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Crabs are Evil.

BEWARE THE EVIL ... CRABS!Crabs are something that people with diabetes are constantly grappling with.  Are crabs good for us?  Should we be avoiding crabs at all costs?  If we have too many crabs in our diet, will our A1c go up?  What's the official recommendation for diabetics as it pertains to crabs?  Has anyone ever really tamed the wild crabs?  Is anyone eating crabs, right now, as they read this?

(Note:  Spellcheck is my nemesis right now.  It always, always wants to change "carbs" to "crabs."  As though I have anything against Sebastian and his little sea foul friends.  Spellcheck also likes changing "bolusing" to "blousing," as if wearing a puffy shirt is a verb.  For the record, I have nothing against crabs.  Crabs are fine.  And, in my opinion, carbs are fine, too.  Spellcheck is a bit of a bitch, though.  /digression)  

In all seriousness (sort of), I've been told, time and time again, that carbs are evil.  That if I maintain a diet that's reasonably low-carb, my diabetes will thank me for it.  But I don't think that carbohydrates are the enemy.  In fact, they're my best molecular friend when my blood sugar is hanging out in the trenches.  (See also:  Reese's)


I did notice, as I was gearing up for my wedding and working out more than usual, that my very low carb diet and my consistent exercise regimen made for minimal spikes in my blood sugar.  It wasn't a perfect system, but subbing in vegetables for mashed potatoes at dinner time made for a post-prandial under 200 mg/dl, which (pre-BSparl), was a solid goal for me.  Granted, I didn't avoid carbs all the time, but I actively avoided high carb diet choices because I knew both my weight and my A1c would pay the price somehow.  And now, post-BSparl, I'm trying to go back to that lower carb lifestyle, because that helped keep me at a weight I was more comfortable with.  (Not that I'm actively avoiding carbs now, thanks to the epic breastfeeding lows that crop up every few hours, so I'm giving myself a big ol' bell curve on getting back into shape.)

For me, part of the carbohydrate conundrum is user error.  Pre-Bsparl, I was a bit of a lazy boluser.  I never bolused well in advance of a meal, and my post-prandials (and my overall A1C) definitely paid the price over and over again.  It seems that I need to get my insulin pushed through my system at least 25 minutes before I sit down to eat, not five minutes before.  I learned this lesson (23 years too late, eh?) while I planning for baby, and during the course of the pregnancy, it was definitely the case.  Bolusing well before the meal worked better for me.  

To each diabetic their own, I think, when it comes to carbohydrate intake.  Some people are able to manage high piles of carbs without the messy spikes.  Other people, like me, might be clumsy with their insulin.  Or sometimes the decision not to carb has nothing to do with diabetes (as in my case, and in the case of my husband) - we go lower carb for weight management reasons.  But there's no set magical diabetes diet that cures all that ails ya.  Eating carbs, or not eating carbs, is a personal decision that each individual diabetic needs to figure out for themselves. 

In the Sparling house, we tend to avoid the carbs.

And we also arm ourselves against the crabs.  Because seriously, you never know.


We used to bring hermit crabs back from Myrtle Beach every summer, but for some reason they just didn't like living in upstate New York.

I don't like crabs but I sure love carbs! :)

crabs are nasty. ;)

Kerri! I read the first paragraph of your post fighting the rising panic attack and wondering if there was something about crabs that was bad for diabetics. Then I started freaking out about shrimp, because if crabs are bad - WHAT ABOUT THE SHRIMP? They are a main protein source for me and that would SUCK. But just as I was about to google crab and diabetes.....I read your aside. Darn it woman - careful what you write!

(And thank you for the laugh - a lot of it at myself - but a laugh just the same!)

Crabs aren't nasty! They're actually quite delicious, and I highly recommend a good fresh steamed blue crab and a cold beer - it's the best meal EVER - and lo-carb too!

I agree with Kelsy. I was having a minor heart attack on the crab thing! :) haha But Carbs... oh carbs... that is another story. I battle with that one myself, going back and forth between... low carb and carb binging. But I suppose I'm not the only one who does that.

Anyways... I love your blog, and it is a BIG inspiration to me, as I am working on the journey of getting pregnant and having a healhty pregnancy and baby as a type 1 who also has hypothyroidism and endometriosis. I recently started my own blog @ www.thebigdandleslie.blogspot.com I'm hoping form some followers who can dish out some support and advice. It's wierd, but in the internet world I'm hoping for followers who aren't people I know in real life, don't know why. But anyways, thanks for posting my comment and thanks for all of your posts!!

I think Jerry Seinfield's puffy shirt episode might disagree with blousing not being a verb... :-)

Hey Kerri, you did make me think for a second about crabs being bad for my diabetes and me having no idea, but I have come to realize how hilarious you are so I kept reading because I knew you must be on to something else. I love your blog, I read it everyday when I get to work (it's one of the only d-blogs that isn't blocked at work because you don't have "blog" in your internet address, and I thank you for that. :)) But seriously, as Leslie said, I love your blog and it is a HUGE inspriration to me as I am also working on the journey of getting pregnant and having a healthy pregnancy and baby as a Type 1. It feels so great to know I am not alone in all the daily struggles of having diabetes. Thanks for sharing your life with us. :)

I have read and been trying to find the source that if you are on insulin and try to loose weight by restricting carbs that you can't acheieve ketosis. I do low carb and no carb to try and control weight and unless I am no carbs I gain. Even small amounts throw me off.

The best thing about crabs is their lack of carbs. OH, SEE WHAT I DID THERE? (They're pretty tasty, too.)

I always waffle about low-carb versus high-carb. It's a no-brainer that I'm less likely to be riding the diabetes rollercoaster if I go with steamed broccoli instead of pizza, but my A1C is generally no worse on a low-carb diet than a high-carb diet. If you examined standard deviation you'd probably see a different picture...when I was pregnant I didn't cut out my carbs, but I did become much more aggressive/stringent with my insulin. I'm a pretty lazy boluser usually.

Keri - don't know if you've ever tried Symlin, but it helps delay gastric emptying so that you can take your insulin 5 min before the meal, and then the food doesn't get released quite so quickly into your blood stream so insulin/carbs hit at closer to the same time. I've had a fair amount of success with it. You can't use it while your breastfeeding, but could be helpful down the line.

I agree with Beth, crabs are not nasty, the only problem I have is she just said "a good fresh steamed blue crab..." To me, a person raised in Maryland, Crabs are like Lays potato Chips, I can't just eat one! Give me a dozen to eat and another dozen to pick just for other meals.

I read "crabs" as "carbs through whole thing. Guess I'm not much of a proof-reader.
About the carbs, yea they can be evil, but my pancreas challenged 16yo son LOVES them. In fact, last night for dinner we had an all carb night, pancakes and biscuits. It doesn't help me with the 40lbs I need to lose, but I was a hero to a 16yo and that made it worth every pound.

Thank you so much for all of your blogs. It's taken me some time to read up and be up to date on this blog, but it's been well worth it. It's great to read that someone else out there feels similarly or is going thru similar experiences as myself.
Keep it up...for all of us.

My spellcheck always wants to change "telework" to "teleport," which isn't all that untrue if you really stretch it.

hahaha...oh boy! that crab has a grenade!!

I agree with Lindsay Campbell that for me it has to be NO carbs to lose weight. Did not know about the ketoacidosis thing but it makes sense. Any thoughts? ALso, the only way I am losing even a bit of weight now is I try to fast for one day a week. So far I have lost a few pounds but not much more. Hard to do for sure.

hahaha...oh boy! that crab has a grenade!!

It's controversial, but I'm on an ultra-low carb diet. My doctor's theory is this: I shouldn't be satisfied with my target number being over 100. A non-diabetic's average is much lower than that of what we'd call a "good diabetic's."

So I eat virtually no carbohydrates. Less than 15 per meal. Which is REALLY difficult...but with time has become easier.

Aside from that, my spikes and dips have almost disappeared. Low inputs (low numbers of carbs and low numbers of insulin to inject) equal smaller mistakes.

For example, I'm about to eat a baked potato and bread sticks - and when I'm estimating the number of carbs and trying to figure out how much insulin I'm going to take, the variables are so high that I'm more likely to make a mistake that will result in a high or a low.

When I'm eating my 12g of carb breakfast, and I'm injecting four units of insulin, If I eat more or less than predicted, my 4 units aren't going to cause a huge high or low.

Dr. Beirnstein's book was a god-send. I know this is kind of controversial still because it contradicts what the ADA and most mainstream doctors tell us. But I thought I'd chime in anyway.


Too funny!

Wanted to say that I'm so glad you're back blogging on a regular basis. I missed you, but I also appreciated all those guest bloggers that I've now added to my favorites as "need to reads". More information (knowledge) is more power!

Dude. Where did that artist's rendering of an evil crab come from? LOVE IT. Especially since our family calls them "fast-acting crabs" due to an unfortunate (or fortunate?) typo when I sent my first email out to everyone trying to explain the 411 about the big D. Awesome.

I'm too poor for a low carb diet, though I'd love to try it after this pregnancy is over... I think by then my hubby will be working full time again. :D LOL One thing we do alot of in our house is vegetables [we just got our garden in, yay!], so even when the protein aspect seems scarcer, it's nice to have that balance. Besides, my hubby has decided it's time to go 'rice and beans'. Aiyee!! Run for the hills! I have no idea what to do with a bag of beans!!

Heheheheh - you make me chuckle Mrs. Sparling! I have heard that crabs don't see people who are blousing very well. It's kind of like how the T-Rex can't see you if you stand still (thank you Jurassic Park(s)). The Raptors, however, will tear your ass up no matter what you do.

LOL, love the evil little crab!!! Low carb or not, he's ready to make sure nobody is snacking on his succulent little legs. :)

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