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Broken Rules.

The rules are that diabetes has a whole list of complications that doctors repeat to us at every appointment, but none of us are actually supposed to get these complications.  No one is supposed to lose their vision or their kidneys or their legs. No one is supposed to lose their life.

We're supposed to have wild high blood sugars with ketones and glass after glass of water, sometimes culminating in an emergency room visit, but eventually we end up back in range and back at home, safe and sound.

We're supposed to have lows that stain the sheets with grape juice and render us unable to speak for ourselves, sometimes with the paramedics being called in to assist, but eventually we end up back in range, safe and sound.

We're supposed to trade stories about the tougher times with diabetes - when we have trouble finding places to hide our insulin pumps, when we're frustrated about pinging from low to high and back again, and when other people in our lives don't understand - but through the support from one another, the tough times aren't as tough, and we all see one another through.

The rules are that in this diabetes community, aside from supporting one another and sharing our lives, nothing bad is supposed to happen.  Things can get tricky and tough and challenging, but no one is supposed to get hurt.  In any way. 

Yet in the last few months, we've lost several loved ones, and most recently, we've lost a passionate diabetes advocate.  

It isn't fair.  They broke the rules.  These blogs about people with medical conditions, they are supposed to write candidly and bravely.  They are supposed to give a glimpse into what it's like to live with these diseases.  To live.  They are supposed to make you laugh and cry and feel for people you don't even know. 

It's been a tough year for the diabetes community.  We miss so many. 

Today is a good day to call your parents.  Give your child a hug.  Tell a friend how much they mean to you.  Send an email to someone just to say hi. (Even give the cats tuna fish as a special treat.) 

Today is one of those days when life feels so fragile, and every moment should be celebrated.  To quote Bennet, LY/MI.


Great post Kerri and so true.

This is perfect, Kerri. I was thinking something similar when I woke up this morning. I feel like lately I've heard of so many otherwise healthy, vibrant T1 diabetics who break these rules, and it's scary -- and sad -- as hell. I felt bad for thinking it, but you express it so perfectly here. Thank you.

Thank you so much for writing this, Kerri. So true. Your words capture the exact sentiment that's been clouding my mind since Tuesday evening when hearing about Cythia. We remember her and so many others we've lost, and carry on that advocacy while doing our best to have some meaning while we're here.

I'm so sad....these stories are piling up.

Thank you Kerri...((hugs))

Beautiful and yet such a devastating post.

There's only one rule I stick to: NO GUILT ALLOWED!

I have to agree with John. NO GUILT ALLOWED ! We all try to be perfect but it's just not possible.
Great post Kerri. (((hugs)))


Well said, Kerri. ((Hugs))

It isn't fair! It took my older brother, and eventually it will take me and my younger brother.
My younger brother and I have escaped most complications so far, apparently we inherited excellent vascular systems, but that won't hold us forever.

Excellent post, but ... exactly WHO is the diabetes advocate we most recently lost? I'm just curious, though I certainly mourn any and all of us who pass away due to the dreaded complications of Type I.


It's so scary to think about the harsh realities of this disease sometimes, but I just want to thank you for creating this site. I recently found it and I appreciate everything you put on here so much! It couldn't have come at a better time for me! Hang in there and you are in my thoughts!

It's taken me a couple of days to digest another loss to d... yet it still leaves a pit in my stomach. I did not know the person who triggered this heartfelt post, but any loss within our community is one too many.

My heart goes out to her family and those who loved her.

It is so hard to witness the devastation that D sometimes throws at us.

Wonderful post Kerri.

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