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Needed More Diabetes Real Estate.

Wearing two diabetes devices has its mental hurdles, but sometimes the physical hurdles are the most irritating.  For the last two weeks, my husband and I have been packing up our old apartment and I've been closing out my office at dLife, so there's been a lot of physical lifting and moving of stuff.

Which means there's been a lot of Dexcom and insulin pump site set jostling.  Wearing the Dex and the pump full-time means plenty of little red dots on my thighs and lower back, and the physical movement of moving has made these areas even more irritating and inflamed.  

What's my point?  

My point is that my regular sites are sore.  And I need to switch things up a bit.  Again.  So last night, I opted for an arm site for my infusion set, instead of my standard thigh or hips.  I've worn the site here before, and it was comfortable, but it can be a hassle wrangling the tubing and shirts/bras. 

Needed some new diabetes real estate, you know?

So this round, I opted to use the longer tubing (43 inches) and I'm snaking that up my arm, down under the back of my bra, and then down to my hips where the pump clips to my pants.  The longer tubing gives me just enough room to accidentally pull on the tubing without jerking the site out.

It is a very different place for me to wear it, though.  So I reminded Chris to remind me.

"Dude, I'm showing you in case I forget.  The site is on my arm, okay?"

"Got it."

Now, as I sit here and write this, I can't feel the wire and it's undetectable underneath my long-sleeved shirt.  Hopefully wearing the site on my arm for a few days will help my other sites heal and give me a little breathing room on the ol' real estate front!


The past couple weeks I have been giving my arm site a try for the first time. I LOVE it. Except for the occasional tug, which hurts a lot more than other sites. But I can deal. I've also found that my arms are much more receptive to insulin. So I have to be a little careful. I also have groovy patches on their way to make the site not look so weird to its viewers. :)

I have yet to try my arms. But my stomach and thighs are getting seriously beat up with both my pump and CGM. I may have to check it out.

I've been looking for new sites, too - my abdomen is shot (pun intended). I think I'll give my arm a try (I've used it for the DexCom, but never for an infusion set). I'll try just about any location once (except for the ta-tas - that's where I draw the line).

I have been sporting the arm site recently too - my stomach and hips are soooo done! I am using the shorter tubing which is annoying - I feel like I need 2 more inches for it to be PERFECT!

I've been sporting the OmniPod on my arms a LOT (it doesn't sit so well on other sites, not to mention the random occlusions I get). My skin is chapped and it hurts like hell, but at least my insulin is getting through!

What I think is really cool is how you managed to aim that D-40 into the mirror to shoot that picture. I've done a few self-portrait shots like that myself. I've never tried the arms cause i never thought i had enough meat there to make it work. I think I'll at least try. Thanks

I would like my little guy to try arms but since he puts his pump in his pants pocket, I'm not sure 23" tubing would fit... However, when the pump falls out of the pocket at least it wouldn't hit the ground...I wish I could convince him to give arms a try.

Kerri and others, how do you manage to insert way back on your arm? Is there a trick, or do you have a trusted other to help you? My husband is so supportive in every other way, but this would creep him out!

Wow! I have worn the pump for 8 years now and the CGM for about 9 months and I havy only used the stomach which has lots of fun little red marks. I have very thin arms so not sure how that would work out but may want to give it a try....

I'm glad you posted this. The MiniMed CGM has my tummy looking like some kind of murder scene; I was ready to try my forehead as a site.

I just have to tell you have much your blog means to me! I've got a very difficult diabetes that's always at war with me, but reading your blog makes it feel a little better, knowing that its not perfect all the time for everyone.. I recognize soo much of what you're describing.. Thank you so much for sharing! It helps me alot. Hugs from sweden

LOL'ing at Jacquie! Her forehead?! That's a good one J!

I've only used my stomach, but the thigh intrigues me. By thigh - inner thigh/outer thigh? I'm not quite sure how to envision it. Would you be willing to post or send a picture (svandouma at gmail dot com)?

By the way - love your blog. You've challenged me to take care of me - and make it a real part of my life instead of just a pain in the butt. Love it. Thanks!

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