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Goin' Decaf.

I did it. 

I started my mission while we were on vacation in Barcelona, because between the time change and our eating schedule and the fact that sleep was a hot commodity, it was a good time to let go of the caffeine addiction.  No real withdrawal, no extreme headaches, and no unrighteously sassy moments where I can't function "WITHOUT MY CUP OF COFFEE DAMNIT!" 

This is a big step for me, because coffee and I were buddies.  

Love it. 

Bestest pals.

Still lovin' it. 

Friends all day long.

But now, I have a new pal.  Someone who can still be part of the collection of stupid iPhotos that the editorial team snaps every few days. (These photos are known as the Friday Face-Off, where we take one photo to emulate, like this one (my version) or this one, and we all recreate it ourselves, then paste them together as a college.  My favorite so far was when we all tried to look like my chubby-cheeked niece.  But I've once again digressed.  Ignore me.) 

My new pal is decaf, and I have embraced the change.  The coffee shop downstairs makes a mean iced decaf coffee, and just a short walk away from my office is a fabulous graham cracker flavored coffee that comes in delicious decaf.  I am finally weaned off the caffeine, but I still get to enjoy the taste and the "coffee runs" that are part of the social routine in my office.

My new love.

It's nice to feel free.

It's also nice to not drink so much coffee that my fingertips actually jitter to the point where I can't type a sentence without mangling most of the words.

FutureBaby, I hope you appreciate this.  Because it was HAAARD.  But I know it was worth it.


Good for you Kerri! I gave up cigarettes, years ago; I gave up alcohol, years ago; I gave up sugar, years ago. I'm going to hold on to this vice a bit longer.

Congrats! I went caffeine free about six years ago when I was on a med that couldn't be combined with it. I figured, what the hey, just stay off it. For your personal information, root beer is naturally decaf, and Dr. Pepper makes a pretty good diet decaf version as well. Oh, and in restaurants? Get used to water--almost no one carries a decaf and diet pop...

is it just me or did you look a bit happier on the first two photos? ;)

i started my two weeks of caffeine freedom this monday (WAAY too much coffee before that). feeling good so far!

but i'm doing this just for a limited time...keep it up kerri!

Congrats! And graham cracker flavored coffee sounds pretty awesome.

Kudos to you Kerri! I like my caffeine too much right now to give it up! I can only do about 1 cup of coffee a day, though....too much of it contributes to migraines that I get. I would be so much better off without it.....but I just... can't...do....it!!! :)

Wow, good for you!!! I can't even imagine you without caffeine. ;)

You will feel so much better once you get more accustomed to being caffeine free and good luck I know it is hard .

I went decaf when I was pregnant - mind you the Finns make great coffee, decaf or not!
PS what is a graham cracker - not sure I like the sound of that!

Coffee runs...is that anything like the Hershey squirts?

Yikes...the visual!!

Kerri, You are a braver soul than I!

I have decided, with the docs ok, that my one latte per day is something that my future baby MUST handle :P

Seriously though...they have found that small amounts won't adversely affect a bun in the oven so I've started trying to limit myself to one caffeinated beverage per day.

My plan is to, while I can have one soda and one coffee per day at this point, when we actually start trying and throughout pregnancy alternate - either caffeinated coffee or soda once per day, I just don't think I could live without them both! LOL

Those Caffeinated pics are awesome! Good luck my friend.

Oh and I must say, that is the BEST Anonymous comment ever. EVER !LOL

Greetings from another decaff-loving Keri (although I'm male).

In your "about", you don't sleep much. Cutting out decaff really helped me get into much better sleeping patterns, so I hope it works for you.

I see you're in the US. How widespread is good decaff there? In the UK I find the chains provide it routinely, but in small and independent places - especially restaurants - it's far more patchy.

Speaking from a former pregnant woman's perspective--Mountain Dew is my favorite and I went caffeine free with my future baby. I don't think that it made a difference...If it did what a child that would have been...I used to beg for caffeine-ful diet mountain dew. Good Luck and your future baby will appreciate it; however, children show their affection in a unique way.

I never got into coffee... tea has always been my thing. So many different types to try. And tea lattes are very yummy....


So drinking the decaf hasn't given you the headaches and shakes at all that we coffee addicts get after not having coffee for like 5 hours? I never thought about drinking decaf because everytime I go cold turkey it lasts for about 1 day. I applaud you for being strong enough to beat this addiction. Is there a coffee anonymous?

The trick will be staying caffine free AFTER future baby has arrived and you're up all night! I SO quickly went back to caffine (in fact I had my hubby get me some while still in the hospital:)
Yum... I also am a huge fan of the iced latte, although I have to admit I like some whipped cream on top!

Does giving up caffeine make the part in your hair switch sides?!? Congrats on all your recent success with the pregnancy prep!

Caffiene and me, we're pals. And we'll probably stay pals til I get out of college and stop thinking I'm lame if I go to bed before midnight. But awesome for you. Jealous of your headache-free transition. That's the sole thing keeping me addicted.


LOL, Chrissy! Yes, switching to decaf made the part on my hair switch over.

... or maybe it was because I flipped the photo around to show the "Decaf" written on the cup. YOU be the judge! ;)

you're a strong, strong woman! ;)

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