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Making Sense of Diabetes: It's So Literal, I Love It.

I have a lot to catch up on, but something I wanted to post about ASAP was the Making Sense of Diabetes contest that is happening at TuDiabetes, in preparation to raise awareness of World Diabetes Day (coming up fast on November 14th). 

According to the release, "We are seeking video entries that tell about the impact diabetes has on our lives through one of the five senses: sight, hearing, taste, touch and smell.  Diabetes affects our lives in ways we may not always realize. We smell insulin, savor glucose tablets, feel the poke of our lancing devices, react to our doctor’s words and see the life ahead of us."

They're looking for video submissions, and there are some really cool prizes on tap for winners.  Not to mention the emotional boost that creativity like this can provide - which, in my mind, is huge in helping us deal with diabetes.  For details on how, and what, and when, to submit, check out this entry on TuDiabetes.

I'm working hard to unpack and find my Flip camera so I can do a submission, but in lieu of my own video, here's a post from back in 2005 that touches upon this theme.  In re-reading it, now over four years later, it makes me happy, in that bittersweet sense, to see how many of these goals I've accomplished, even with diabetes:

 What does a diabetes cure taste, smell, look, feel, and sound like to you?

The Five Senses.

I want a cure tonight.

I want it so badly I can taste it tonight. It tastes like black raspberry ice cream from St. Claire’s Annex in Watch Hill, all creamy and cold. It tastes slightly salty, like my skin after a day at the beach. It doesn’t taste at all like airplane glue or sweaters on my teeth after a few hours of a high bloodsugar. It doesn’t taste bitter, like the chocolate flavor on the back of my tongue after sneaking Halloween candy as a child.

I want it so badly I can feel it tonight. It feels like his strong hands on my shoulders, easing out the stress of the day. It feels free and almost scary, like standing on the top deck of the Block Island Ferry and leaning over just that little bit as the boat cruises towards shore. It doesn’t ache, like my stomach as I drive to Joslin or the eye doctor. It doesn’t burn, like my conscience often does when I think of the unfocused, foolish choices I’ve made regarding my health.

I want it so badly I can hear it tonight. It sounds like Siah sleeping on my pillow at night, gently purring in my ear. It sounds like that first cry my nephew wailed, piercing the night with his brand new voice. It doesn’t sound like the beep beep beep of Charlene as she counts up the correction tally. It sounds nothing like my voice shaking as I admit to the precursors of complications to my doctor.

I want it so badly I can smell it tonight. It smells like Ivory soap. It smells like a dozen unexpected roses brightening a dreary office. The scent isn’t even reminiscent of that dentist smell emitting from a broken bottle of insulin. It smells nothing like fear.

I want a cure so badly I can almost see it tonight.
It looks like my healthy body.
It looks like my healed fingertips.
It looks like my smile.
It looks like my pump, tucked inside an old jewelry box for the rest of my life.
It looks like my wedding.
It looks like my child.

It looks like my future.


Enjoy unpacking. Good luck with the cats. I just let my cat know it was not allowed. (tapping his paws, firm tone)

And....I want a cure too.

That was so beautiful. As I read this, I could taste the ice cream and smell the Ivory soap you described. You had me right there with you.

You're an amazing writer.

It looks like the smile of my godson.
It smells like fresh cut grass and hotdogs on the grill.
It feels like a hug from my favorite person in the world.
It tastes like pumpkin spice cake w/ cream cheese icing.
It sounds like a Broadway musical.
I want it too.

Between you mentioning raspberry ice cream and Cara mentioning hot dogs and pumpkin spice cake w/ cream cheese icing, I'm getting HUNGRY.

Oh, yeah...and I want a cure for everyone too.

That is SO gorgeous, Kerri!! Would you consider doing a reading of that post on video for Making Sense of Diabetes? Even if you don't submit it for any one of the sense (of course we'd love it if you could do it), we could include it as part of the compilation video at the end, for World Diabetes Day!

Oh, Kerri. That was incredible. I loved that. I want a copy of that for my daughter. You have such a gift. Sooooo talented!!!! As the mother of a CWD, I know that ache for a cure only too well.

Hope you're settling in nicely to your new home.

so beautifully written. i want it for my daughter.

That is so moving. I want it for my 15-month old son & everyone. I want it so badly that I can taste it, feel it, see it, smell it and hear it.

We just got home from the hospital an hour ago - perfect timing.

So beautiful Kerri, I posted it on facebook.

I touched my heart.

Ahhh, me to! Beautifully written!

I loved the poem, if that was your intent. Very moving, and very close to the heart. Keep it up, it sounds like others like myself enjoyed it.


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