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You Know You're a Diabetic When ...

You know you're a diabetic when ... you see what appears to be this:


And you freak out for a full minute because you thought it was a nasty, messy blister but you forgot about when you ate this:

Rogue raspberry

And a rogue raspberry landed in this: 

Fruit in my shoe - not a blister.
Making you hit this:

Oh diabetes.  You are warping my little brain this week!  

(And this whole "You Know You're a Diabetic When ..." concept is not new.  There's a Facebook group, a TuDiabetes discussion, and a blog post on Diabetes Mine.  Apparently, there's a lot of this going around!  Have you had these moments?  Share 'em!)


Had a good one last night. You know you're diabetic when your cat freak outs because she's stuck in your insulin pump tubing.

Hahahahaha!!!! This reminds me of those picture stories in the Highlights magazine for kids. The page with a little picture for some of the words so little kids can feel like they are reading along.

The fuzz from athletic socks has given me more than one 'panic' moment over the years...!

(P.S. You're brave to walk in those shoes. I'm a hopeless klutz in pumps!)

You know you're diabetic when... you stub your toe hard enough to bleed and your husband's response is to excitedly shout, "Quick, get a test strip!"

Fuhgedabout the raspberry blister; I am jealous of your hairless toes!

(Can I win "weirdest off-topic commenter" award now?)

I had one of them "Toe stub" moments with my sister when we were younger. She always wanted to test her blood (we were teenagers) but too afraid to prick her finger. (She still is)

One day I was teaching her to ride a motercycle and in turning the bike she felt he handlebars move and I guess she wanted to make sure that the helmet STRAPED to her head did not fall off and put both hands on top of it to make sure it kept on. (It's the only explanation I got why she let go of the bars and put both her hands on her head)
The bike went down, not going too fast, but she skined up her knee. Big ol tears fallind down her cheeks as I ran to her and then the tears stopped instantly as she looked up and asked me if we could take a test with her skinned knee.

(Yea it's a family thing, we are all just that wierd)

I wish you well


Girl...you scared me!!! omg! Let me make sure my heart is still in the right place.......it's sti there! You scared me. Glad it was jucies and berries and not a nasty ulcer or sore.

Holy cow, that would freak me out too!!!! Glad it was just a bit of fruit.

You know you are diabetic when you can save major $$ on cat toys by just letting the kitty bat around empty AccuCheck drums. She'll pick those over the expensive catnip mousies any time!

Mostly, I just want to know where you found that shoe! Gorgeous!

You know you're a diabetic when your roommate finds a gallon of milk in the cupboard the morning after a low!

You know you're a diabetic when...you get whip-lash from the recoil of your insulin pump getting snagged on a door knob as you walk out of the room!

You know your diabetic when you hand out sugar free candy on haloween.

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