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Getting Into the Holiday Spirit.

This is the first holiday season in four years that Chris and I have spent within an hour's drive of our family - the last few years have been spent trekking up and down 95 for hours on end, battling traffic and boredom and every kind of holiday traveler.

Not this year.  

Finally- FINALLY - we're able to relax a bit and actually enjoy the holiday season.  Thanksgiving is behind us (excellent food all the way around, including the sweet potato casserole that Chris made and the key lime pie that I managed not to screw up) and I am so excited to spend Christmas close to home.  

Today we spent some time with my father-in-law at a local farm, getting ourselves into the spirit of things.  A few photos as evidence:

Holiday holly.
Red holly berries.

Red holiday flower-type thingies.
Rows of poinsettias on the farm.

Of course, I took more photos of these gorgeous red plants than was necessary. 

Even the tomatoes got into the holiday spirit.
And even the budding grape tomatoes got into the swing of things, rocking out some red and green action.

Not really holiday-esque, but I liked the shot.  :)
(This pink flower, though lovely and had my attention for a bevy of photos, wasn't Christmassy in the slightest.  Oh well.) 

Tomorrow, because I can't even wait until December proper, we'll get our Christmas tree and start readying our home for our (hopefully) last Christmas as a family of two ... because next year, we'll have a little BSparl tugging ornaments off the tree.

(And we'll find out on Tuesday if it will be a boy or a girl BSparl.  YAY!!!)


Beautiful Pictures! I can't wait to know of Bsparl is a boy or girl? um, maybe we should do a DOC poll hahaha

Ooooooh I do hope you'll share the flavor-of-baby news! How exciting!!

I also hope you'll share the news on boy or girl. With our 3 kids, we never knew, because I guess they were shy in the womb! I also want to pass on a tip for Christmas next year. If you have a playpen for your baby, then when it is time to put up the Christmas tree, put it in the playpen, and the baby can't get in to attack it. I am not talking about the smaller portable playpens, but the ones that are about 4' x 4', if they make them anymore. My youngest is 12, so this might not be much of a tip

I can't wait to find out! So exciting!!!

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