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You Don't Belong There.

BSparl loves to sleep ... but on her own damn schedule, thank you very much.  She doesn't like naps between 9 am and 3 pm, she wakes up in the middle of the night whenever she deems fit, and she has no use for the bassinet that my very generous best friend loaned to us.  So we moved the bassinet into the living room and I have these lofty plans of getting it back to the NBF sometime before we leave for Florida.

Unfortunately, someone else had plans for this discarded napper:

Me:  "Siah, you are not a baby."
Cat:  "Meow, meow ...  I mean wah wah, hold me.  Also, I chewed on a pacifier and claimed that sucka, too."
Me:  "Good pun, but seriously, get out of the bassinet."

I can't stand this cat.


Looks like BSparl may be giving Siah a few gray hairs! Or maybe it's just the light. Either way...this kitty isn't taking this whole BSparl thing lying down. Er...maybe she is.

That crazy cat! C'mon Siah, you're a big girl now. Big girls don't belong in bassinets!

Siah's twin was being equally facetious yesterday in my household. What is it with these cats? He wouldn't get out of my suitcase...I'd move him, he'd get back in. I put clothes in, he'd sit on the clothes. Thanks for the hairballs, fatty.

But does she curl up and sleep in there? Or just displays her stoic Siah self?

What a crazy cat.

I was thinking too that Siah looks "older" here... :) And I know you secretly adore the little beast. Because I have one that in spite of his craziness I absolutely adore.

Siah just thinks that you will pay complete attention to whatever is in the bassinet. Therefore, she is trying to get some! ;-) Or she likes the smell of BSparl and wanted to get as close as possible...

Siah is too flippin cute.

I have that problem with my cats and my grandson's bed and packn' play so I just throw a sheet over them and that seems to detour any unauthorized napping.

Tip if you want the cats to stay away from the baby stuff...
A family I babysit for uses aluminum foil anywhere they don't want their cat to be. Like the crib, changing table, etc. It works too. It takes time getting used to removing aluminum foil before laying the baby down for bed, but it doesn't take too long. lol

I hope your generous friend doesn't mind cats. :D

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