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The Friday Six: Twitter Silliness Edition.

The Friday Six:  September 4, 2009 editionTwitter is a place where I share a lot of diabetes factoids, like blood sugar issues, Dexcom stuff, and moments of sheer diabetes stupidity.  It's also where I post a lot of things that have NOTHING to do with ... well, anything, really.  Pure nonsense.  It's a potluck of information that isn't totally diabetes-related, but touches upon that theme, as I wrote in my SUM Musings column this month on diaTribe. 

And for those who aren't participating in Twitter discussions and that whole mess, I wanted to share some links here that went up on Twitter.  Because they're fun.  And because it's Friday and quite frankly, I don't want to think about anything serious today.  :)

So here's the Friday Six:  Twitter Silliness Edition.   

1.  I don't remember a damn thing about the 70's (I was only there for a year), but I do remember every single moment of this clip from Sesame Street.  "One, two, three, four, five, sixseveneightnineten, eleven, twelve." And it wasn't until I looked the clip up that I realized the song was sung by the Pointer Sisters.  Trivia!

2.  My coworker sent me this cartoon, and I laughed hard because it reminded me of all the "MICE!  CURED OF TYPE 1 DIABETES!" headlines that I've seen on almost a daily basis for the last 15 years.  (Warning:  The language isn't very warm and friendly in this cartoon, so click at your own risk.)

3.  I don't have much of an explanation for this, other than seeing references to drunk hamsters in my newswire feed made me laugh.   

4.  When someone told me about a video with a singing cat and a rapping dog, I was ready to be amused and then move on.  But this video made me grin because the yawning cat really looks like it's belting out the moody tune about criminals.  (Unfortunately, there are many of these singing cat videos, so I wasted much more time watching them than I'd care to admit.)

5.  Does anyone else remember the evil Monchichis?  Okay, maybe not "evil," but in retrospect, these things were a bit creepy.  And the boy Monchichi looked exactly like the girl Monchichi, save for a hair bow, which makes me concerned about their reproductive abilities.

6. And THIS.  I am ABSOLUTELY printing this out and attempting to build one.  The first papercraft we did at the office (ceiling cat) remains taped to the light fixture above my desk to this day.  I will build hundreds, and cover my office in paper cats tickling the cardboard ivories.  Because the video alone on this page was enough to bring me a weird, warm glow of joy.  :) 

Looong weekend on tap, and I plan to spend it with friends and family.  Have a great weekend, enjoy the links, and I'll see you next week!


Oh my god the ceiling cat is way too funny . have a great long wknd and see you next wk. take care dear.

Keyboard Cat is a Simmons Family fave. We will be making several this weekend. AWESOME!

I was very creeped out by Monchichis, too. Still remember the damn song. I always likened Mariah Carey to a Monchichi.

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