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First Things First: Buried.

Last week, Chris and I were in Barcelona to visit the set of his feature film, "Buried."  This trip was huge:  it included our first flights to Europe, first trip to Barcelona, and my first time on a real movie set. 

And it was beyond cool.  It was so inspiring to see my husband, who has worked tirelessly to move his career forward, be greeted by almost every member of the crew as, "Chris!  So glad you're here!  We love your script.  It is incredible."  People were asking him to autograph the script and when we went to dinner with the crew that night, it made me so proud to hear people talking about what a truly unique script Chris had written.  (Granted, there was that one brief moment when we were meeting Ryan and I wasn't sure if Ryan was going to shake Chris's hand or punch him in the face for putting him in the coffin.  Thankfully, it was the former.  Also thankfully, Ryan was very nice and down-to-earth.) 

The whole thing was surreal.  And I was definitely a proud Sparling.

But enough gushing.  I was trying to look professional, damnit. 

This is where I become sort of a Fangirl.  But that's okay.
An insulin pump on the set of Buried.

Ahem.  Moving on.

I wish I could post the pictures we took of the set and of the actual production, but it's in the best interests of the film for me to keep them under wraps for now.  I mean, even PopSugar is stalking Ryan on this, and I don't want to do anything that could possibly give away too much too early. 

But I can post this picture:

Kerri, Rodrigo, Ryan, and Chris
Director Rodrigo Cortes, actor Ryan Reynolds, and writer/husband Chris Sparling.  Oh, and me.

This experience was really amazing and I'm proud to have been a part of it.  More on Barcelona tomorrow - with La Rambla and Sagrada Familia and the epic low blood sugars that chased us around the city - once I load up the 14,350 photos we snapped!


Glad to hear you guys had a wonderful time! I often wonder about meeting actors in the 'public'.

BTW, yesterday's dLife episode was really good. I received great feedback from family and friends. :)

Awesomeness Kerri.
Over 14k pics? Wow. Don't blame you tho. ;-)

Welcome back.

Kerri, how cool for you and Chris. A movie set is a magical thing! Can't wait to hear more about your trip and to see all the pictures.

It sounds like it was amazing. Glad you got to go, and definitely looking forward to more inside info and pictures once it's OK to share them. Also, I'm glad you survived all that air travel :)

Oh, and lest I forget to mention... Ryan is so dreamy!!

How exciting!!! I can't even imagine how proud you must have been of Chris! :) I'm so thrilled for him.

14,000? Your ISP will hate you for that one.

Welcome back.

I am SO excited for you guys and can't wait to see your pics. All 14,350 of them! haha! Glad you had a great time!

Welcome back and OMG!! What an amazing experience! Congratulations to you both.

So glad you made it to Sagrada Familia. Can't wait to see pictures!

Did you steal a small kiss from Ryan? Touch him inappropriately? Anything??!!! I'm so jealous!!!

Ryan is so hot! :P
How cool for you guys! And how proud you must be of Chris. I'm glad you got to go and experience that. I can wait to see more pictures of Spain. :)

I gotta ask. How can you possibly take 14,000 photos on a one-week vacation? Good lord, that's a lot of photos.

Glad you had a good time, Kerri.

I think it's awesome that you believe it could be possible that I'd take over 14K photos. Do I seem that shutter-happy? :)

Fret not, Internet providers. I only took about 450 pictures. Scout's honor.

This is so cool! I cannot wait to see the movie. Ryan Reynolds is so cute, I hope he's not stuck in the coffin the whole time...

What an amazing experience!!! And Ryan looks really hot! I loved The proposal.

I am sure...your husband is a very talented writer.

WOOOOWWWWWW. That is sooo awesome. What an incredible experience!

Ryan Freakin Reynolds - OMG - you did kiss him didnt you? i mean i know you are married and all, but he is Ryan Reynolds.

cool stuff happening in your life...

neat!! haha I havent seen these pics before. o_O

lmao i would take alot of pics of Ryan Reynolds too!! He is my fav actor and he is going to be Deadpool!! He is sooo awesome!

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