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The Friday Six: dLife.

The Friday Six:  Last day at dLife editionI will catch up on all the other stuff I have floating around in my blogger brain next week, after we move and have unpacked our alarm clocks and can find at least one of the three cats.  But today is my last day at dLife, so The Friday Six is in honor of this work place I'm leaving.

1.  I will miss having a six minute commute.  With the traffic on 95 (in any direction) being a nightmare, I've been spoiled for the last three and a half years with a six minute, door-to-door commute.  And I will sort of miss the weird things I've seen on that short ride

2.  I will miss the diner downstairs, complete with sassy, ball-busting waitress, delicious iced coffees that cooled me off for three summers, and piping hot coffees worth trekking through the snowdrifts outside the Westport train station for.

3.  I will miss the Chili Cook-Off, the JDRF Walk team, the Halloween contest, the Jim Turner visits, the Ceiling Cat, and the visiting baby chicks.

4.  I will miss working for a place where testing my blood sugar during a meeting never caused anyone to raise an eyebrow, because they all know what's what.

5.  I will miss my little cube, with my Larry Bird bobble-head, my shiny iMac (oh how I will miss the iMac), and having my fellow editors just a mutter away.

6.  Which brings me to what I'll miss most.  I will miss my editorial team.  I work with some wonderful people here at dLife, but the dLife editorial team is comprised of the kind of people you can only hope to meet in your lifetime.  I will miss their laughter, their tolerance for my bad jokes, their creativity, and all of their tireless support.  They've been with me since I came in here as "Kerri Morrone," and am now leaving as "Kerri Sparling."  But I will not miss their friendship, because I'm taking that with me.  :)  They are the absolute best team ever, and will never be duplicated. 

dLife, you've been a good home for three and a half years.  And I bid it a very fond farewell. 

Hey!!! Rest Of My Life?  I'm coming!!!!


One bright point: good-bye to "Shoes"...

Awww. Sniff, sniff.
Awesome Friday 6.

Congrats on the rest of your life. ;-) Have fun packing and moving.

I can't wait to read about your next set of adventures in life! I know for myself, have been thru' a few jobs that were very difficult to leave, and at the time I thought - "duh, why am I doing this?" I needed a change, plan and simple. I wanted to pursue different things in life (become a pole dancer ). I just wanted to try something different and knew it was time. Life is too short 'cause you never know what's going to hit you next http://www.sjnetwork.com/pies/ff.gif (yum - was that sugar free? - hope not ).
Good Luck Kerri in your future endeavours! See you around the sandbox from time to time. I'll be the gal with the red nose 'cause I forgot to put sunscreen on!
P.S. A furbie in July? Thought Canadians were bad - that one tops it off

Good luck Kerri! I can't wait to read about your new job and how you are adjusting!

Unpack already! I'm breathlessly waiting on your story pitches for Diabetic Living magazine.

I am so excited for you!! Good luck out there! :)

There you go making me cry again. Your co-workers sound like wonderful people, and I am sure they think the same of you. I know they will miss you even more than you miss them!!

But for now, onward! I know you have some really wonderful things waiting to happen in the next chapter of your life.

Love and hugs to you, Chris and the kitties!!

I am sorry you will miss DLife BUT I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE COMING HOME!!!! I MISSED YOU WAY TO MUCH THE LAST 3 YEARS!!! I can't wait to see one of my best friends more then 4 times a year!! (ok more then 8 times a year!) See you soon! and more often!

What can we say? You came into a library and turned it into a theater with live music and a daily show. Who couldn't love that? But we're all just as anxious as you are to see what happens next - for you and for us. ;-) It's your dLife! Go live it! You can bet we will!

Wow ... I think everyone should have at least one job in their lifetime that they can take away all of that from. You are a very lucky gal Kerri and I have no doubt that you will be as successful at the next chapter of your life as this past one. Good luck with the move and I hope you find all the kitties :)

And we will SOOOOOO miss you. :-) We're still hearing the muttering in our heads. And we're going to harass you for an occasional 'face off' - on premises or not.

Dlife was a great stepping stone for you. I'm excited to see what's next:)

Dear Kerri,
Please let me know that you will continue to blog...I adore reading you (type II) and have sent your blog to some friends of mine who are parents of type I...please let me know where you'll be...
A loyal fan.

Hard to let go of the past but new begginings are always sweeter.

I'm sure that Larry will enjoy his next home as much as you will. :-)

We will take turns flying the Zippy flag. The Spirit of Sparling resides within us now. Like the freaking Force or something.

We already miss you like crazy.

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