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World Diabetes Day.

Happy World Diabetes Day to my friends in the diabetes community!!!


Back 'atcha Kerri! Thank YOU for all your posts, traveling, time & energy! ((D-hugs))

[Golf Clap]

Well done.

And you too! That's a great video - what's the song if you don't mind my asking? I've never heard it before, and it's rather awesome! Thank you for this blog and all the stuff you do - this was the first dblog I found after being diagnosed, and it's still a daily visit for me - it was great to see someone who was out there living life :D

Becky - It's "Rise" by Eddie Vedder, from the "In the Wild" soundtrack. It's a kickass song, and I thought it was fitting for a kickass community. :)

AWEsome video. I was tearing up. ;-)
You. Rock. (hugs) and love.

bawl!!!! You are awesome too!!!!!!!

Awesome video, dude. And since we have a lot of the same musical tastes this won't be a surprise, but I freaking LOVE that song. The whole soundtrack is incredible.

What a touching video! I love it! Great job!

Wonderful video, Kerri. Added a link to SurgeXperiences 310 at my blog.

Love it!

Very touching video, Kerri. I'm still new to it but I can see the truth of it. You and the rest of the D-Blogging community have helped me a lot.

Beautiful, Kerri.

Goosebumps and watery eyes at those two pink lines and that oh-so-wonderful bump.


Loved all the photos! And the music was definitely KICK ASS. You rock!

Hey Kerri,

This video is a beautiful tribute to the DOC. You are inspiring to us and I hope that I can pass that inspiration on to someone else as I learn, live, share.
Happy World Diabetes Day!

I can only hope and pray to be in your position in a few years... married to a wonderful man, healthy in life and diabetes, and with a baby bump in the works. Thanks for all your inspiration Kerri. You too rock!!

yay, Kerri...love it! thank you for being here for all of us ;)

Right back at ya :-)

.... Awesome. ....

I loved this. It made me cry! Thank you for reminding so many of us PWD's that we are not alone. It's November, and I am grateful for you Kerri, for the inspiration and laughter you bring on an almost daily basis! God bless you girl!

Thank you, Kerri! You do so much for all of us, every single day. YOU rock!

You have GOT to stop making me cry every time I visit your blog!!!

Great video, sweetie. Pete and I both watched it and loved it.

Kerri, You Rock. Love your stories.

Great video-thanks for cheering me up,the day after WDD.Pure Awesomeness, we are so not alone.

cant watch the vid :(

youtube says its only viewable from usa

Kerri - That was absolutely beautiful and hopeful and - just wonderful. Thank you.

Hugs to you too! Happy belated WDD!

Great video Kerri! I am not a crier and it brought tears to me eyes. They may have been from the fact that I look so horrible in all pictures but that's a different story!

very nice! thanks for making the video. Encouraging :)

Awesome video! Whether we have Type 1, Type 2, or gestational diabetes - we're all in this together!



Thanks for that, Kerri - awesome!

Kerri, I don't know if you are aware of this, but you inspire and encourage people all over the world! I am brazilian and I "ran into you" a few months ago,right before I started my own blog. Since then, I've seen your name mentioned in other brazilian D-blogs. Thanks for dedicating so much of yourself to this cause and helping us all!!

1 word: Beautiful

Wonderful indeed.

Wow. Now THAT is what it's all about. :-)

Well Kerri Morrone Sparling, you've done it again. And my box of tissues here at work is empty. A magic set of photos and excellent editing. Thank you, thank you.

This is awesome Kerri. Thank you!

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