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When I make a list of people who have helped with our move, this hobo cat is not on it. 

Most unhelpful cat in the world.  Who loves that "hobo" look.

Give her a can of beans and a lighter and she's fine.  And I'm starting to wonder about that one ear there.  It's never quite straight.

(Yes, posts are light this week.  My apartment is a mess, my job is grinding to a close, and my mind may have been accidentally FedEx'd to Boston.  Hoping someone signs for it.) 


Subliminal message from Siah: She's ready to go.

I love that cat! And am wondering who is responsible for the leaf in front of her - hopefully she has not been climbing any trees :)

My cats were renamed by my students last night - 'gaucho pants' and 'the other one'. They aren't so sure about it yet.

Light posts are better than no posts at all, which is how much I have been able to put together!

Traci - I agree. She's done here, too.

Sara - "Gaucho pants?" I'm dying laughing. What a great name!!! And Siah has been slowly dissecting the ficus tree in the living room, littering leaves in her wake. She's a freaking menace.

But I do love her. I must admit.

I think she may telling you something ... but I'm not quite sure what lol. She is one adorable kitty! And I do hope that you find your mind ... you can't afford to lose that :)

That is fantastic. Definitely needs a "Can Haz" caption.

Is that a corner of the Sony Wega "World's Heaviest Television" model there? If so, I feel sorry for you. Ours is just going to have to stay with our house when we sell it.

Siah is a cute cat!! enjoy your move

I told you that cat would find it's self in a box. I think you should quickly get the tape and tape her in there and put her on the truck. LOL

I bet both the cats are going crazy.

They say a mind is a terible thing to waste, so fed exing got to be better than first class mail. (That sounds like a rap song I think, I dont listen to rap)

I wish you well


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