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Working From Home.

Working from my home office definitely is making for a more comfortable last trimester.  I'm able to put my feet up constantly (to ward off Le Puff), I can test my blood sugar and eat randomly at whatever schedule BSparl dictates that day, and I can (thank GOD) wear sweatpants more often than maternity clothes, saving me a ton of money on trying to find outfits that are appropriate for my basketball belly.

Only problem is ... well, my coworkers. 

They're freaking animals.

Prussia takes meetings constantly, and is always on conference calls.  (Oh, it must be Wednesday.  She's wearing her Wednesday tie.)

Prussia gets ready for a meeting.

And Abby, who poses as management, doesn't do anything other than go back and forth between her desk and the kitchen, muttering about how she's the only one with thumbs who gets things done around this place.  Seriously, I'm debating reporting her because she's thinks she's purrfect (sorry - couldn't resist!) and that her litterbox doesn't stink or something.

Abby ties one on.  (HA!)

But The Boss?  Is losing her mind.  Obviously.  She's been ranting about doing random cat-nip testing because people just seem stoned all day at work (even though, buzz around the food dish is that this little sausage boss is the one dipping into the stash.  I mean, look at her eyes.  She looks ready to launch.), and she has had trouble controlling her temper in meetings lately.  Those claws?  Mean business.

And the stupid cheese stands alone.

(I apologize for the above post.  This is what happens when Chris and I end up at Target, find ourselves staring aimlessly down the aisle with 50,000 choices in baby diapers, and end up buying what is tagged on our receipt as "cat apparel.")


Cat apparel. I love that term. :) You'r co-workers are freaking adorable!

At least I only dress mine up on holidays!! :)

Cara - That receipt made me crack up. Cat apparel. !!

Sara(aaah!) - YAY! You're back!!! How was your trip?? (And mine don't dress for holidays, but they are dapper for the work week. And obviously they are dipping into the same wardrobe, but whatever.)

don't apologize, IMMD! :)

(It Made My Day)

Too cute/weird/funny!!

Kerri this is just too damn funny.

Kerri, I have an ABBY and a PRUSSIA also, except their names are BETTY and PEARL...! It's incredible how much they look alike - Betty even has that little black dot by her nose ;-) (and a little, ahem, weight problem, but we won't talk about that!) Does Prussia have whiskers that start out black and turn white at the ends?....I guess I need to find a sausage cat too! Thanks for sharing Kerri - that includes cats and diabetes!

On a more serious note, you have had the courage to do what I never did, and I really admire you. I'm a 41 year T1 - no complications so far! - and one of the first things I was told about diabetes when I was diagnosed (back in the dark ages of boiling syringes and urine tests for BS) was that I couldn't have children because it was too dangerous. Unfortunately I believed'em. It's okay though, I've made peace with it and I absolutely love reading all the diabetes/pregnancy blogs out there - it gives me lots of hope about the future when I see how far we've come. Good luck and hang in there - only a few more weeks to go and I know you'll do great. Can't wait to read all about it! (but in the meantime, post some more co-worker pics!)

Too cute. I love it! I've thought about getting "cat apparel" too, but just haven't done it yet.
Glad you're staying comfy.

LMAO!!! Thank you for the laugh this morning ;)

I work with animals too! Mine are just human. Thanks for the laugh. I love your self-shot pictures. Get a shutter remote for that D-40. They work like a champ and you'll be able to share your shots of you and BSparl with us.

Hilarious!!! I love the cat apparel! :)

LMAO, but those cats look definitely pissed. Be careful!

HAHAHAHA that tie is freaking hilarious. I love it. And now I want to get one for my cats to take ridiculous pictures of them.

I love it!! too cute!

Hi Kerri!

I loved the post! It cheered me up this morning and I really needed a good laugh!

Rikikitty is jealous that her friends have better working conditions than herself. Now she is talking to the union boss! She wants daily catnip! Boy, am I in trouble! Kerri,
when it comes to your cats, your sense of humor is right on!

They're better looking than my coworkers, but their personalities sound familiar. ;)

LOL!! Brilliant. I've never seen cat apparel before - clearly a sheltered life in this part of the world.

Which one is the CFO? (Chief Feline Officer)

If you dress your cats that cute, I can't even imagine what BSparl will be wearing!!

Hahaha. You'll have more fun shopping AFTER the baby comes. Because only then do you really figure out what you need or even want. Before you don't even know. Like cats. I bet you wouldn't have thought to buy cat ties before you had cats!

Too funny, Kerri!!!

Oh my goodness - you are too funny!!! (And possibly need to stop working from home . . . LOL) I just might have to knit up a wee little tie for Syn so she can join the workforce too! As Siah's personal assistant, of course!!

I have similar co-workers. What really bites is when there is a traffic jam in the hallway that I must navigate around. (fur ball that I can pretend to ignore for about 10 minutes)

My co workers would not allow apparel. I am surprised you didn't have significant blood loss.


I was watching the TV show Community this week and there was a photo of a cat wearing the same tie! Your cats have hollywood style! Or Hollywood also shops at Target...

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