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Break Glass In Emergency.

BSparl and I made our first trip out today into Boston proper, so I'm wicked late on writing my post for DBlog Week.  (I apologize for my tardy, bloggy arse.)  But when I was thinking about this topic last night while I waited for the baby to decide yes, she'd like to go back to bed after her 4 am feeding, thank you very much,  I knew I couldn't wax on about the old school low blood sugar treatments I used back in the day. 

Like the white, BD glucose tabs that tasted like the Lick n' Dip sticks and came in foil-wrapped packs of three.  Or the packets of honey they'd dole out at Clara Barton Camp.  Or the bottles of grape juice that hide out in my fridge at this very moment.  Or the many flavors of glucose tabs that, despite their color or packaging, still tasted like the same flavor:  chalk. 

Because when I'm low, I don't want the recommended fifteen grams of carbs.  I don't want to wait patiently for my blood sugar to rise.  I want to grab the hammer and break the glass, as suggested in times of emergency, and house a whole bag of Reese's Pieces.

E.T. can eat his little yellow mums instead.  I'm calling dibs on these.

Those things?  Are the freaking bomb.


Too funny, Kerri. Guess what I have in my bedside drawer right now? It's not my first line of attack (I use Swedish Fish for that, or...baby formula :) But once my bg's on the way up and I have that whole-body ache for real food? It's ET candy...

I do love Reese's pieces. If I had a functioning pancreas, I would get the giant box every time we go to the movies. I would also probably be morbidly obese.

Peanut Butter M&M's are better! :)

I keep a safe stash of dark chocolate hersery kisses or jelly beans in almost every room in the house and my purse. Forget glucose tabs, they are the worst!!

Mine's Sour Patch Kids and Dr. Pepper! :D mmmmmmmmmmmmm


Break glass??? Well, then... Geez. There'd be broken glass all over my kithen floor. Absent Reeses Pieces, of course. NICE!

Willing to share after you break the glass? No?
Ok, I'll buy my own.

They really are Da Bomb.

I love just about any "treats" like that!

Speaking of those old white BD tabs... where do you think the "rule of 15 came from"...

Things that make you go Hmmmm.

Mmm. Reese's pieces.

Frick, after reading Holly's (Arnold and Me) about snickers, I went out and god the dang snickers.

Now tomorrow, I'll have to go out and get reese's pieces. Looks like my good diet is out the window for another day!!

Ok, I'm about to out myself as gross: I keep lemon frosting and a spoon in the fridge and overnight lows get a heaping spoonful of sweet lemony delight. Works pretty fast and ZOMG so delicious!

And now I want Reese Pieces. Crap.
Ooooh or Trader Joe's chocolate covered peanut butter filled pretzel nuggets. I have no idea what they'd do to blood sugar, but these little magic pillows of deliciousness could solve pretty much anything...

My son loves his Skittles 15= 15g We've got emergency packets of Skittles everywhere!

@Brenda: Hehe, we are slowly ruining your diet for you, one post at a time!

Also, I bought Nutella for the first time this weekend. OMG! Why hasn't anyone told me sooner?! Hubby stole it already, it's hiding in his lunch box.

Ok, after reading all these yummy blood sugar raising options, I really need reese's pieces (although i do agree that peanut butter m&ms are better), a snickers bar, some lemon icing (which by the way sounds really yummy), and some nutella. Great, now I'm starving. :)

Welchs fruit snacks for me. I buy the 55 gal. drum from Costco - they come in neat packages with 19 gm.carb.They don't melt or freeze and for the bonus round they are never heavy in my purse.
They are in my nightstand, purse, office, kitchen and car. My husband hides others in my car.
I could never stop myself from eating the whole can of frosting or jar of nutella :-)

Reese's.... yummy.

I'm with you all -- suddenly have such a sweet tooth! Now where's the vending machine?


Knock knock
Who's there?
Terrible jokes
Terrible jokes who?
Terrible jokes from chewy Laffy Taffy, one of my very favorite cures for the lows.

I LOVE REESE'S!!! Of course...it's either a blessing or a curse. That depends on where my bs is!

I just recently found your site! I love it! I hadn't ever thought to look for fellow bloggers who also have diabetes. I love to read your posts. I can identify with so many of them!

Thanks for keeping it up! Good luck with BSparl! I just got married and my husband and I are trying to have kids very soon. You give me courage! Thank you!

I never had those old school glucose tabs. I do remember how much I loved those Lick n' Dip sticks before diagnosis though. I wonder if they make those anymore - I'd love to treat a low with them!!

For me... it's 'Five Alive'. Just sniffing the cap makes my sugar go up, Up and away!! if I'm home... it's the old 'sugar in the orange juice' routine that makes my diabetes nurse CRINGE! I also carry the BIG bottle of Dex with me all the time. (forget those puny little tubes they sell!) I find chocolate takes too long. :(

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