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Some Calls for Diabetes Help.

Good morning!  I have a few requests from readers, looking for information from you guys.  First up is Wil from Life After DX.  He's writing another book and these are the detail about what he's searching for:

Diabetes author William "Lee" Dubois is at it again, writing a book to fill a niche that seems either un-addressed, or under-addressed. He's starting work on his next volume, this time a handbook written for "Type-3s," the non-diabetic loved ones of all of us who suffer from the various flavors of diabetes. Type-3s are commonly husbands and wives, but can be parents, siblings, other family and close friends. Both Type-1 and Type-2 diabetics often complain that our Type-3s just don't "get it" and don't "understand" us. This book seeks to address this, and Wil is asking for input.
Wil tells me, "People have been asking me for years to write something to help their loved ones better understand what it is to be diabetic, why we do what we do, what we need from our loved ones, and perhaps more importantly--what we don't need from them. I've got some pretty good ideas on what should be in this book, but I wanted to cast a bigger net. So what I'm hoping is that both people with diabetes and their loved ones will share with me their thoughts on the things that should be covered in this new book."

You guys can email Wil at riosdad@plateautel.net and send your feedback.  :)

Also, another SUM reader had sent me a question about finding a good diabetes doctor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.  Here's her question: 

"I wanted to know if you had ANY recommendations for a good doctor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area?  I live in Dallas but would be willing to commute a little ways if it meant someone who actually cares about my medical condition.  The doctor I go to know barely listens to what I have to say and I feel all alone in trying to manage my disease.  Any help or information you have in finding a good doctor would be much appreciated!!" 

If there is anyone reading who is from the Dallas area and can recommend a good doctor, please do in the comments section!

Thanks for all of your help, guys!!


Hate to pile on the help for a good doctor, but I have been looking for a good one down near Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. I recently transferred schools from Ohio to down near St. Augustine, FL and stay down here almost all the time as flights are expensive to book for short trips to see my old doctor (who was my doctor for 13 years and I loved him!). I haven't been able to find a good endocrinologist or good doctor for that matter down here yet. Any tips?? please email me at apacholek@flagler.edu. Thanks!

What a great idea for a book for Type 3s! I'm a Type 3 and it can be rather difficult. Some insight into what it's like to live with diabetes would be fabulous!

P.S. This is my first comment and I must say I love your blog Kerri! Keep it up!

Great Idea on the book, I have been reading in the blog sphere lately about loved ones and spouses who choose not to help us fight this disease and I think its because there is still a lack of understanding, I cant wait until it comes out.
Hopefully Wil will do a good job as usual.

I am also in the DFW area and had a hard time finding an endo I could endure. I have finally found a doctor that treats me with respect. He is in Flower Mound, Dr Haque, www.endomd.com, I like his PA too. It helps that I like her because I am seeing her alot through my second pregnancy.


I use an endocrinoligst in the DFW area that I like and would recommend. The practice is called Endocrine Associates of Dallas (www.endocrineassociatesdallas.com). They have an office location in Dallas (214-363-5535) and Plano (972-867-4658). The doctor I use is Dr. Sorsby. Very knowledgeable and the staff is excellent.

I was in jacsonville FL before my husband got transfered to NY and the endo I saw was great especially since I have the pump and CGM his name is
Dr. Scott Segel I highly reccomend him

I am in Dallas and have been seeing Dr. Howard Baum at the Dallas Diabetes and Endocrine Center at Medical City Dallas for about 10 years - I absolutely love him and his entire staff. They have gone above and beyond for me on many occasions. The number is 972-566-7799

I've been an insulin dependent diabetic for almost 52 years and had a major New York publishing interested in publishing it before the economic "correction" occur. I've always thought that very little about the emotional component of growing up with diabetes was addressed by for the diabetic him or herself and the family of diabetics. Admittedly, I've lived less than a traditional life.
Should you, or anyone else, be interested in the twists and turns that a life, any life, takes in this constantly twisting and turning life, then you might be interested in checking it out. Just google my name.
Norman Savage


This does not help the person from Dallas area, but since you are now in the NY area, if you need a new endo., mine is great. Dr. Nambi in Livingston, NJ. He is so nice and understanding, great with insulin adjustments.

The absolute best endo in the Dallas area is Dr. Joseph Milborn. If he isn't accepting patients himself, those in his practice are also good. In Irving.

I used to see an endo in Dallas by the name of Audrey Miklius. I had stopped seeing her due to a change in insurance but recently went back and will be paying out of pocket. She is that good and worth the expense. She is part of "Endocrine Associates of Dallas". The phone number is 214-363-5535

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