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The Friday Six: Weird Links.

The Friday Six:  July 9, 2010 editionWeird links - I haz them.  And what better way to share them with you than a Friday Six

1.  Children's shows are awesome.  I love Sesame Street.  (The Elmo's World theme song gets stuck in my head for hours.  And even though Big Bird is a bit of a whiny bitch, I still like him.)  I love Word World.  I love this weird show called Peep and the Something Something because Peep is this tiny bird with a huge head, stick legs, and no body.  Cracks me up.  Thank goodness these shows are tolerable because they're the new background noise of my life.  The only thing missing is The Muppet Show, which I must buy the DVDs for BSparl so she can experience the magic of Muppets.

2.  If you ever wanted to see the story of George Washington put to creepily-animated video, here's your chance.  I don't know what else to say about this, other than nightmares occurred as a result.

3.  In other video news, this video is completely kick ass.  It's a video of Ginger working out with Scott at the Friends for Life conference.  And Scott TOTALLY rocks the Turkish Get Ups.  (Scott - Chris agrees.  Those are hard moves!  But you really worked it!  And also, I can't believe I just linked to a site called "Wanna Be Big.")

4.  I also wanted to let you know that I have new columns up both at dLife (Generation D) and on the Animas site (Sweatin' With Rudolph).  But now that I've seen that video of the Turkish Get Up, I think I need to try it instead of working out while dancing with the baby.  I'm pretty sure I could pull off a Siah Get Up.  Or maybe I can do a BSparl Get Up?  (Even though she's asleep right now.  I'd rather she not get up right now.)

5.  Twitter is a good time, but I have had it with all the app names started with "tw."  Case-in-Point:  TwimeMachine, which is a service that lets you peek at old Tweets.  You can also find out When Did I Join Twitter (1,235 days ago for me - embarrassing, as is the grammar in this sentence).  And My First Tweet, which shows you the first Tweet you ever made.  (Apparently, mine was about suiting up with the Dexcom, back in 2007.)  But I wasn't able to find everything I was looking for - does anyone know of a site or service that shows you all the Tweets you've ever typed?  Nerdy request, yes, but I'm on the hunt.

6.  And lastly, I received a black eye from this:

Kicked my ass, this thing did.

This child's clothes hamper came with an actual warning on the side of the package, something about being veeeeery careful opening the tightly coiled structure.  I scoffed at this warning, and then the frog leapt up and tagged me in the face.  It looks friendly, but it has a decidedly treacherous agenda.  Beware of baby items!!


They totally have The Muppet Show on DVD. And Fraggle Rock. I just bought Fraggle Rock: The Complete Series a couple of weeks ago. :) I

I am putting that Washington video on Facebook. Like, right now.

Why is that clothes hamper marketed solely for children?? I have a boring black one but am totally going to look for a giraffe one!!

I think I'd be watching adult TV till the baby grows up. You'll not get another chance for years. That said, i can't get enough of Fraggle Rock.

That George W video was just plain spooky. Homeland Security needs to looks at those guys.

Love your links - It's Peep and the Big Wide World and I know this because my son was obsessed with it for awhile and my husband and I took bets on that the voice over was Joan Cusack (it is...) You can read more at http://www.peepandthebigwideworld.com

Wish I could remember the name of the other one he loved that cracked me up. It was 2 guys who acted out things, and used a remote control to go backwards, slow down, etc. It was sooo crazy and stupid-funny. People around me thought I'd lost my mind since I actually thought it was funny. They could have been right, but it's amazing what TV shows you start thinking are funny.

Just wait until your child is evaluated by an educational person at age 3 and you are told that your child has a problem with pronouns because he calls airplanes, trains, etc. he or she. I asked the gal (about age 22) "Have you watched Thomas the Train? Jay Jay the Jet Plane?" "What?" she said. I said, "You need to turn on PBS for awhile. In their world, every item is a he or she at this age!"

If you're looking for the Muppet Show, I found the best deals on amazon when I bought them a year or so ago, but I know Target had them, too.

haha, the washington video was great!

FINALLY, someone else who thinks Big Bird is a whiny bitch!! Love him, but he is whiny!

Had nightmares about that George Washington YouTube...

I used to watch PEEP with my now nine-year old. I loved the theme song so much I tried to buy it for my ipod! Couldn't find it though.

When I read No. 1 I thought of Kermit right away, and then I saw that hamper and I figured today is totally a frog day :)

Dude, the big bird line cracked me up! OMG!

The GW video was interesting, but creepy as hell!

I started having flashbacks of Ginger's workout after watching our workout video! I'm glad that Chris approved. I would have been crushed if he said they were easy. But you know what's even scarier? After she kicked my ass, she did "her" workout. She is badass, and I love her. :-)

And I hope the kermit shiner heals quickly - I bet it makes for an awkward story. Actually, that's probably right up your alley... Haha!

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