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Cat Head.

A lovely commenter, Fran, leaving a lovely comment:

"PS how do you get your cats to sleep with you. all my cats have to sleep just out of arms reach - you wear cat nip?"

Oh Fran.  It's not my fault.  I wish I could make it stop.  I do not wear cat nip.  I don't have a headband made of Tender Vittles.  I don't even leave any room for the stupid cat on the pillow.

There is no peace.  From this one, either.

Yet she comes.

And sleeps.

On my head.

Every night. 

(At least she's a decent back-up CGM.  As noted here.  And here.  And she's pretty darn cute, even though she's 16 lbs of fat cat mess.) 


I'm with you, Kerri. My husband and I had to get a king sized bed for this very reason (three cats and one dog). But, Abby still sleeps on my head (and chews my hair when she feels it's time to wake up).

Mine prefer my feet!

I actually announce that it is bedtime when I am headed to my room and one of them runs past me to get into the bed before I can take her spot.

AWWW. Occasionally, a cat will fall into a pattern of sleeping at my head, but it doesn't last long.

Hey, at least she keeps your head warm. :)

my childhood cat, Tootsie, used to sleep on my sister's head in the exact same way. Strange, but oddly so cute. Makes me want a cat. Oh who am I kidding....I always want a cat!

I wish my cat would only sleep on my head. Mine prefers to sleep on my neck...which isn't too bad when it's cold but not so fun when I'm having hot flashes at night!

love it 16 lbs of fat cat mess . well I have 6 lbs of hot chihuahua mess and another 8 lbs of hot chihuahua mess . I wish they would stop too but they dont they just crawl right up like it is their property LOL !!!

My kitty used to EAT MY HAIR while I was asleep. I would wake up and it looked like a toddler went crazy with scissors in some spots!!!!

I finally figured out that she only went after my locks after I used ANY type of Paul Mitchell product. Once I stopped them, the hair chewing stopped.

And we lived happily ever after :)

My cat does the same exact thing. I thought it just happened to me!

i leave my bedroom door closed because i do not want my cats sleeping on me or chewing on my computer cables. though whenever they run out of food i will be woken up by one of them scratching at my door, even though my brother's door is wide open....they choose to wake me up.

Yes you can count my cat in with the low BG sniffer crowd...he has pestered me enough during a low BG both day and night for it to be a mistake...very curious.

My cats are so crazy. the only way one of my cats will sit by me(like now)is if no one is around. This kitty would have been happier living with little old lady.he's just lucky we picked him up at auto parts store that day.

LOL cute picture. My Labrador use to do that to my husband when she was a puppy.... and when she wasn't much of a puppy anymore. 82lbs of dog around my husband's head. Let's just say that the dog had the pillow... my husband, the mattress! :) LOL

I was reading your story about Abby. My son is type 1. We just lost his cat Sera to cancer in November. She alerted us many times to night lows. I really miss her and it is harder for me to sleep now that she's gone. I love your blog. Thanks for taking such a light approach to a subject that we take so seriously!

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