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Life Imitating Art.

This is a little, gray cat onesie in a laundry basket:

Oh so cute! 

This is a not-so-little gray cat in a laundry basket.  Not quite the same:

Not the same, dipshit cat. 

Siah, you're so close.  Yet so, so far from helpful.


Brave, brave Siah. Our cats fear the laundry basket. (Use your imagination.)

I love that onesie. :)

OMG I love the ears. She looks thoroughly annoyed.

Onsie? Cute. Siah? Even cuter. My cat always jumps in the full laundry basket, which is even less helpful, but I love it anyway.

My cat is laying in a hamper full of laundry right now. She's perched up there, watching the dogs play. Almost like a princess watching a joust.

Next photo, of course, will be Siah on the onsie on bSparl.

My youngest cat Zorro loves the laundry basket (mine is a round one tho'). How Z fits into it is beyond my imagination (been told by vet - he needs to shed some weight - otherwise - may become diabetic - I don't need a Fat Cat Deux to share my insulin with ).

I was totally expecting to see Siah wearing the onesie!

Hahahahaha that's excellent! Siah is the queen of the laundry basket.

She looks like she's trying to tell you that even though laundry and other manual labour is beneath her, she will do whatever it takes to get your attention! :)

Just wait til BSparl is old enough to take Siah for rides in that laundry basket!

So cute!


Awww, Siah is just as cute as the onesie cat!! Did she climb in on her own, or did you put her in there? I've often wanted to scoop up K.C. and put her in the laundry basket (don't ask me why) but I know she's be terrified. Because baskets are scary. So is the doorbell, flip-flops, ice cubes, yarn . . . . the list goes on!

Karen - Chris actually placed her in the basket, but she hung out in there for about 30 minutes, because her brain synapses don't fire very often. ;)

And maybe if you put a nice, cozy blanket in the basket, K.C. would snuggle up?

Kerri, Siah is just being her Sausage self. Siah is one of a kind. BSparl is beautiful. I have a cat which is a Sausage clone almost. And same attitude and personality. I even call my cat, Sausage often.

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