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Snacks I'm Snacking On.

(Nothing in this post is suggested by or paid for by a company.  The entity in charge of this content?  My stomach.)

My days are spent with two hands snuggling the baby, two hands typing on the computer, one hand folding laundry, another hand changing a diaper, another heating up a bottle, and the last land shooing Siah away from BSparl while she plays.  (Yes, I have eight hands.  Am an octopus.  In theory.) 

So anything culinary that requires a big, cooking-type process just is NOT happening these days.  I have a tendency to grab snacks whenever I can, and these are the grabbables that are topping my list lately:

Delicious, nutritious, and tasty.

Asian pears (They're like particularly sweet apples with a grainy, tasty skin.  Chris and I basically fight over these because they are so good.)

Lemony yum! 

These Lemon Parfait things from Yoplait.  (Awesome when I want a sweet treat but am not willing to bolus seventeen units for it.  And I am loving everything lemon lately.  Also loving alliteration, apparently.)

Easter Bunny's got nothing on me. 

Hard-boiled eggs.  (I can snag one with one hand and crack it open, all while BSparl is asleep in my arms.  Perfect!  But don't crack it against your head unless you're totally sure it's hard boiled.  Poor Ramona.)

I love this pudding.  And the word.  Taaaa-peeee-ooh-ca. 

And these Kozy Shack tapioca puddings.  (I love tapioca pudding.  Always have, even though some people give me crap for liking a dessert that has the consistency of roe.)

Yum all around - just don't combine all four together.  Something about tapioca topped with hard boiled eggs makes my stomach lurch. But separate?  Totally delicious.

What snacks are topping your list?


Greek Gods Yogurt (HONEY flavor!). Just sweet enough, lots of protein, keeps my BG even all morning. However, my husband keeps pointing out "that is soooooo fattening you might as well grab a carton of ice cream". Ugh, men.

Since it's summer, I'm lovin' me some Edy's French Silk ice cream.

I've also succumbed to the Greek yogurt pull. We have found a brand that we really like that is all-natural with fruit on the bottom: Chobani. Trey and I race to the refrigerator for our favorite flavor: strawberry!

Oh, and for some reason, I can't get enough milk lately. I never liked drinking milk straight up without chocolate syrup or cookies (or both for a serious low). But now I can't get enough milk. I have a glass every night with dinner. Weird?!

Saw Ramona, so I understand your reference. Did you know that when you spin an egg it spins faster when it's hard boiled? Also, if you grab it quickly while it spins to stop it, if it's hard boiled it stays stopped when you let go. But it continues to spin if it's raw? Fun facts that I demonstrated to the kids after a mistake with one of our freshly laid eggs. Yum.

Mmmm, tapioca. Love it too!!! Tops on my list lately are Kashi GoLean Crunchy bars (which are pretty high in protein and don't spike me the way cereal does), almonds or Greek yogurt. When a junk-craving hits, RiceWorks brown rice crisps are very yummy. And I've found that eating half a banana without bolusing before a "run" will keep my blood sugar stable all the way through.

Cheese, in most any form - preferably, string. I also love Emerald Dry Roasted Almonds, and sugar-free instant Jell-O pudding. Yummers.

Georgia white nectarines. They are absolutely the best when eaten with a handful of almonds.

I'm a huge fan of hard-boiled eggs but my favourite snack this time of year? blueberries and walnuts. one blueberry and one walnut piece in your mouth is incredible. You gotta try it!

Avocado! Not exactly convenient, but lovely all sliced up with some salt and a tomato.

Bacon. duh.

"...has the consistency of roe." You are so damn funny! I love the tapioca too, thanks for the laugh.

Ooooh yeah Asian pears are sooo yummy. I love little cherry tomatoes. Tasty!

I have been loving tomatoes (my neighbor gave me some from his backyard and they are amazing). I have to agree about the Edy's french silk ice cream, it is so yummy! Being 8 weeks pregnant has made a predictible snack almost impossible, some things sound good sometimes and other times make me want to puke! It's tough but I know it will be worth it. :) I will definitely be trying your snack items, I've never had an asian pear!

Triscuits with some laughing cow cheese spread with strawberry jam. Holy carbs I know, but I have about 4 - 6 of these and I'm set until dinner. I had no idea there was no sugar added Kozy Shack!! Must. find.

Mmmm....those pears look delish! We love Yoplait Light's thick 'n creamy blueberry pie flavor. YUM! We also eat a lot of raw almonds but in the summer, we love sliced strawberries and Mt. Rainier cherries in our house!

I've been loving everything berry lately. Strawberries, blackberries, cherries (not a berry but yummy anyway).

And I don't know why but a lot of people hate the texture of tapioca or rice pudding but I LOVE it! And oddly, I'm not a fan of jello or regular pudding. Hmm. I think Kozy Shack is going on the grocery list this week. YUM!

Raw, unsalted sunflower seeds by the fistful. Pretty much bolus free unless I eat the whole bag.

Homemade yogurt (I use Greek yogurt for a starter) with a spoonful of blueberries, walnuts, or farmers market blueberry jam.

And of course Dove Darks, to counteract all the crunchy-nutty stuff ;)

At this time of year? Cherries, raspberries, apricots, blueberries. I love me some summertime fruit! I also can't get enough of our fresh tomatoes with a bit of crumbled feta. So nice. Then there's, well, everything at our local gluten-free bakery. It's a dangerous place. Creme puffs, eclairs and biscotti? Oh my.

Cocoa Roast Almonds by Emerald - Nice fix with a sweet/salty taste. The 100-calorie packets help with convenience and portion control, too.

LOVE your Ramona reference.


Also Former Childhood Book Nerd

George - don't you mean meatcandy?

Always Greek yogurt, of course.

String cheese.

Wasabi flavored almonds.

(Also, love the Ramona reference. And tapioca...??? Can't get over the texture thing there. Gross.)

Nectarine with goat cheese. mmm.
For all you almond lovers, I have found that the big tubs of almonds at Target are much cheaper than Emerald - $9.99 for a 5lb. jar.

And I love the Ramona reference! Thanks!

Also, the Fiber 1 yogurt cups are a delightful and tasty treat. Key Lime - yum!

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I'm eating summer fruit for nearly every one of my snacks. I'm also strangely addicted to having an apple with white cheddar cheese at 3:30 pm every single day. I've been doing this for the last three months and I'm always excited to eat it.

Oh look, only 22 minutes until that snack. Hooray!

pepper jack cheese sticks

plums only 8 carbs and almost bolus free


try the avocado with lemmon pepper, way yummie

Chobani (greek yogurt w/fruit @ bottom) and almonds mixed together.

You've GOTTA try this: take a 1/2 frozen banana, a little bit of peanut butter or almond butter, a splash of milk...and blend it in food processor, blender, or magic bullet (which I LOVE)...and you have what tastes like frozen banana yogurt. DELISH!!!!

Ooooh, and I forgot...Lara Bars! Great on the blood sugars!!! AND...they have a huge variety of flavors, including 4 new ones that I'm dying to try!

Goldfish crackers (44 is approximately 15g), Kashi TLC granola bars, fresh fruit (which BabyBL is ALL about when properly mashed up), PopChips, and coffee. Coffee can be a snack, right?

Oh, and meatcandy.

Smoked King salmon, Goda cheese and a Wasa cracker. Had to kick the fruit habit for awhile, been getting alot of highs lately. Must be time for a med readjustment.

You all inspire me! Have to admit I love the chips for a snack, as well as salty pickles (no carbs at least!) but these suggestions for nuts fruit combos and things are great! Must try.

Lately I can't get enough of Trader Joes frozen Mango chunks (defrosted) and apricots (they are awesome this year!) and my bad treat is Turkey Hill Bronx Bomber Ice Cream.

Chobani Greek yogurt with blueberries or pineapple! I am addicted - it is so good!!

TJ's "just a handful" of almonds or omega nuts & berries

Clif kids z fruit bars strawberry or tropical

Bonus secret fact known by hard core breast feeding/pumping moms: tapicoa is one of those mysteriously wonderful foods that increase breast milk supply!

My favorite snacks right now is anything that's in the fridge. I'm eating until I'm sick. I haven't bothered to test or even inject insulin and when I do inject I'll slam 100 units of Humalog. I'm really messed up. Sorry to rain on everyone's parade.

My favs are string cheese, morning star sausage patties (maple flavor) berries & plums recently!

Im 7 weeks pregnant with my first and t1- any tips for snacks for pregnancy? Anything different? Don 't want to spike my sugar.


So this sounds weird but... take a bunch of snap peas. Soak them in water over night. They are super crunchy and pretty much carb free. And it's one of the few green things I will eat.

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