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Purse-Diving and Googly Eyes.

It's been aaaaaaages since I recorded a vlog post, even though I've had my Flip camera stashed in my travel bags over the last few months.  But I couldn't think of what to vlog about and quite frankly, I didn't know if I had the patience to sit and edit a video. 

Thankfully, Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment inspired me to go purse-diving and see what's hiding in the depths of my massive shoulder bag.  And while I have plenty of loose change, test strips, and gum wrappers in there, I did uncover a few oddities:

So the gauntlet has been thrown down:  Are you willing to show the crap you're carrying around in your purse/man-bag/satchel?  And are you willing to Photoshop googly eyes onto things?  My mind, she is an inquiring one!


:::clapping::: Ha ha ha!

Lint roller = no judging. Darn cat hair. Sigh.

Thanks for that, you are too funny.

Hmmm, I'm over-due for a vlog. Yeah, I could go through my purse. It's on. I don't think it will be as entertaining as yours or LeeAnn's though. But we'll see!! I'll do it tomorrow - and I promise not to pre-clean my pocketbook tonight!!

Omg I just picked myself up off the floor due to the cat with the googly eyes LOL!!! also a lint roller ? untill today I never thought about carrying one of those in my purse . wow you do have alot in your purse dont you and I do too . My husband wonders why I buy such big purses . Hopefully he has finally figured it out .

How about all those used test strips I always find at the bottom of my bag? I figure I can leave a test strip trail for the police just in case.

Hmm. I carry different things (bags and contents) depending on where I'm going and for how long.

When I was in Texas several weeks ago, I spent a few days with a friend who has cats. While I don't even own a lint roller at home, don't you know I quickly found myself at Target arming myself with one.

...and, LOL, googly eyes! Seriously, how dumb would you feel to be out and realize you really needed some, but then didn't have them??

I am in. The dudely, man tote is about to be broken into.

How the heck did you clean the glue out of Siah's eyes?? :)

OK, I just did a video with the diabetic stuff I carry. I didn't show my big purse though, darn it! So here is a link to my video featuring my mini purse that fits in my huge purse - http://www.1happydiabetic.com/apps/videos/videos/view/4471983-tip-of-the-day-amp-some-dancing-

I did a post a while back with my purse du jour here. When I'm out of town my bag gains weight with added food, syringes, Skittles and OTC meds/extras for whatever trip I'm on. My shoulder has a permanent dent in it!

You know, the world would be a better place if there were more googly eyes ;-)

People ask me all the time when we're out eating if I'm going to shave at lunch/breakfast/dinner when I bring my bag to the table. After explaining why I have the bag for my supplies etc. the humor pretty much ends there, but I may need to add some levity to the situation for the next person who asks me about shaving and pull out a razor just for grins.

And y'know, you don't even have kids yet... :) I've discovered since having a preschool boy, my purse/bag not only holds the requisite big D-related supplies, but on any given day: a Superman wallet, a Lego car, Sunday School papers, a "burning bush" necklace (also from Sunday School), crayons, half-eaten granola bars, pint-size swim trunks (and sand) and/or rocks. It's a bit of a jungle in there.

hehe Lint roller's! i live in a house with 3 cats so we have a lot around,my sister is the worst for leaving them everywhere. one in the car, one in her room, one in her bag and probably another 3 under things in her room.

we love our cats, just not the fur on our clothing.

I don't think I want anyone to see how many used syringes there are in my purse. It's really embarrassing when I go through security checks.

Tide pen! Thanks to you, I have one of those in my purse too! Just discovered today that we finally have an equivalent "Ariel Pen" here in the UK. Good job, as the Tide one is almost empty. What can I say? I can be extremely messy!

I did a post about this recently too! Not a vlog and no googly eyes but equally I found I should be fully equipped for any diabetes emergencies!!


Googly eyes. I'm glad I can use WTF instead of the words. LMAO! Guess you have pleanty of options on looking around, or getting a difernt look at things that way.

I wish you well


Oh dear. You are good. I had four babies and ten years later, I refuse to carry anything that comes close to resembling a diaper bag. :D Then again, I never go anywhere for more than a few hours. So, my supplies do me well right where they are below the bathroom sink. It wasn't alway that way, though. You're a smart woman.

Question: What do you prefer about the glucose tablets compared to...well, almost any other food out there? I keep a Fit and Active breakfast bar in my itty-bitty purse. I like that there's a little more to it. :) [just curious, of course. I realize everyone is different.]

Great Vlog. Thanks for sharing yourself with the world.

I should look into one of these things you call a "lint roller"

If I click play right now, all of my kids will wake up and then I'll hate to hate you for waking all my kids up :), so I'll save it for later but yeah...I did this once on my blog and I was actually embarrased by the LACK of stuff in my bag. I had enough Cheetos to feed a 3rd world country, but not so much as a tampon for me.

I agree with the previous poster who said that post babies I refuse to carry anything that large! I have an open top coach tote - the smaller size, and it has my wallet, my coupon folder, my phone, a small tube of glucs (I have about 10 LARGE jugs at home, I just refill the small tube for Ian, depending on what flavor mood he's in) tissues, hand sanitizer spray, gum, gum wrappers and visine. When Ian's with me, his "out" bag comes but as long as I turn my wallet sideways I can fit it in. lol. I travel light.

What I really want to know is how women in the 80's and 90's (think back to the ultra small purse days) carried everything they needed????? I think we're all lucky that purse sizes are getting bigger and bigger.

Kerri, Just imagine, if you pulled out a lizard just like the vlog on butter compartment. What would your kitty do or say? Your kitty would say "Get the heck out of here! This is not a GEICO commercial." Great Job on this vlog.

Question???? Does anyone really like those black "special diabetic" organizers? My opinion is they are seriously UGLY. The more stuff you have to carry the bigger and more uglier they are.

I keep my supplies in a cute little makeup case that I purchased from Target. It is OK for now or until I am on the pump. It is full of pen caps and tips, used alcohol pads, wrappers, lantus, humalog with back up, candy, money, blood stains on the side of the bag from throwing the used test strips in the bag.

On a prior blog that I read somewhere the questions was "What would you not miss from a day free of diabetes". My Response would be....Not having to carry all this stuff around and not having a feeling of panic when I forgot it or loss it.

Also, what the heck do guys do? I could just imagine a meter in the pocket of a pair of tight jeans. :).

Well....since the gauntlet was thrown down and all.

Here is

1) My first comment (avid reader FYI)

2) My first vlog.


Haha! The googly-eyes on Siah was awesome! :-)

Haha! The googly-eyes on Siah was awesome! :-)

AND - listening to Becky (above) say "Kerri Sparling" in her awesome English accent is just WAY COOL. Thanks Becky!

i only wear pants or skirts with pockets for glucose tabs or a little pouch on belt.i also have pump in belt pouch.no clip.

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