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Something's Missing.

That little cat?  Not a helper.We're packing and hauling and moving this week, and there is so much getting lost in the shuffle.  Like cats.  And epically-important diaper bags.  Car keys.  And iced coffees that I just put down for a second but then disappear into the cardboard ether. 

Yesterday, I had to run a errand on the fly, so I showered off the grime, dressed quickly, and left.  (Thankfully, BSparl was in the care of her aunt for the day, so Chris and I could focus on packing.)  I was gone about two hours, but it wasn't until I got back close to the house that I realized something was missing.

My pump.

I had taken it off before showering and totally spaced on putting it back on.

Realizing my mistake, I felt that warm rush of panic spread over me as I foraged in my purse for my meter. 

Which was also missing.  Left right on the bathroom counter, next to it's pumpy pal.

I pulled into a parking space and called Chris to have him help me bring up the boxes.  

"What's missing from my outfit?"  I asked him, disgusted with myself.  (And also not realizing that a question about a woman's outfit - especially a woman who is dealing with post-pregnancy body image issues - is so loaded that if I were Chris, I would have turned and run.)

"From your outfit?  I don't know ..." He scanned me.  I gestured towards my hip.

"Oh no, your pump?"

"Yup.  On the bathroom counter.  Since my shower.  Awesome."

"Are you high now?"

"Didn't test.  My meter?  Also on the damn counter."

And now I have to check all the boxes we've packed to see what one I mistakenly stuck my mind in. 


Oh, that happened to me one time! We were volunteering to help out with a bike race (basically we were volunteering to stop traffic for the bikers when they came through our street). We had to get up super early on a Saturday, and I totally forgot my pump when I was getting dressed. Luckily, we had to stop for gas and I remembered then while I was sitting in the car. I think it's happened to all of us at least once. I've forgotten my meter too many times to count, though. =/

{{{hugs}}} We moved five years ago with a baby (and four other children). It's pure craziness even if it's across town. I'm still trying to find which box I put my mind in!

Oh no! I've done that - actually drove to work and had been there a little while before I realized it. I am so smart. S-M-R-T.

OMG! I recently had a moment of panic when I thought I'd forgotten my pump at home, and my husband answered, "I doubt you'll ever forget THAT." And I said, "Yeah, I mean, it's literally TETHERED to me."

Famous last words!

OH, that is a yucky feeling. My dd left her pump at home one time we were on our way to a formal dinner event for my work and were already 30 miles from home before we noticed. Thank goodness my Mom was able to go to the house and meet my dh half way to pick it up. Nothing like starting a fun dinner w/ a bg of HI!

OH man....we've been through this with Sugar a few times.

That moment.

The one when you realize what has happened, but you also realize there's nothing you can do....

Hate that moment.

I did that a few times with my Minimed post-shower. I rise super-quickly during disconnects, too. Being on the pod makes that part easier. If I forget my PDM, at least I'm still getting basal. =\ Just can't bolus.

Good luck finding your mind. Check the diaper bag!

Oh no!

Isn't it crazy to think that we could forget something that is, as Elizabeth says, attached to us?!

Yet, I've done it too!

Yikes! That stinks! At least you are ok. I am on the omnipod so I can't say I've forgotten it since I shower with it on. I have forgotten my meter and most recently my dexcom receiver. I feel like part of me is missing when I don't have that receiver.

Oh the things stress can make you do . . . or forget to do. :( Hopefully you are through the worst of the move now, and things can settle right down. (Yes, as if things EVER settle down, right??)

Oh I've soooo done this. Glad to know I'm not the only one. :) Hope the results weren't so bad! Good luck with all the packing & moving!

Oh please do not leave me with this suspense! Where is it? I hope that there is a continuing story.... Is the cat in one of the boxes too?

It's so easy to forget those little devices...like portable pancreas' and inanimate boyfriends (my son Joe's Dexcom 7) - I do it all the time after Joe gets out of the tub...I forget to hook him back up :(

Been there, done that. I know that warmth of panic feeling. As if your pancreas is missing! I dread testing myself after that. haha

Been there and have indeed done that!
Once I actually had 2 cross state lines to retrieve my forgotten pump!
As far as your "missing mind," I suggest looking in the last box packed and work your way back!
Hang in there girl!
Kelly K

I'm new to this blog, but it's already made me feel less alone and given me some things to laugh about. I'm impressed by what you confess to in public (400 + bloodsugars! When those happen, it's my deep dark secret), only to find out it's happened to all of us. That's refreshing.

And what IS that about iced coffee disappearing while packing? We have several
we'll probably find isomeday in some box in the garage we never unpacked!

I love that probably only in this community can someone's husband say to them, "Are you high?" without the said person being offended.

YIKES! Moving is nutso especially with the D.

The same thing happened to my son, age 5 at the time. We were in a rush to get to my sister's graduation party, that after the shower we forgot to hook my son back up. I realize, of course, once we were 30 minutes across town. Luckily (?) my stepdad is Type 1 and has the same pump & infusion set... we just hooked him up to pappaw's pump & bolused him there! I still think it's cool!! There ARE advantages to having Type 1 family members!! =)

I've done the same thing... inevitably it's when we're going out for dinner (a rare occurrence), I grab a quick shower beforehand, and forget to reconnect. Last time I realized once we were halfway to the restaurant, but I've realized before when I went to bolus for dinner while out. Good luck with the move!

Ugh! I hope you have found it by the time you see this. My most forgotten things are adding test strips to my purse after knowing i was down to 1 or 2 the day before. So frustrating to be at work and know I have to time what I'm testing instead of testing at will...ew.

i was also moving today, in 93 degrees and 92% humidity. Apparently my infusion sets hate packing as much as I do - I went through FIVE today. They just seemed to slide right off in this heat. I'm sweating unisolve.

And I called my endo for a lantus script. No robot parts for me until the heat index drops and the unpacking is done.

It happens often enough I keep a vial of Humalog at work (about a 1 hour drive) so I don't have to go home. I have spare meters at work also although I've not left Dex at home yet. I do feel naked without the pump. Kinda like leaving your phone at home.

Oh man, I've done that before. I work 40 miles away from home and I forgot my pump once and did not realize it until I went to get my AM work coffee.I felt that rush (although mine is more of a crisis panic, burst into tears and psychotic tornado sort of thing). Now I carry breakfast out of the house with me as an extra reminder: YOU NEED YOUR PUMP!!

I'll see your forgetting to put the pump back on after a shower, and raise you: subsequently getting on a plane at 6-something A.M. for a x-country, 3-day conference. I left pump precariously balancing on the towel rack for goodness' sake, the only time I've ever done that. I was *so* grateful for lantus and novolog Rx called into Walgreens from afar, and a shuttle driver who stopped just so I could run in and pick it up! (In another episode of "forgetting sarah's pump," I realized pump was in the bathroom at home, 30+ minutes away, just as the InNOut burger was about to hit my lips. That was right after our baby girl was born. I blame the lack of sleep.)

If it makes you feel any better (which I'm sure it won't) I just found my cell phone charger and we moved two and a half months ago.

But my cell charger is not as important as a pump!

I have not only done that ~ I've done it twice! Once while rushing out the door for a party and once rushing to a soccer game. I also didn't have Isabella's back up supplies. :( So, I had to run home (took about 45 minutes round trip) and then return to the events.

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