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I have no idea how it happened, but yesterday was a crummy day, diabetes-wise.  Somehow, early in the evening, I heard the Dexcom singing from the kitchen countertop, and BSparl and I went over to investigate.

"High."  With a long line at the very top of the Dexcom screen.

"Hi, to you, jerkface," I said, pulling out my meter to see just what the greeting was about.  And I saw a sticky 451 mg/dl blinking back at me.

"What the fern?"  I couldn't figure out how I ended up so high, especially since after lunch I was 174 mg/dl and flatlined on the Dex.

And I was so angry.  How does this happen?  Did I eat the wrong thing?  Take a shallow bolus?  Is the pump ferning with me?  Could the insulin have spoiled?  Did I just lose track of everything and my numbers went berserk on me?

I was beyond battling with variables.  High as can be and sporting ketones?  I wanted this fixed NOW.  So BSparl and I went into the bathroom to do a full once-over.  Brand new pump infusion set, brand new bottle of insulin, and I took an injection from a syringe instead of bolusing, to make sure I'd come down within a few hours.

I did a ketone check and confirmed my suspicions:  small ketones.  Oh for crying out loud.  I felt like I was in a battle against 100,000 variables, and all I had were these remedial tools with which to battle back. 


A few hours later (and after a nap and after skipping my workout and after explaining to BSparl why her mommy keeps peeing on a stick), I was back down to 213 mg/dl and still falling.  And when I woke up this morning, it appeared that I had fallen to about 90 mg/dl and held there all night long.  Lucky save.

I am not a fan of these kinds of glitches on the battlefield against diabetes.  (But I do love me some Photoshop.  Because there's something so fun about arming King Leonidas, and his mega-abs, with a syringe.)


You're mom's so high . . .

:: rimshot :: Nice one!

It had to be something in the air last night... My dex did the same thing to me for no apparent reason... Maybe my Ping and Dex are teaming against me? lol

LOL 300 would have been way better if they all had giant Novalog pens pwning everyone! LOL

Love the photo. I had a 315 out of nowhere yesterday. I think I was upset about how my husband was getting treated at work, once I calmed down my bg went down...

That picture makes me laugh out loud. Which is awkward, since I work in a very quiet office, but I'm still okay with it. Thanks for the giggles!

Ahahah Kerri, love the photo! I was having stinking highs yesterday, too.

Have you ever tried blood testing ketones? It would save you a lot of awkward peeing and probably a less confused Bsparl, even though i'm sure she loves the craziness of it all :)

Kate - I've never actually tried the blood ketones testing meter things. I should, though. I never remember to get a script for one from my doctor! Good call, though. :D

They are definitely a lot more convenient although it is another meter case and you have to wait 10 seconds for the result. You also need a bit more blood than average blood sugar tests, but not too much more. :)

I ALWAYS examine the old infusion set when I change it on my 10 year old. Once, when she had an unexplainable high, I noticed a small clot of pus at the tip of the cannula partially clogging up the works. Of course there was no black circle on the pump screen. I've seen small clots of blood do the same thing. ALWAYS check your old infusion set, especially if you're running high.

This! is! Novolog!!!!

I'm glad you recovered from your crummy diabetes day. I hate days like that.

On a side note, thank you for using the term jerkface in your post. I relayed a story to my husband once and refered to a coworker as a "jerkface". My husband laughed at me and said "Who says jerkface?"

Now I can tell him me and Kerri Sparling. Booyah! :)

Definitely something in the air. We had our own ketone nightmare last week. Scary stuff. I'll second Kate's suggestion to try a blood ketone meter - ours proved invaluable.

Terrific post, btw - and that photo is just awesome. :-) Must show it to Joseph...

I hear you on the ketone bit. I think a few of us have been having those kind of days lately - but guess what? I just discovered this morning why - urrrrh - you know - our wittle friend who loves to visit each month. Upped the basal rate this a.m. and hope to level out eventually - as I'm sure we all are saying to ourselves today!
Death to the Ketones! Die! Die!!!! Splat!!

There must have been something in the air... I woke up on Wed. morning (1am) super high and for no reason that I could think of... Full on check: keytone test, new infusion set, etc... It took 12 hours for me to be back in target.. What the fern? maybe someone should research if there is a correlation between random T1 highs and a full moon or something....

Love that picture! Hilarious!

I think i peed my pants looking at that photo.

Love the picture...cracks me up!!

It truly must be something in the air this week. I have been having relatively good numbers most of the summer (minus Monday nights when I have my major exam for the week! Did I mention that a. You should not try to take A&P 2 in 6wks and b. I forgot how much I had to up my basal rate the day I take exams!??). Yesterday, I just would not come down no matter how hard I tried... I did the shot, changed the infusion set, etc, etc. It helps that I am "shadowing" my pediatric endo 1 afternoon a week (Thursdays!) so that helps. This morning, I woke up to a beautiful 85. Now to see what battle today has in store...

I .3 your photoshopping. :) It always makes me smile.

I can definitely relate after clocking in with a 325 at 4 this morning. Grrr....my BG's just seem to be a big pile of randomness lately. I think I'm beginning to resemble the guy in the picture, and I'm a gal :)

I am going to think of this picture every time I have a frustrating high now. Haha. Man, it is the most annoying thing ever to be high for no reason!

Son doesn't use a pump, so when he gets weird highs out of no place, it sometimes takes a couple of days to figure out if the insulin went bad or he's coming down with a cold, etc. And the weirdest of it all? He can be 400+ and not have ketones. Has never had them since he had DKA at his diagnosis in second grade.

Ketones and situations like that definitely suck. But your photo is friggin awesome!

Awesome picture. I had a similar crazy-number today. Tomorrow is always a new day of adventure.

LOL @ Jaquie's "Your mom's so high"

KETONES STINK!!!! And I loved the picture

Hilarious, thanks for the smiles! :)

By the sounds of it..it seems to be 'Crummy diabetes week'.

Advance to everyone else..the 26th of July to the 1st of August is officially Crummy Diabetes week.

Kerri, that picture made me laugh so much...mainly because I had the very same problem today! I may have to yoink that pic (with credit of course!) for my own ketones story!!!!

augh ketones suck! I love how you and the baby handle things together, it's so cute! Anyway all of those variables you have to deal with is the reason I got off the pump. Since I did I feel like I have more peace and less headaches (and a better A1c, surprisingly)

I haven't heard the term "jerkface" in FOREVER. I think I am going to bring it back.

I need to introduce you to a Ketone Meter, so you stop peeing on a stick. Works much better and much more accurate.

PS sorry to hear your Dexcom said Hi

Agreed about something in the air. It wafted this direction tonight and I was 305 after dinner. My husband and baby are peacefully snoozing whilst I am angrily clicking this keyboard waiting for this darn bolus to work.

Of course, mine is my own fault tonight. Was low at dinner and was going to bolus a little later than usual. Which apparently meant much much later. Oops.

I am printing out that picture, hope you don't mind!! LOL!! Tha is exactly how I feel this morning. I just spent over an hour researching exercise induced HIGHS (not lows, like everyone in the world expects) because since I started running, I can't keep my sugar down. Trying to do the right thing, here, but wondering why I bother! ARGH!!! Double ARGH!! That is SO how I feel. Thanks. :)

Love the picture, Kerri!

Love the Pic! I have the same highs with Exercise. I go to Curves and they always jump after 30 min. Thanks for the reminder. Need to run it by my new Education Team to see what they say to do...

Precision Xtra. We love it. Ketones strips are quite pricey though...just an FYI.

I hate those days also....You definetly had lots of variables listed to problem solve. I also love the "What the Fern" quote.

Dude - that picture is so freaking awesome.

I ferning love that.

Oh MAN, something in the air/Crappy Diabetes Week indeed! I was struck by random highs too. which totally pissed me off. (Erm.....do you have a substitute for "pissed off"?) The imagery that I go for, however, is the badass ninja assassin who, instead of having guns on her holster, has a pump/CGM receiver/meter/syringes/what have you strapped to her belt. XD

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