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What NaBloPoMo Has Done to Me.

Poor cats.  We forgot to buy cat food.  Forced to supplement with a can of tuna fish.  Mewing cats went berserk.

(And I am not doing NaBloPoMo next year.  Because I'm embarrassing myself with these filler posts!  :) )


With a reaction like that, I think Siah might hide the cat food so she can get more tuna. :)

Oh ya... Wow... Abby has some big feet!

haha, thats why i gave up on nablopomo...things went decidedly wierder O.o instead, nanowrimo WIN!

Um..does Abby have thumbs?

So cute!!!

And with the creativeness of cat manners, they give Thanks.

I know how you feel! I had nothing too.

But next year, g-d willing, you will have a baybeeee. And you can just fill space with cute baby pictures.

The cats are so cute!

They are such lovely cats! I too noticed Abby's 'thumbs'. They're rare in cats and very special - evolution could be bringing on opposable thumbs in cats?! You better be good to Abby before she learns how to use them ;)

Forget what this does to you, I've been wondering what a newborn will do to your posting frequencies (and content!)

Growing up I had a 7 toed (on each foot - lol!) cat named Abby. Weird, huh? :)

How on earth did you teach your cats to stay off the counter? And how much would you charge to teach ours?

2 cat thumbs up!

I laughed so hard at this. Does Abby have thumbs?

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