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How Did This Happen AGAIN?

I have no idea how this happened.


This isn't normal.  

How have I stumbled upon this same scene more than once?  How is that even possible??  The first time was totally random.  But twice?  TWICE, in one lifetime?  Twice, this happens?

Twice, I see a giant stuffed bear buckled into a carseat in a parking lot?

ANOTHER one?  Dear lord.

At least this one was taking a nap, instead of wearing a necktie and sunglasses. 

If this happens a third time, I might die laughing on the spot.


I would say this a sign. Either that or can you use children for the passenger requirements for the commuter lanes on the highways? :)

Kerri, you just have the wind at your back today. I consider it an omen of unlimited potential. :)

Oh wow I wonder why this bear was in that car ? is this someone you know or does this car just keep showing up or does the bear just keep showing up ? that is weird is all I can say .LOL !!!


At least he didn't turn his head to you and say, "Hello, Kerri. We meet again."

That could have been unsettling.

When my daughter was three or four, she used to sometimes bring a stuffed animal with her in the car on the way to daycare. Since toys from home are not allowed at daycare, she always had to leave the toy in the car when we got there -- and she usually insisted that I put them in the seat and buckle them in before we could go inside, so she'd know they'd be "safe" riding around with me.

That's how it happens. Or at least, that's one way that it happens. ;-)

That is unBEARably funny.

Wait Wait Delaney has a giant Penguin. I'm taken it for rides in the Mini!

How warm was it, and was the window open? Otherwise that's just cruelty to bears.

At least you didn't apparently miss a large dancing milkshake get stuck in a doorway, which I'm told I did today.

How warm was it, and was the window open? Otherwise that's just cruelty to bears, surely?

At least you didn't miss a large dancing milkshake get stuck in a doorway as I'm told I did this week...

I think people do it to prevent that beeping sound the car makes because you haven't buckled up.

I have read that people leave a stuffed bear in an infant seat as a reminder to get a sleeping baby out of the car. If the baby is in the car seat, and the bear is in the front seat it is a reminder not to leave your sleeping baby. When the baby is not in the car, people but the bear back in the car seat. I have read horrible stories about parents forgetting to drop their babies off at daycare, and leaving the sleeping baby in their car while they go to work. If the bear is in the front seat and you forget to bring the baby to daycare, you get to work and see the bear and remember the sleeping baby is in the backseat. Apparently, since babies now sit rear facing for their first year, it happens more often than when they were forward facing. So very sad...

Ha Ha Kerri. Are you sure you weren't low?

That bear is just messing with you. It also dresses up in black tie and top hat. It's just asking for attention and you are encouraging it by posting its picture on your website. I understand he's harmless but a little delusional.

(I'm kidding, incase you didn't cotton on to the fact I'm making fun). But still, the bear is messing with you and laughing at the same time -even when it's pretending to be asleep!

Must be hard to bear.

We would have to buckle up my daughter's doll because she wanted her baby to be safe like her in the car. Plus it looks funny to people walking by! (OOPS!)

funny stuff.
Norm on 1310 The Ticket in Dallas, TX!
Andy The Panda!
For the HOV lane.
it is big in Dallas.

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