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The Crinkly Tube.

We bought a crinkly tube cat toy to keep the cats occupied during our attempt to train them to stay out of the bedroom (in preparation for BSparl's arrival).  More on that later, once I figure out how to actually keep them out of the damn room.

Siah has claimed it as hers.  She sits in it for hours, forgetting how to get out.

The war for the crinkly tube.  Siah often wins, but she forgets how.

She looks like a dim little "cat"-erpillar, waiting to transform into a pain-in-the-butterfly

Happy Sunday.  ;)


Oh man! Blasted cats!

I have one (Rose) who will find herself alone in a room and start to meow. I yell out to her and she comes running. Seriously, it's a one bedroom apartment - not that big. She can't figure out where I am?

When you find out the sex, are you going to change BSparl's name to HeSparl or SheSparl?

You can do what we do with our two cats and our bedroom. Just keep the door shut 100% of the time!

what a great idea! i may have to try. We have a hard time keeping Tessa out of our bedroom also. Especially close to feeding time... even with an automatic feeder!

Your puns got some big eye rolls this time... :-)

Siah looks adorable in the little neon green tube! I wish they made one of those for dogs.

mostly I have found that older cats want nothing what so ever to do with babies. So I think you're going to have very little trouble keeping them out. :)

They also make a cool net type thing that you can put over the baby's crib if needed. ;)

Amazingly, animals (a lot of them, anyway) seem to be able to sense that even though a human baby may be their same size, it's still a baby and they'll treat it as such. We don't have pets ourselves, but my parents have a cat (age 10) and a dog (age 5). Only recently, now that my son is almost 5 and presumably, no longer a baby in the cat's eyes, does the cat actually swat him when he's being annoying or otherwise really "react." Until now, it's been a lot of running and hiding (by the cat) He and the dog... whole different story. :P Pair of trouble-making puppies, those two...

A couple of tips I read for keeping kitties out of the crib, both involving the cats' tactility. Either fill the crib with inflated balloons, and supposedly the cat will jump in with claws extended and pop some balloons, forever scaring it off. Or, cut cardboard to the exact size to lay on top of the mattress, then cover with double-sided tape. When the cat jumps in, it will really dislike the stickiness.

Don't know if either of those work, really. I never had an issue with any of my cats going into baby's bed when they weren't 'invited' in.

Maybe the double-sided tape thing would work in your bedroom doorway, to keep them out of the bedroom altogether? :o/

Kerri, some friends of ours had the best idea for keeping the cats out of their son's room. They installed a (very cute) screen door in addition to the regular door to the baby's room. That way, they could see/ hear the baby, and keep air flowing through the house in the summer. The cats got used to the baby being around without getting too close.

My cat goes bonkers for her crinkly tube. It's so cute. She climbs inside and rolls around in it and hops up and down and jumps out of the hole in the middle. Sooooooo funny to watch!

I wanted to tell you I had 2 cats when my son, Sam was born. One of the cats guarded Sam constantly when for the first few months. She laid by his bassinet and then under his crib unless I was holding him. Neither cat ever bothered him.

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