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Calling All Type 1 Adults.

I've had a chance to attend several CWD "Friends for Life" conferences in the last few years, and it's been one of the most inspirational times in my life.  All those kids with their meters stashed in their backpacks, their pumps stuffed into their pockets.  All those adults who are living well, and honestly, with diabetes, sharing their stories "from the trenches" and leaning on one another for support.  All those parents of kid with diabetes, finding hope and inspiration in every person they have the chance to meet.

Don't let the name of the organization fool you - Children with Diabetes isn't just about small children.  Becoming "friends for life" isn't limited to seven year olds.  But the conference used to be geared towards kids and their parents, and we are being given the chance to round out that agenda a bit.  

Today, I'm asking that you visit Scott Johnson's blog at Diabetes Daily, check out his post "Adult Type 1 Conference," and to please leave your feedback.  We're aiming to have a track at FFL next year for adults with type 1 diabetes, but we need to make sure we're creating sessions that type 1 adults want to attend.  (Here is a link to the focus groups that took place in 2010, and the adult/parents schedule, just to give you a feel for what has already been discussed.)  Your feedback is crucial and can help to shape the new face(s) of the 2011 conference.

Thanks in advance for all of your feedback!!