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Happy 4th!

The celebrations of yesterday are spilling over into today, which makes for an awesome long weekend.  My blood sugars have been decent, but I keep letting hours go by between blood sugar checks. (Thankfully, the Dexcom keeps wailing at me whenever something is wrong - maybe it's time to loosen up the high and low settings I have on the Dex?  I'm still using my pregnancy settings, making the receiver freak out anytime I'm over 160 mg/dl ... must change that.  /digression)  But diabetes crap aside, hanging out in the sunshine with family and friends feels good.  And BSparl has been enjoying her first fourth of July.

And, like any budding fashionista, she has the right attire upon which to launch her burps.

BSparl was a little startled when my cousins were doing cannonballs into the pool.

Happy 4th of July weekend!  How did you celebrate?


I've loosened my Dex settings significantly since bringing Anna home, because having one thing hollering at me every night is quite enough, thank you.

(By the way...I'm now writing my pod-in-a-hairy-place blog post, and linking to you for having come up with a nickname. Still undecided whether I have the guts to actually post it to the public. :D May need to set it to autopost tomorrow instead, because just the thought of hitting the Publish button is making me blush.)

I always wonder if my pants are on too tight as well with "High" set at 160. Sometimes I scream "SHUT UP YOU STUPID MACHINE." "I SAID SHUT UP!!!"

cute, cute, CUTE bib! There are going to be lots of 'first' bibs in your house!! Enjoy every 'first'!! :)

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