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The Child's Reply to Her Mother.

Steve at Without Envy broke my heart by answering, by way of poetry, the letters I wrote to BSparl while she was growing inside of me.  I'm very honored to be sharing his words with you guys today, as I read them to myself over and over again in the hospital, waiting patiently for my daughter to arrive.

*   *   *

The Child's Reply to Her Mother

Dear Mommy,

Were the world imperfect and only so cozy
compared to your big pregnant belly,
I would wish for these moments to last,
To be as close as I am to you now.

But Sound lends music to eager ears;
Thoughts turn from angst and guiltless fears;
And Galileo falls quiet;
This child inside you stirs.

Old Winter has gone, and blossoming flowers,
Bibs, small dresses and candy pacifiers, are sprung in baby showers;
While monitors, cultures, and blood pressure cuffs,
Hold but a whisper’s attention.

Fluids and proteins, and peeing in hats,
Headaches, fat feet and carpel tunnel wraps,
Will soon give way to the soft touch of your hand;
This child inside you stirs.

But could nature embrace, and wrap tenderly
The same tender love you’ve woven for me,
In your arms do I wish for these moments to last,
To be as close as I am to you now.


*   *   *

Written by Steve, who blogs at Without Envy.  Please visit his site and appreciate his fine writing!


What beautiful words. Kerri, I'm a few months behind you- Type 1, expecting my first baby (girl) in 9 weeks, delivering at BIDMC, and your letters to BSparl have resonated strongly with how I feel about this little one inside me. After reading the 'baby's response'- I think I need about 16 more tissues and a visit to Steve's blog to thank him! :)

Steve sure does have a way with words. Just gorgeous and worth saving for when BSparl grows and has children of her own. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing Kerri.

Awww, so bittersweet.

Holy crap, that was lovely. For reals.

That was magical. Thank you for introducing me to a brilliant writer. :-)

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