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How Accountable?

A week ago, I felt very crummy about my level of physical activity lately.  And about my post-baby body.  And just about everything related to diabetes management.  I felt like the only thing I was doing was raising the baby, and everything else was falling by the wayside.

I needed to be held accountable to my desires to realign my health.  And for the last week, I've gotten back on track a bit.  I haven't missed a single fasting test (we're talking immediately testing, like before I even vault from the bed in the morning) and my meter average is down in the last 30 days, from an average of 175 mg/dl (horrible for me) to 126 mg/dl (almost there).  Even though I'm not liking all the numbers I'm seeing (hello, 214 mg/dl this morning after a miscalculated midnight snack), I'm at least emotionally ready to handle any number that shows up.

Hoping these averages continue to tumble a little more.  :)

I also think I've hit a bit of stride with working out, as well.  It's not so much the actual workout, but more just GETTING THERE.  With BSparl and her cute little needs, she and I spend a lot of time together.  Scheduling a time to get a workout in has been a challenge.  I can't bring her to the gym with me, so if I head out for a real "gym workout," I need to negotiate with Chris's schedule as well.  We have the ellipmachine here in the house, but I need to have BSparl either napping or in a chilled out state (read:  memorized by her hands or the flying snail) before I can climb on for a 30 minute haul.  For me, I had to break through the mental wall of "I deserve some time for this."  I was making what I've heard is a classic new mom mistake, which is to let the baby dictate everything about my day:  wake up when she wakes up, sleep when she sleeps, and exercise once she goes to college. 

I needed to grow a pair and do some things for myself.

(Ew, Kerri.  Did you seriously just write "grow a pair?"  Where's your class, lady?  Hathat.  /digression)

BSparl usually goes to bed around 9:45 pm and sleeps until about 8:30 am, without waking up.  (Except for last night, when she woke up at 3 am and wanted to hang out and talk about her presidential picks for 2012.  She made some mention of a Hilary/Siah ticket, which I would love to see.)   So I'm trying to schedule my workouts for either before she wakes up in the morning or after she hits the sack.  I'm doing the same for my consulting schedule, working my conference calls in during scheduled nap times and for days when Chris is also working from our home office.  Now that the baby is developing more of a set schedule, I can work mine around hers.  (Which explains why I was on the ellipmachine yesterday morning at 11 am, during the first of BSparl's naps.  And at the gym again late last night, after the little biscuit had gone to bed.)

Workouts are slower than they were, pre-pregnancy, but much better than a month or two ago.  My c-section scar is healing very nicely, and I've regained some muscle mobility in my lower abdomen (meaning that I don't have to roll on my side like a crustacean when I try to get up from doing situps).  Overall, I'm aiming to do more cardio these days because I want to lower my overall body fat percentage, and because I have tendinitis so badly that I can't pick up a damn weight even if I wanted to.  But now that I've gotten myself to the gym a few days in a row, I feel back in the groove of working out ... and I missed it.  So I want more of it.

And that's the feeling I missed.  That desire.  For something more than making certain the baby is healthy and happy.  I want to be healthy and happy, too.  

Game on!


Having been out of commission for a much different reason, I know how difficult it is to get going again.

I needed to step it up last week, too, so I greatly appreciate my accountability partner :)

It seems like you'd get a workout just by lugging a baby around.

Can you use her as a free weight?

You realize it'd have to be a Siah/Hillary ticket, right? Cause there's no way Siah would settle for second best. :P

Good on you! Like you mentioned, I think that every new mom goes through that stage of not being able to do anything else but take care of the baby. It takes some self-awareness and discipline to make working out again a priority. Keep up the good work! You want to set that example of momma taking care of herself early to ensure that Bsparl does the same later in life.

I've been in a bit of a working out rut lately myself. I hope I get some of your motivation soon.

hi keri- I admire you. lik i have said before i have an 11 week old, and i need to excerise too, check my blood sugars way more often- there was only 17 checks the last 7 days, and i appreciate reading your blog knowing you are struggling too but that you are overcoming it, unfortunately i go back to work next monday....yikes oh and i have something that can cure your tendonitis in 2 days if you want it just send me back a quick note of your po box and ill send it your way! its just pepper extract-all natural stuff.

I always admired your 5 day a week workouts...I've been trying to do that myself and I've been doing okay with it. Can't imagine trying to do it with a baby at home! You are doing a great job!

Is it wrong that when I read your Tweet about "reclaiming the desire", I was thinking about sex, post-baby?

Hey Kerri! Congrats on your improvement! Keep it up! I haven't excercised in so long (morning sickness-all day long), hopefully you will inspire me! :)

I am routing for you Kerry. I have been missing the gym for nearly a week because of the stomach flu. I need to get back tomorrow. I am starting to crave comfort food to replace those lovely endorphins I get to enjoy during and after my workouts. @>--;--

June S -

I accidentally deleted your comment before I had a chance to down some coffee this morning. I'm sorry about that!

To answer your question, my tendinitis is a direct result of breastfeeding and using the breast pump. Those repetitive motions have wrecked havoc on both of my hands. But from what I've been told, I should be back to normal once I'm done with both of those activities!!

I really enjoy your well written articles and seeing your challenges through female eyes. Your style of writing sure keeps one smiling and interested.
I have written articles about diabetes and exercise, but yours made me actually get out and do it! Keep on keeping on.

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