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The Friday Six: Bed Rest Edition.

It has been ages since I did a Friday Six ... December, I think was the last time.  So I'm well-overdue.  Here's the latest link-fest from the murky depths of my email inbox.  :)

The Friday Six:  April 9, 2010 edition

1.  There's a new issue of diaTribe out for March, which includes a great column by a nine year old boy with type 1 diabetes named Boaz.  Reading about diabetes through the words of a child really touches me, because I remember being that age and thinking so many of those thoughts.  Hell, I still think a lot of those thoughts now, as an adult.  "There have been some scary times, like the time I was rushed in an ambulance to the hospital because my sugar levels went so low that I became unconscious. But there have been a lot of great times too, when I don’t think about my diabetes at all," he writes.  You totally need to check this column out.

2.  Also, and sorry for the self-pimpage, but Six Until Me is up for a Dosie.  (Which, every time I say the word, makes me think of a dosie-do and a ho-down, of sorts.)  This blog has been nominated as Best Patient Blog, and if you are inclined to vote for SUM, thank you!  You can click this link, scroll down to "Best Patient Blog," and submit from there.  You'll also notice that there are a LOT of diabetes-related sites that have been nominated in different categories, so the d-community is totally representing.  (And representing!)

3.  In bed rest news, there's another bed rest fella out there, only he's been in captivity for over 102 days.  That is epic, and I can't even imagine.  To top it off, he's taken his stir-craziness to a level of creativity that blows my mind - Christiaan Van Vuuren IS the Fully Sick Rapper ... and he is something else.  Check out his YouTube videos and you'll see what I mean.

4.  Also, because YouTube is sometimes my only source of entertainment these days, I watched this video:  When Good Bananas Go Bad.  A reader sent it to me and I've now watched it at least four times.  Because a giant banana, waddling viciously after people as they run in terror from him at the mall, was enough to cheer me up considerably.   

5.  There are two new "Life, Uninterrupted" columns over at Animas, which I'd love for you to check out.  (Even though I'm feeling very interrupted these days ... interrupted every two hours by people checking in here and stealing my blood.  Six days to go, and I hope these days speed by like kitties with jetpacks.  What, you've never seen kitties with jetpacks before?  You're missing out.) 

6. And lastly, based on discussions on Twitter last night about the Rhode Island accent, I wanted to share a link to the Quahog Guide to Rhode Island Language Stuff.  Because it hits all the basics, including that whole "grinder" thing.  Study up, ya'll. 

Time for a scintillating weekend - my last before motherhood starts.  AHHHHHHHH!


I'm from Wisconsin and we call sprinkles "jimmies" and water fountains "bubblers" too... Who know Rhode Island and Wisconsin had so many strange idioms in common?

Just a few more days....you must be getting pretty psyched now, huh? Just hang in there!

Some of those Quahog.org things are weird, even to a native Rhode Islander like me. I had a hard time figuring out what the "real word" was for many.

I miss the RI food more than anything. This page makes me very homesick:

I've got such a craving for Pizza Strips that I might have to make the drive up soon! Brian has never been, so I'll have to introduce him to the wonder that is Rhode Island.

Wow - the fully sick rapper is SICK! I love it! :-)

Loved quahog.org. Thirty-three years ago I went to college in Providence from my home in Tucson, Arizona and I could have used this interpretative guide. I'm glad to hear that these local traditions hang on. This summer I took my daughters to New England for their first college tour and I was shocked how rare the accents I had loved were. Even in Boston, it was days before we heard our first Pawk Street. Best wishes for the next week.

Love the Fully Sick Rapper... way to channel boredness...

when's your first music video release? ;)

You're in the home stretch now, Kerri! My thoughts are with you every day! So excited for what next week holds for you! You're going to love being a mom!

Oh, and by the way, am I the only one who got chills after reading your last sentence?!? Your last weekend of not being someone's mother. EVER! Wow - that's huge!!!

WOO HOO A FRIDAY 6!!! (hey, it gives me stuff to check out while at work watching the clock move backwards, forward, backwards, forward, etc)

I'll check out those video links this weekend, they got streaming video blocked.

Enjoy your last weekend without poopy diapers, but look forward to the awesomeness motherhood is going to bring. You are almost there chica, thats an amazing feat by itself.

btw, any reply from the lab rats across the way?

Happy last weekend! You're so close!

Hi Kerri: sending (((hugs))) to you and BSparl and Chris. You are the BEST mommy already, hanging in there with your little girl.

I was shocked to learn that you are in hospital - I am away and not checking around the usual blogs I often visit. Hope you are managing - I wrote about diabetes and pregnancy and well... you today.
I mean every word - thanks for being so brave and writing.

the RI dictionary cracked me up. Lots of it, naturally, translates to MA talk.

and PSDS really only works if you have the accent. We really can turn a single syllable word in to 2 very easily.

I checked out the fully sick rapper the other day. Oh he's too funny! Poor guy!
I wonder if you send him a sticky window note if he'll write back?

"So I'm well-overdue."

Oh sure.

Why not, "Hello Murphy? You and your law can stick it!"


Hey baby! Long time no see. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Give Batman a hello for me :)


I'll have to check these out. Thanks again for linking to "Trololo cat"; it made my kids do those deep-belly laughs that only kids or the young at heart can do. (My daughter likes to act it out, too, where I'm the hand and she's the cat. Cracks us both up.)

You might be at that point of captivity at which you'd appreciate Parry Grip YouTube items. They're silly, but kind of funny, too. "Robot Hamster" is my fave of his.

Thinking of you, and hoping all goes well!

I can't believe BSparl is almost here!!!!

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