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The Friday Six: Elephant Edition.

The Friday Six:  June 25, 2010 editionThe Internet has so much STUFF.  And it's not all diabetes-related. (Even though you'd be hard-pressed to believe otherwise, if you hacked in to my Google searches throughout the week.  Actually, if you hacked into my searches, you'd think that I'm devoid of rational thought, because this morning I was telling a story to BSparl about how monkeys in the jungle organize their bananas, which prompted me to Google "can bananas be organized," and I found a whole list of famous monkeys.)

So here's some STUFF that I've come across this week, as part of another Friday Six:

1.  I remember hearing a bunch of children's songs when I was a babysitter in high school, but nothing as awesome as Eric Herman's Elephant Song.  I've watched the video about ten times already (three times when BSparl was asleep, so I can't even use her as an excuse) and the song is permanently embedded in my head.  He has no idea, but he's going to be a very prominent part of BSparl's musical landscape.  Him ... and The Beastie Boys.

2.  It's a known fact that PWDs are their own brand of superheroes.  And thankfully, our own Chris Bishop has created the most badass blogroll of all time, depicting different diabetes bloggers as members of comic lore.  (And the best part is that we all look foxy, despite c-sections. :) ) Check out his Diabetic SuperHeroes blogroll and marvel (ha!) at his creation!

3.  And in the diabetic mommy "good news" file, Nic at A Sweet Journey Into Motherhood has given birth to her healthy and absolutely gorgeous son.  Please be sure to skip on over there and see his beautiful pictures and give Nic some comments of congratulations.

4.  Also, I wanted to share some good news from the Sparling front.  Chris has been working with M. Night Shymalan on an upcoming project, and I'm excited that I can finally tell you guys.  More details are at Deadline New York, if you want to click through.  We're excited, and as always, proud to share with the d-community!!

5.  This is kind of nerdy to include, but I really think it's neat.  The Boon bottle drying rack makes my kitchen look like I actually have some undead greenery in it.  Which is a unique and rare moment for a plant-murderer like me.  (See also:  The Experiment that failed miserably.)  I like this thing - it's bright, cheery, and keeps the baby bottles from smelling odd because they didn't dry properly and therefore forcing me to wash them before I use them.  (No, this isn't a paid endorsement.  And yes, I purchased this myself at my local Target, where dreams are born.  Love Target.)

6.  And lastly, have you guys checked out the Australian forum, Reality Check?  Well the forums have bloomed into a whole website, called the Type 1 Diabetes Network.  The forums are still there, but there's a whole pile of information for a newly diagnosed diabetic or a veteran one, including a great "starter kit" that can has resources for any PWD.

And now I'm off to find more famous monkeys.  Have a good weekend!


Just watched The Elephant Song. That was too cute! Though, I would be afraid kids would grow up confused about animals. My dogs do lie by the window sill, though. Hmmm . . . maybe he's right. =)

Okay, one more kiddy-CD to add to the pile. How cute is that video! (My favorite so far is That Baby, because they've just remixed regular songs, like Fleetwood Mack, Bruce Springsteen and the Beatles to make them sound like folky, acoustic kid's songs. So that when they're stuck in your head and you find yourself singing them in the grocery line, people think you're weird but not THAT weird.

Congrats again to you and Chris!!!!!!!!

Ok, your superhero self is FABULOUS but Bennet's is truly the best....

Love that elephant video and love the superheros page! You are one hot mamma! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

Ooo...your superhero is hot! (And a little scarey.)

The "grass" drying rack is super-cute, but how do you clean that sucker?? Don't drop any breadcrumbs into it, or you're sure to have ants at the picnic. ;-)

Love the elephant song. I ordered the CD for my grand daughter. I know it wasn't your intent to sell the the author's products, but i bought anyway.

OH I love the drying rack! Coming from someone that has killed a chia pet (which the store assured me was almost impossible to do), that will be a welcome addition to my apt! I can finally pretend I have other living things in here... :-)

congrats Chris on the opp cant wait to see it.
The elephant video is funny as heck kinda nostalgic though, it gave me some fond memories of home...lol

Love the Elephant Song!!! I just showed my daycare kids the video and they giggled throught the whole thing! Thanks for sharing!!

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