reactions. I am also lucky because we realized that we have been eating the recommended carb load & healthy foods, for over 20 years.
I have to convince the doctors & the insurance company that this would be better for me & probably cheaper for them in the long run. Everyone keeps saying its too soon.
When I discovered the omnipod & now you telling me about your search with the Solo. I fear the conventional pumps with the tubes. I also have fibromyalgia when already weakens my immune system so I fear infections, the transdermal system relieves that fear.
Thanks again for sharing your experiences & helping to educate us NEWBIES.

I'm a former Cozmo user and switched to the Animas 2 years ago and have loved it (I loved the Cozmo too but thought it was too bulky). I like the size, the display, and ease of use of the Animas (although very different than the Cozmo so took some getting used to). One bit of information that I found out just yesterday about the Animas is they have a great upgrade program that doesn't go through your insurance. There is information on their website about this (although the prices don't seem to be accurate). I called them yesterday and found out I can upgrade to the Ping for $299 (out of pocket) which I was thrilled with! 4 years seems like such a long time to wait for a new pump given the new technology that's always coming out so I was thrilled to learn that I can upgrade on my own through Animas without paying thousands of dollars. For me (also starting thinking about babies) the integration with Dexcom will be huge as well. Overall, I love the Animas and have found their customer support to be superb. I find their infusion sets to be mediocre but am dealing with them (you actually don't have to use the Animas sets though - for a while I was using the Cleos with the Animas). Good luck!

I just started pumping this past January with the Ping - I finally agreed to go on the pump because I knew I'd need to be on it before I could think about pregnancy - I thought about Minimed for a few min., but I'd heard so-so reviews about their customer service, and I didn't like being locked into using their proprietary sets..the integrated CGM sounded good, but my endo said not to choose based solely on that...I love the remote aspect of the Ping - I prefer to conceal my pump and it is so easy to give a bolus, check IOB etc. without pulling out the pump - I don't like that you can't do temp. basals from the remote, but hopefully they're working on that for the next model...I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't used the software at all, but I have heard it's not as good as Carelink - as far as sets, there are lots to choose from, I use the Comfort (Silhouette in MM language) and I like them...oh and I don't use the remote as a meter, I stick to my Freestyle Lite but if you're a One Touch user already, you will love the added convenience of the meter/remote in one...I know how agonizing the decision can be, been there - I say go for it, I think you'll like it and if not you can always switch back to your MM, right?
p.s. I think Lyrehca @ thesweetnesswithin recently blogged about switching from MM to the Ping, too...

I've been wearing the Animas PING for 8 months now. It's my first-ever pump, even tho' I've been T1 for 25 years. I'm not thrilled about being tethered to something, but the bG's are so much better. I like that the Animas is waterproof. Not a huge fan of using the remote, as it is SLOW compared to punching it directly into the pump, but it's good when the pump is inaccessible.

Re taking a hundreth of a unit: the smallest amount you can bolus is .05. It does the math down to hundreths, but then rounds for you. You can change basals by .025.

All the best, and thanks for trying them out for us!

I just started with the Ping (my first pump after 20 years of shots) in March and really love it. I picked it mainly b/c of the remoted control meter that can send the instructions to the pump and b/c of the partnership with Dexcom (I also have one of those) and the potential for future integration. And I liked that Animas was backed by a larger company like J&J, my doctors seemed to feel this went into the plus category as they weren't as focused on cost and could spend some research $. The delivery system isn't the greatest from what I understand, but to be honest it is much easier and really much less painful than the Dexcom in my opinion.

Also, I just got married in May and Animas sent me a loaner pump for my honeymoon free of charge, which was a comfort. In addition, it fit right in under my dress with no issue.

We have been looking into the Animas Ping. Let me know if that's the one you go with. The Ping has a lot of deals attached to it as well. If you trade in your own pump, I believe you get up to $1500 back. (I could be wrong on the amount). We've hesitated switching because of insurance reasons too.

We recently switched our son from the cozmo, which we LOVED, to the animas. I guess the one thing to rememeber during the switch is that getting used to a new pump is going to be somewhat difficult. It will not "feel" the same and everything that goes along with that. I just had to keep telling myself "it is just a differnt insulin deliver device". But still, once you are used to one pump, making that next decision is hard. Whatever pump you choose will work great, and once you finally get the feel of it, you will LOVE it!

I chose the MM for my then 4 year old son, mostly because of the integrated CGM. I also found the Animas menus cumbersome and found that it took a lot more button pushes to accomplish tasks than it does on the MM. The lack of a "back" button is particularly annoying, and having to "dial up" the dose is a safety concern for a child who will be dosing himself in a few years.

The Ping was not available then, but the remote is a nice option. I don't like that it is a One Touch meter. I dislike One Touch products and find them largely innacurate.

I have also heard on a couple of different boards that the integrated Animas will not have a remote. You will be able to get a Ping or an integrated Animas, but not both. (The word was first that the Dex readings would simply be on the pump and not the remote, but now we're hearing that the integrated pump will just not have a remote.)

The upcoming MM patch pump is what I'm really looking forward to.

Good luck with your choice!


I love the Omnipod. I have only left my PDM at home once, podding almost 1.5 years. If I didn't have the Pod I would go with the Ping! It's an awesome pump:) the solo seems cool but I would wait a few years before I jump ship. Good luck in finding your new buddy.

I used the IR1200 for around 2 years. It is still my favourite of all the pumps I've ever had (MM 508, 511, 522 and 722). The only reason I switched back to Medtronic was the CGM.

The size and shape of Animas pumps suited me better. The screen was clearer with less of the irritating scrolling. I loved that IOB (active insulin) was visible on the status screen without having to enter a bolus (now available on the Veo). I loved the speed of bolus delivery, which meant there was no danger of me disconnecting for a shower when my breakfast bolus was still delivering! And Insets are still my favourite infusion sets.

If and when an integrated Animas/Dexcom comes to the UK market, I'd do everything in my power to switch.

I've been using Animas pumps for 8+ years and am still very happy with them. For me, the deciding factors that hold true were: every 3 min. basal delivery (when on low basal rates, the minimum basal dose of MM can lead to occlusions), waterproof, size. My insurance co. is stalling replacement despite the warranty having ended in April. Originally, I was hoping to hold out for the GCM combo, but since the date slipped from summer '09 to late '09/early '10, I would like to get Ping now and do the off the radar upgrade when it comes out. Provided I can get CGM approved, of course...
For what it's worth, Animas' software gives me a log in the format my dr. prefers (and so do I) - we don't look at graphs much, if at all.

After 19 years of pens and a negative Minimed experience several years ago, I was ecstatic to try the Omnipod- especially because of the no tubing required. It worked great for about 2 months until I started running and exercising/playing sports a lot, and then I started having severe problems with my sites- I'm guessing because the pod was so heavy it was moving around a lot. I had a very scary episode of uncontrollable bleeding on my abdomen, along with the extremely high blood sugar levels that followed on multiple occasions. Now I'm back with my trusty pens. I realize that pens don't have the sophistication and "convenience" that pumps do, but I'm happy knowing that when I'm injecting insulin, I'm most likely getting it! It's back and forth with me- once I get tired of the pens, I will probably try the next "latest and greatest" pump. A cure would be nice too.

I think the infusion sets are generally all made by the same manufacturer but given different names. That has been my impression having been on three brands of pumps (Minimed, Disetronic, and now Animas). I like the Animas because it is waterproof. That, to me, is a top criteria. My body is waterproof; so should my pump be waterproof.

Thanks to MissFrizzly for the above shout out.

Like her, I didn't like that Medtronic used proprietary reservoirs/infusion sets, and I went from the 508 direct to the Ping in part because I could use the same Silhouette infusion sets I've used all along. For the reservoirs I had left over from the 508, I was able to donate them to InsulinPumpers.org.

I've been really happy with the Ping, particularly because I was already using One Touch strips and I knew the meter well. I haven't used the software to download either the Ping or the Dexcom data, though, in part because the endo I see (the same as yours) prefers handwritten logs, so I've just stuck with those whenever I need to see her.

Good luck with the decision.

Thanks to MissFrizzly for the above shout out.

Like her, I didn't like that Medtronic used proprietary reservoirs/infusion sets, and I went from the 508 direct to the Ping in part because I could use the same Silhouette infusion sets I've used all along. For the reservoirs I had left over from the 508, I was able to donate them to InsulinPumpers.org.

I've been really happy with the Ping, particularly because I was already using One Touch strips and I knew the meter well. I haven't used the software to download either the Ping or the Dexcom data, though, in part because the endo I see (the same as yours) prefers handwritten logs, so I've just stuck with those whenever I need to see her.

Good luck with the decision.

Forgot to mention that I read a review of the Ping on Close Concern that pretty much made the decision for me. Check the archives to find it.

Wow, all of the comments are so interesting. I love hearing about which pumps people love and why. I agree, remote bolusing would be a wonderful feature.

Since I still have over two years until my MiniMed warranty runs out, I haven't thought much about changing pumps. I did get samples of the OmniPod and Solo to try - just to see what I think about them. Since the MiniMed CGM works really well for me, I've been happy with my pump. But when the time comes for a new one, you can bet I'll be looking around and weighing my options. Here's hoping there are some new, neat features in the next 2 years!

I started pumping with an Omnipod in early 2007, after 37 years of MDI. Loved it. I went with the pod because it was tubeless and the whole tethering thing, like others here was not for me.
It was a good transition for me, I could just concentrate on figuring out ratios and such and it was reasonably invisible.

I lasted about 9 months and then developed rashes from the contact sites. First we thought it was allergic reactions to the adhesive but I now believe it was a bit of that plus just the overall weight and stress on my skin.

So I switched to an Animas 2020 the beginning of 2008. I had the dosing and such down pat from the previous pump, so now I was not as intimidated with the tubing and the rest of the procedures that go along with a tethered pump. Plus since the infusion sets are much smaller than the Pod I have more spots I can put them that would not have worked with the Pod.

Heard about the Ping and decided to upgrade out of pocket. Since I hadn't even had the 2020 a year, the upgrade was very cheap. Love the Ping. It's a good cross between the Pod and the 2020.

I used to keep the 2020 clipped to my belt but now with the Ping it stays in a pocket so it's pretty much as invisible as the Pod was.

The color screen on the Ping and it being water proof are other good points that sold me on it.

Support on all the pumps I've had has been very good too. Each has their own issues, but I feel much more comfortable with the Animas pumps than I did with the Pod.

Good luck in your decision.

Most things have been said... but I also have an Animas One Touch Ping. Had the Animas IR1250 before that --- love Animas! NO problems with customer support in 4 years with the company. Fav. feature of the remote meter -- I can now wear tights with a dress, stuff the pump down the tights and not have to fish it out. Previously, I would wear the thigh thing which is great, but it really only works with bare legs. Waterproof-ness is key, too.

Reading all of your experiences and seemingly great knowledge of these different pumps makes me feel like I've been gipped. I have a Nipro Amigo. I got it because when I went to the endo for my first pump a sales rep was there, and I was more concerned about the emotional toll of wearing the device rather than all the snazzy features. I'm not complaining, I've learned to get along great with the Amigo (it is really my friend now) and it's designed for active kids (I'm 30) so all my clutzy dropping has not harmed it a bit. Customer service is also wonderful - I had one flip out on me, on a Saturday, at 10:00pm, and had a replacement within a day.

But I have not seen a single other person on any of the many D-related sites who has or has mentioned anything about the Amigo. So I guess that's where the gipped feeling comes in. Anyone here used/know someone who uses/heard of this device?

Anyway, thank you for starting this topic and giving me more to read up on and many more types of devices to research. When I'm able to up-grade I will do so with a full book of knowledge!

I've just started pumping with an Omnipod (still on saline, that's how new I am). I ultimately chose the Omnipod for the wireless\tubeless features. Insulet is also quietly saying that they will integrate with the Dexcom in 2010. I'm getting a 7+ soon, and that was a future upgrade that tipped the balance towards the Pod. I'm also betting that a future generation pod will have some of the announced features of the Solo. It just makes evolutionary sense.

FYI - the current Omnipod pod and demo Solo pod are practically the same size and weight. Just got both yesterday, and was surprised. The Solo seemed smaller until I compared them side-by-side.

I had to make this decision back in March...and decided to stay with MM, for now. Although when DexCom and Animas do integrate I will very seriously be considering switching.

The things that made me stay with MM:
1. The ease of use when giving a bolus. Animas involves quite a few more button pushes and is slower.

2. This one was the BIG issue - Animas subtracts active insulin from insulin for carbs!

For example, If I had 1.0u IOB, BG 100, eating 25 carbs, it would subtract from that carb dose!
Sort of, just in case I go low, well what if I just ate and was still rising?
I mean, the subtracting is great if I'm low (MM) but I don't want that when I'm just eating a little to close together!
And then to go back and change it - ugh WAY too many steps for me.

While I LOVED the idea of the meter/pump control combo it wasnt worth the time it would take to bolus...and the double checking re the IOB.

I started pumping about four months ago so I know all about the whole pump company compare & contrast, pro & con decision making process. Ultimately, I decided on Animas and am so happy that I did. Why?

1. Amazing customer service. I had been told that nearly everyone who works for Animas Canada has diabetes themselves or has a family member with type 1 (the first Animas sales rep I met with had two daughters with diabetes). I really like that about the Canuck division of the company...seems to give them a more personal perspective.

2. Small dosages! I am very sensitive to insulin at certain times of the day and the teeny tiny dosages I can give with my 2020 are perfect! So many fewer lows than on MDI...love it.

3. It may sound vain but I like the look of Animas pumps more than any of the other companies. They just seem...well...hipper. My pump is nice to hold. It's pretty to look at. And, considering it's attached to me all the time, those factors are pretty gosh-darn important. Plus, the Animas pumps come in totally awesome colours (I'm a green gal myself).

4. Guaranteed water proof. While I'm not a swimmer, I like that I won't have to worry about my pump if I happen to tip over in a canoe or fall in the ocean or find myself without shelter in the middle of a torrential downpour. There's something comforting there.

I've got many more reasons for lovin' my 2020 but these are the few brand-specific points that came to the top of my head. Good luck with your decision!

I was on minimed for 8 years, and saw almost no improvements in their offerings. The hard to read screen looks like computer technology from the 1960s, and is very difficult to read. The device seemed to go out of its way NOT to be used friendly. I switched to Omnipod a couple months ago. Here is a company that is really trying to make life simpler and more manageable. What a refreshing change to see screens that are legible---instructions that are very user friendly----and historic information that is so useable and helpful . Yes the device is larger than I would like---but all that tubing is gone. The Solo looks nicer on paper---but the sample they sent was not really much smaller, and I have not seen where they have the blood glucose meter in their PDA pump control. That is a big advantage to Omnipod---and other brands ( i think Animas Ping also has this ). So ---good luck ---with whatever you do. Mark

Wow this is an education. My 2 cents: My first pump was a Minimed, then I switched to Animas. I have been on the 1250 for 4 years. It's a virtual dinosaur and as I'm on the cusp of warranty expiration I'm ready for upgrade to the Ping. And just as my rep is readying me for that upgrade I hear about Solo. I've just requested a demo (and posted it to FB!) and can't wait to hear more people's reactions to it. The Omni always turned me off because it's bulky...this seems slimmer, but we'll see.

Meanwhile, Animas has been good to me. I find it easy to use and my A1c runs between 6.2 and 6.7. I guess Solo isn't actually being sold yet? Either way I'm excited about getting my new Ping.

Looking forward to reading more posts from more pumpers...

GO FOR THE PODS!! I was a loyal Minimed user, but when my son pulled out ANOTHER infusion set, I decided enough was enough. I have had it for a month and have had no regrets. I have extra pumps and supplies at work and home in case something happens, and carry an extra when I'm going to be out for a long time. I've had a few failures, but only because I am trying new sites. I have to go cuddle my 18 month old, but I love it and it's changed the way I look at getting dressed in the morning. I actually look forward to wearing skirts and dresses!

Nothing to add, really. I'm on MM now but am planning on switching to Animas next year when my warranty is up and if/when the new Ping can talk to my Dex. Plus, I think all of comments about MM being more old-school and the Animas being more up to date are true.

I have given a little thought to the "closet full" of supplies, though. There's definitely some comfort there - if something tragic were to happen to my insurance I'd have several months of supplies and I'll be a little sad to give that up.

I used MM 722 with CGM for past 6 months only because that is what my insurance would pay for. I am not familiar with other pumps; however, as you said customer service with mm is great and very willing to meet your needs. Hope everything works out for you. I love reading your blog. It not only keeps me informed but also make me laugh when I need to.

I so am with you. I am upgrading to something other than a Medtronic pump when mine dies. Here is my most recent experience with them:

As for your current stash of supplies, I'd say: keep using the Medtronic until you totally use up all your supplies and then start on the new one.

So weird that you posted this today because I had my "10,000-mile check-up" today (as my endo calls it). He is also a T1 diabetic and we started talking about the fact that it's about time for my 4-year upgrade. Both he and his nurse have switched to Animas. I talked to them for a looooong time today and one thing is swaying me in the Animas direction...being able to control the pump via the monitor. I love that because I keep my pump in my bra and I have a tendency to just dig it out in public without a second thought. I think that the Animas would bring back a little modesty to my life. :) Hey, btw, my blogsite has changed if you wanna change it on your blogroll.

I switched to the OmniPod about a month ago after using the MM for 4 years. Kerri, it is the single best decision I made since I started pumping. I wish I picked OmniPod when I got my first pump. Why do I love it so much?

-No tubing! I have a very active 10 month old daughter and once you have your baby, you'll understand when I say that tubing is very inconvenient. She would pull on my tubing with enough force to yank the infusion set out of my body in the middle of the night. No fun. And she would get tangled up in it while nursing. Try dealing with that at 3:30 am while half asleep and see what I mean.
-Dresses and skirts are fun to wear again. I don't want to sound vain, but after buying clothes based on where I would put my pump I can now buy whatever I want!!
-I can wear the pump more places than my MM. I am a very petite person and have found that the pods have more places I can stick them than the Silhouettes. I never thought to try my arm before (still haven't, just waiting for colder weather) and I couldn't reach some of the spots on my lower back that I can get with the pod. Some people have complained about the pod being too heavy, I haven't experienced this at all. Honestly, I can barely tell that it's there. Also, I heard while down at ADA earlier this year that new pods will be coming out soon that are 40% smaller than the current ones.
-Smaller insulin doses. I don't take much insulin, and this has helped me stay within range much better.
-Changing the pods are super easy. Much easier than the MM. The prompts that you go through on the PDM are very easy to understand, and I don't have to stab myself with a large needle. It does it for me!

As far as leaving the PDM goes... it's also my meter, so if you've ever had problems leaving your meter behind, then you may have problems leaving your PDM. I put it in my meter case, and I know it's always there. I don't think that you'd have a problem remembering it.

Sorry to ramble on, but I think that the Pod is the best thing since tasty, low-carb ice cream! Good luck in choosing your new pump!

Loving this discussion. My 9 y.o. has just decided she wants the pump (after attending diabetes camp and seeing everyone else with them.)
I know you'll keep up posted. Thanks in advance.

My daughter has been on the Omnipod for almost 2 years. She is 10 years old and has had no problem keeping up with the PDM...a total non-issue. I had the same concern starting out but just wanted you to know that those concerns proved to be unfounded. Best of luck in your search!!

My ten year old daughter has been recently diagnosed and just started pumping 3 weeks ago using the Ping. We couldn't be happier with it! The remote is playing a much larger role than I ever figured it would be, it's just easier to use than unhooking the pump all the time. I spent a lot of time researching our options and Hannah and I made our decision based on it being water proof, dosage capabilities, remote range (10feet!)backlit screen and reputation of customer support. We're currently using the inset 30's and are going to look at a few more options as she's having a hard time staring down that needle.

I've been using MM pumps for 9+ years and have never had any problems with the equipment or the customer service. However, since my warranty was up about 2 weeks ago, I'm looking at the other options just to cover my bases... Thanks for the Solo info!

I wore an OmniPod for 1 day last summer, and really disliked it. It was very uncomfortable, probably because of its girth- although I was told by a rep friend that they're in the process of shrinking- but it was also partly that it was on my arm, where I'd never worn my sets before, so it may not have been a fair trial.

I'm talking to someone at Animas to see what the benefits of switching would be. I want a CGM in a bad way, so that's a big factor in the decision too, because I'm not crazy about having to wear a second device.

Just FYI, I have personal experience with a MM Paradigm pump that spent a full week at the bottom of a lake (diabetes summer camp!) and was wailing like a banshee when it was pulled out, still fully functioning. I'm pretty confident that splashing my pump isn't going to cause me problems!

Hi Kerri. I recently switched from the MM to the Animas One Touch Ping, and am very pleased with my decision. Animas Customer Service is top-notch, and the Ping pump has so many convenient features--from CalorieKing customization, to included software, pump belt case, pump software cables, etc. Everything arrives in an organized and appealing manner. The big convenience is being able to control the pump with the meter.

I do think the technology behind the Solo, however, is a path that Animas and MM will have to follow at some point. Tubeless is definitely the way of the future, and my endocrinologist at a major hospital in Boston sees current advances in closed-loop technology as a very safe, reliable, and efficient "next step" in the progression towards a cure for type 1 diabetes.

Best wishes with your decision. I am confident that you will make the right choice for yourself.

And regardless, you have an ever-growing group of supporters who have your back and are so grateful for everything you are and represent.

i heart my omnipod. i really do. no "klutzy" tubing, discreet (if you want it to be), less expensive, less debris (big time: i can change my pod with just a new pod, a couple of alcohol swabs, and my insulin), and absolutely lovely peeps who work for insulet. lovely.

I m SugarDoctor from Mumbai, I have 290 patients on insulin pump mostly on Minimed 508, accucheck spirit, DANA and few on paradigm. As a pumpologist I liked the most pump which shows the BASAL rate on stand by mode. Many patients on Minimed and Dana and others dont know what is the rate.
What is your opinion?

I went from a 508 to a deltec cozmo pump to a animas ping. I have to say I loved my deltec cozmo pump and told animas they got me kicking screaming and fighting. I wanted another Cozmo in the worst way. I have to say the ping did convert me after awhile. I found that people complaining about the lack of a back button. Tip on the Animas. If you are using the remote control you do have a back button.
I personally have major issues with Medtronic, based not on a insulin pump. I would love a 300 unit reservoir for a my pump but function with the 200 unit reservoir. I think this is a very personal decision and you need to go with what works for you. NOT what works for your doctor. I laugh because endo mentioned to me when I whined about 200 unit reservoir that the minimed had 300. After telling her my story of WHY they lost me as a customer she understood why i function with a 200 unit reservoir. Good luck with your pump hunt.

Hi Kerri,

I've been a Type 1 for almost three years, 30 years old, so I'm not the seasoned expert yet, but I do have a pump.

I have the Animas/OneTouch Ping.

Pros: Waterproof, nice and small, infusion sets are great I think (I use the Unomedical straight set), meter-remote is great too with its bolus capabilities and calorie king database (I happen to have lost mine though, it was pick pocketed from me in Rome, Italy, but it's not a big deal for me, I'll replace it soon in the future - $200 to replace), big bright color screen, can use Lithium AA batteries which last a long time, small precision dosing

Cons: only takes 200 unit reservoirs (which may be a plus for you) but it means I run out faster than I should sometimes, meter remote can't do basal changes, Insulin-on-board isn't on the front screen of the pump, which means you have to hunt for it (big annoyance here), calorie king database is clunky and a bit strange to use and it's not included on the pump like it was with the 2020, the battery runs down a LOT quicker the more you use the meter-remote to bolus.

I hope this is helpful to you.

We are in the process of getting a pump for our five-year-old. What has been frustrating is that you can't "try before you buy" and every pump educator and nurse I talk to says that each pump has its pluses.

Ultimately we have decided to go with the OmniPod. I think that since she's so young, it will be nice that she doesn't have to see the insertion and the lack of tubing is a plus.

She wore a sample pod for a few days. Even wore it to Hip Hop class and two swim lessons. When she awoke one morning she said she had completely forgotten about it overnight.

I just wish that when choosing a pump we weren't locked in for four or five years.

At the end of September we'll have a week of the pod with saline. I hope she's not too freaked out by pumping because it's difficult for a five-year-old to understand the benefits.

Though being able to eat at any time should be incentive enough for her.

I've been podding for a year and a half and I love the OmniPod. I like that there is no tubing and I also like that it's virtually invisible. Sometimes I forget where I have mine. If you are taking a meter with you anyway, you have no reason to not remember the PDM because it has a Freestyle meter integrated with it. I love the control I have and the fact that I do not have to see the needle! Good luck in making a choice! I just ordered my Solo sample and am very excited to try it out!

I was on a Cozmo for 3 and a half years, and have been on the Ping for about six months.

The Cozmo was great, but the Ping is fantastic. The biggest, brightest, easiest to read screen (important for me, since my eyesight is poor).

The remote bolus capability, AND the ability to see at a glance, how your BG's are behaving, via the built in meter software are the most important features to me. It used to be that I had to sit at the PC and run clunky software to graph my readings, and see how my BG levels were by meal, or day. Now, you can do all this from the Ping meter.

Yes, Animas also gives you the ability to do more reports using their EX Manager software (free), and you can upload and download your pump programming too. (You can also program the pump using the pump itself.)

Animas/Dexcom combo 2010 - 'nuff said

Hi Kerry, I thought I would throw in my 2 cents. I am a Cozmo user, but am planning to switch to the Animas. I decided on the Ping over the omnipod for 2 reasons:
1 - personal comfort: Wearing what looks like half an egg doesn't look too comfortable to me, particularly since I rotate sites, and one of my preferred sights in on my rear. Maybe a current 'pod user can address this?
2 - This is a bit technical, but the real decider for me was the fact that the Ping will factor in your meal boluses to your IOB (Insulin On Board) when recommending boluses. This helps reduce the risk of "insulin stacking" and resultant hypoglycemia. Since, as I recall, you have had some issues with hypo unawareness in the past, this may be worth checking into. I don't believe that the MM or the 'pod do this.
I'm going to be sad to loose the Cozmo, 'though. It does some some stuff that none of the others do: e.g. BG reminders after having a low & basil testing.

Because you don't have NEARLY enough comments on this post already, I'll add one too. :-p

For infusion sets, I use the quickset, but order the one that comes with a standard luer lock connection. That might give you an option to stay on your preferred set even with a change to a different pump.

The solo is definitely cool, but I wouldn't hold out for it. Unless J&J or someone else for that matter buys it, it will take some time for it to grow. As you mentioned, customer support is a huge thing when you have diabetes and I don't think they will have that for some time.

Animas - I've talked to a lot of people on every different kind of pump and it is interesting how rarely they use some of those features you listed. I suck at carb counting, but would trust carb counting than some of the info in there.

Sensor integration is definitely a big thing (ie deltec), but I hear that the timeline has slipped again for the dexcom integration with animas. I also assume you have tried the MMed remote, arcane, but small, simple, and gets the job done.

I personally hate the omnipod. It was the first time I actually felt "attached" to something. For anyone else that thinks a tubed pump brings that feeling, i was right there with you, but with diabetes, you are always attached.

My advice is to hold out as long as you can unless your insurance is about to change for the worse. As you noted MMed hasn't come out with anything recently, and other than the ping, what kind of updates has Animas come out with. My other question is upgradeability to the sensor integrated pump? Is it a free upgrade, or will you have to pathway of some sort? How much will that be? Will that be a completely different pump?

I of course don't mean to offend you in any way, and I love the dialogue you have created, but is this all a ploy? You do get free dexcom stuff, could this all be show and you are going to be backed by Animas?

I'm not a betting man, but I have my money on Medtronic. While I don't know what they are working on, I know they are working on something big. They could release something tomorrow, they could do it in a year, there might be one more small update - as you pointed out from the 512 to your 522 now, one last paradigm - could they kill that thing already? But they know they need to step into the 21st century, and I can't wait for that (or a more comfortable sensor!).

Hey "God," thanks for your comments. And I appreciate the fact that you feel comfortable enough to actually ask what you're thinking. (Wish you'd use your real name, though! I'm pretty sure you aren't "God.")

As far as your opinions, I'm weighing them just as I've weighed other's opinions. But I agree with some of them. (Especially the part about the sliding integration timelines. V. frustrating.)

And as far as being backed by different companies, I don't do "ploys" with my readers. But I do embrace companies that can improve my diabetes health and my financial health. I wanted - needed? - to use a Dexcom and couldn't afford it. Now I can use it, my diabetes control benefits, and I'm not breaking the bank for it. If a similar opportunity came up with a different company, or employer, or organization, I would entertain it. And I'd be honest with my readers either way. But I'm not in a financial position to decline offers that can help me out diabetes-wise, so while that kind of outs me as a little frugal, it still has me as honest. And until I'm able to make money from writing my blog, I need to do what's best for me and my family. ... unless you have a few thousand you can throw me a year. I'm all ears, God.

I hope that answers your questions. Say hi to St. Peter for me. ;)

Using the pod for over a year. Love the no tubing and customer service is just fantastic. The remote is also the meter and it is very easy to use. Once you try it, you may find that you don't even notice it! The solo pump looks good too! Good luck with your choice!

I feel your pain. I made the (scary) switch from an 8 year relationship with MM pumps. It was the only brand I had ever known. I, too, felt like they were slow to update their products and I, too, wanted to use a different brand of CGM.

I went back and forth for three months between choosing the Cozmo, Pod, and Animas, each time calling my CDE and saying "I've changed my mind again" - even after ordering the Cozmo. 9 months in to wearing a Cozmo though (and liking it), I jumped ship when they bailed on the market. Had to go through the whole choice factor again.

I went with the Omnipod and love it. I can't believe how quickly I adjusted to the lack of a tube which had been familiar to me since Y2K. It's a good system with very few faults and it and Animas will both be friendly to your Dexcom in the near future.

Whatever you decide, I recommend giving the Pod at least two trial wears before your final decision. And whatever you decide, it will be the right choice for you. You're opinionated and have pumped long enough to know what you're looking for.

I recently went through this whole decision making process and if you haven't made a decision yet, have a few extra points to add to the discussion. I am recently diagnosed and a scientist at that, so someone tells me I have a disease and its on. I looked and read up on just about every pump option out there. The omnipod demo I tried really was a bit bulky and got heavy when carrying insulin. I still considered it, but backed off when I read up on other blogs that about 40% of pods were having to be replaced. Good idea, but they're still working out kinks and I have enough personal kinks to contend with. The MM was next and it definitely was a contender with the CGM; however, their CGM didn't necessarily get the best reviews. On the plus side, some people prefer the larger reservoir available with MM over the Animas. In the end, I did choose the Ping. My doses are still a bit low so the 200u is fine for me. The pumps accuracy (to the 100th suits my OCD wonderfully). The ability to wear it in the water for swimming has been a major plus. It is relatively small and discreet. I have a calf belt to wear under pants and thigh belt to wear under dresses and no one is the wiser. The full color, bright screen is absolutely awesome, especially when you're fumbling around with it at 2am. All said and done the absolute best thing is the meter remote. The convenience of dosing from the remote (under the table at a restaurant if I choose) is unparalleled. Furthermore, I also use the Dexcom and they work pretty well together. Since, Animas still insists that they will be releasing a CGMS/Pump combination by year end-ish, this should work out well. Things I'd like to see: I would like to be able to give little basal boluses without it turning into "insulin-on-board". I don't always need to set a temp, but sometimes could use a boost. I'd like for the remote to allow you to review and change basal functions which it doesn't do. For now, those are the only two items on my wish list. I'm sure that will grow. Hope this helps!

I know this is an old post but add me as another happy Ping user.I'm a type 1 diagonised at 9yo with 39 years under my belt now.I've had my ping for a month and already my first A1C is 5.8.Where is everyone finding the pump belts?

I have been a pumper for 3 years and change. Considered MiniMed. They were slow to respond to any calls and simulated Tech Support calls during unusual hours were never answered. Tried out a Paradigm and an Animas IR 1250 and went Animas. Had many a no prime through the era and on my 14th. replacement got a call back from Pump Support saying the 1250 was discontinued and I would be upgraded to a 2020. After 3 months no issues with it and it's a nicer pump. Many allergies so need Luer Lock infusion sets. Next year is replacement time in the summer and I will be upgrading to a shiny, new Ping and pumping on!

I know I'm about a year late on this but I also looked into the Solo. It looks amazingly tiny and convenient. I've been on the hunt for a new pump since my Cozmo will be obsolete soon :/

I have been using the M/M 522 for 6.5 years now. I am looking for a new and improved pump with features that the "Solo", "Medtronic's Patch" and the "Dexcom-Insulet Omnipad" are coming out with.
Things that I am looking for are: More options where I can wear the pump.
To have the option to bolus with a remote. Smaller pump than all pumps currently on the market. Water proof pump. CalorieKing customization. Easier and better infussion set than the Quick-set. Wireless like the Omnipod.
I remember that 6 years ago, when I first chose my M/M 522, there use to be a website that compared the most popular pumps.
Does any one knows of such a comparison chart that includes the Solo Micropump, Insulet Omnipad, Patch pump and the Animas Ping?????
I will run out of supplies in 6 months or so and I am ready to change Insulin Pump. There has not been a big improvements in Insulin Pumps in about 7 years now. The FDA should take priority and speed up the release of all this new technology!

what was the final verdict on your fave pump?
I'm debating... need help

These are some wonderful comments. This blog really feels like everyone is in a community, yay for great forums! Love leaning on one another and bouncing ideas off each other. Since many folks are using insulin pumps, what triggered the switch from injections to the pump?

Looks like I made a good decision for my first pump. The Ping which I am very ha0y with for all of the reasons listed here. Dexcom G4 was my choice for cgm..As stated Animas has great customer service...Dexcom not so much. MULTIPLE failed sensors one failed receiver and now one undetermined system failure and the last peson I spoke with told me I was probably a person who was incompatible with their platinum sensor!...It has been a constant three week blame game with Dexcom...and I was so excited about the cgm and future integration with the ping...I will post again when Dexcom resolves this.

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