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Guest Post: Twice as Nice!

Karen and K.C.

So, so awesome to have my good friend Karen guest blogging here on SUM.  She's the creator of a diabetes blog, a knitting blog, and Siah's yarn nemesis.  She's one terrific lady, and I'm very excited to have her filling in today.

*   *   *

Three years ago if you bet me a year’s worth of Blood Sugar Nirvana that I’d have a diabetes blog along with my knitting blog, I would have taken that bet.  I would have insisted I’d never have two active blogs.  And I would now have 365 days of constant highs and lows ahead of me, while you’d be enjoying a year of perfectly in-range numbers.

I started my knitting blog in 2005 while teaching myself to knit with a book that had a chapter devoted to blogging.  With each knitting blog I visited, the urge to join the knit-blog community got stronger.  I soon I found myself setting up a Blogger account and diving in.  I liked blogging from the start, even back in the early days when no one except my husband was reading.  Over time, I gained some regular readers and made some great friends, both online and in real life.   Although I blogged mostly about knitting, other topics peppered my posts too, including diabetes stuff.  But the thought of starting another blog dedicated to diabetes never entered my mind.  I certainly didn’t imagine there would be a thriving diabetes blog community out there.

Then came the day I started to seriously consider getting an insulin pump, even though the thought of being attached 24/7 freaked me out.  The self-conscious part of me didn’t want what I deemed an ugly piece of medical equipment clipped to my favorite outfits.  So I typed “where to hide an insulin pump” into my search engine and was brought to this very blog.  I read with great interest how Kerri tucked her pump into little pockets that Ann Taylor pants were designed with.  All along I had felt like the only person in the world silly enough to be self-conscious about an insulin pump.  It was wonderful to realize that others wanted to keep their pumps out of sight as well.  I continued to visit Six Until Me and soon started to visit the blogs of those who left comments for Kerri.  Often I was tempted to leave my own comments, but I held back out of embarrassment.   I figured anyone who clicked through and landed on my knitting blog would wonder what that heck this knitting chick was doing leaving comments on a diabetes blog.   In hindsight, that was a ridiculous assumption, because the diabetes community is so supportive and welcoming!  But to me, if I really wanted to join the D-OC, I decided I would need to take the plunge and start a diabetes blog.  And that’s when Bitter-Sweet was born.

At times having two blogs can be difficult.  I will admit I don’t post to either blog as regularly as I’d like.  Sometimes finding topics to for two different blogs can be a stretch.  Although on a knitting blog, it’s completely acceptable and even encouraged to just put up a picture of a pretty skein of yarn - that is absolutely considered a valid post.  It’s not so easy on a diabetes blog, because pictures of lancets or glucose tabs are pretty boring!  I could have just one blog that includes knitting and diabetes and anything else I wanted to blather about.  But I’m far too compulsive for that - I like things orderly and labeled, one blog for knitting and a separate blog for diabetes.  Heck, I could even start a whole new OCD blog but then I’d have three blogs . . . and three is an odd number so I’d feel compelled to start a fourth just to keep things even . . .  and frankly, it wouldn’t end well.  I’d end up with 100 blogs and people would start calling me a crazy blog lady.

So what is the upside of having two blogs?  Hands down, it’s the reward of being a part of two wonderful communities.  On either blog I can post about a problem or frustration, and my blog friends will rush to the rescue with support and tips and cheers to hang in there.  Although I have to say, I feel a tighter bond in the diabetes blog world.  Knitters are wonderful, don’t get me wrong.  But there is a different bond that forms when you share a chronic illness than when you share a hobby.  For this very reason, I’ve never once regretted my decision to maintain two different blogs at once.  Because even when writer’s block is at its very worst, and even though you can’t woo the D-OC with pictures of yarn, you can always get by with posting a picture of a good cupcake!


Well, certainly don't feel alone! I also have two blogs: a home remodeling one and now a diabetes one. I thought about joining mine together, too, but the home remodeling blog was meant for friends and family (who aren't on Facebook) to see pictures and progress of our house. I know my family supports me, but I doubt they want to know my favorite treat for a low. Thus, I started a D-blog to connect with you all! Yea! Multi-bloggers! =D

I'm glad you would have lost that bet! Cause I love reading your blog and tweeting you. And I'm so excited about meeting you in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS!

Oh come on, Karen, you know you want to be a crazy blog lady like me...

Thanks so much for the opportunity to guest post for you, Kerri!! Since your blog was the very first diabetes blog I found, it feels like the whole experience has come full circle!

Karen - My pleasure! And we're not full circle yet ... once you and BSparl meet, we're full circle. You were one of the very first people I told, and you made her first socks! :D

Love you Karen! So nice to see you popping up here with Kerri! Karen and Kerri - twice as nice! :)

I loved the post Karen :)

I have knitted only one thing, it was a bright blue scarf and I ended up working on it for four years, while it got longer and longer because I didn't know how to end the damn thing!! Then my cat had kittens and they destroyed it. SO sad.

Anyway, I'm so glad that I met you and I enjoy reading your D-Blog :)

We are all glad you have 2 blogs...and I wish I knew how to knit!...my mom is teaching all the granddaughters, including C...secretly I think she didn't teach me and my sisters so that it could be a special thing between her and the girls :/

Good thing you put the cupcake thing at the end, or you would have lost me. :)

I do enjoy your posts though, and I've even ventured over to knitting-land occasionally, just for kicks. I wouldn't know a skank of yarn if she slapped me in the face.

"Heck, I could even start a whole new OCD blog but then I’d have three blogs . . . and three is an odd number so I’d feel compelled to start a fourth just to keep things even . . . and frankly, it wouldn’t end well. I’d end up with 100 blogs and people would start calling me a crazy blog lady."

O.K. this part totally made me laugh because I can so relate. Also, I don't have diabetes, but a bunch of kind of rare chronic illnesses, but I so appreciate being able to come here to read how other younger people like myself cope (I'm 30). Because of my heart I'm on a low salt, low fat diet (which in case you haven't noticed salt is in everything), so it inspires me that you guys do what you do every day.

So thank you...and thanks for blogging...

Kudos for having and maintaining 2 blogs. I don't know how you do it. I started another blog but I haven't touched it. Great post!

Yay! I love Karen.

I cracked up at the "three is an odd number, so then I'd have to start another so there could be four.."


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